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Biography of Elton John the Rocketman: The Story behind Costumes

One of Julian Day's favorite films at Rocketman arrives at a time of careful choreographic disorder: an attempt to suicide on the subject of a biopsy, Elton John.

John, played by British actor Taron Egerton, sank in the middle of the swimming pool, his intestines filled with pills and alcohol, only to be taken out of the water, resurrected in the hospital cart and pushed to a stadium by hysterical fans. With sheames and shake the singer is ready to go again.

In the dreamed sequence, Egerton is changed from a pink leopard robe to the Dodgers outfit in Los Angeles. the concerts in October 1975. Except for the clothing in the film is not quite as history remembers.

"Bob Mackie (John's costume designer in the 1

970s) has done much of the job," Den said. "But I decorate it.

For its iteration, Day replaced Maki's light beads for thousands of Swarovski crystals (one million were used in the film) to give extra glamor to the deeds. Of course, the suit was "heavy as a bumper," and the last-minute decision to put Egerton in fire did not make life easier for the participants. But the scene is a triumph, bringing the intersection between the artist and the person, and the clothes that make man.

  Taron Egerton recreates one of John's concerts at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles at

Taron Egerton recreates one of John's concerts at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles at Rocketman. [Johnson] recently said that 20 minutes before performance he put on his clothes and turned into "Sir Elton John," Den explained. T

t "I really wanted to handle this in the movie."

Day is a veteran of biography. He dressed Rami Malec as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, Naomi Watts as Princess Diana in Diana, and Chris Hemsworth as a F1 James Hunt pilot at Rush. But this time the designer had a creative license over his subject, in a film that has little respect for historical details or genre tropes.

"When I sat down with Dexter (Fletcher, director of" Rocketman ") to talk about a movie, we talked about what we would do and would always be this fantastic musical," he explained "I did not want to copy what we were seen before. Not that it was not fantastic – we just wanted to create our own film. "

  Taron Egerton as Elton John at the Trumburd Club in California,

Taron Egerton as Elton John at the Trumburd Club in California, the spectacle John Dodon, Mackie's designer uniform, is the closest "Rocketman," the 1969004 David 1968, which reaches John's real-life teams, the rest are original works

Day and his 30-strong team produced 88 Eiger will wear in the 121 minutes of the movie.The viewers will see some of John's most memorable motifs from his propensity to feathers in costumes Den calls the singer's singer's singer Dalliances with royal dragons like bawdy Queen Elizabeth I

One of the favorite Days of the Day – I saw Egerton dressed in red slippers, a coat, a metal shirt, and a straw hat in honor of Dorothy, the Frightful Lion and the Scarecrow respectively, reminded John's demand for self-fulfillment and self-acceptance, . from 1973 hit "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road".

The designer talks about "using John's clothes to express how he feels," an idea that reaches its peak in kitsch in a frame, where sequins are thrown like tears falling on the ground in slow motion.

  Costume illustrations for Darryl Warner's Rocketman, including "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" (left).

Costume illustrations for "Rocketman" by Darryl Warner, including "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" Clothing (left). Day refers to the suit in question as a "devil", a shining jade of orange lycra, red feathers and wings. It is very strong in the film and is borne when John enters the religious conspiracy that shapes the biography.

"The devil is the first costume I designed," said Day. "He comes from a concert and has had enough of what's going on in his life …" [It'scrazybadandtotallydangeroustoknow"

" The idea is, as he begins to take off who he is, the costume should do the same The horn retracts, the wings loosen, the jacket is removed

  Actor Taron Egerton who plays Elton John's "Devil's" costume

Actor Taron Egerton plays Elton John in " "19659008] Gavin Bond / Paramount Pictures

About the Accessories, Day Build, Buy and Decorate More Than 50 Pairs "In some days, security guards would have destroyed 5-10 million pounds ($ 6.3-12.7 million) of jewels," he recalls, suggesting that this helped "It's very interesting when you have $ 500,000 ($ 634,000) on the wrist, so far, the film is well received from the world premiere of the Cannes Film Festival to its release in the UK (" Rocketman "debuts in American theaters on May 31). the designer has only one opinion that matters: John.

  Day took inspiration from John's costume, but created new views for the movie.

Day took inspiration from John's costume, but created an entirely new look at the film. "If he would not be pleased with (costumes)," He had to be happy with them. " Fortunately, the singer went to Instagram to congratulate the designer's "amazing" work earlier this month. "[196599040]" I can say more fairly than that, "said Day.
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