When it comes to the drama between Rob Kardashian and Black Cina, it seems that their differences will always exist. We were all confused when they were originally connected. At that time, Rob was in a dark place, gaining weight, and seemingly struggling with deep-rooted questions. Today they are no longer together, but it is not uncommon to see their names together in the titles. Tyga and Blac Chyna though? This seems to have been distracted.

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This week, the former stripper went to Instagram Live to express his disappointment by broadcasting both his fathers to his children. Now that she spends time with Soulja Boy, her censor is turned off (if she ever was there to start.) She says her ex-nurses did not give her anything, noting that she had never asked for child support. "I'm trying to crush the shit I did," China said. "But none of this comes out, it's just a shit with Cina … I never wanted money from Rob, because it's never been for that.

She continued to throw her mother under the bus, as well as her two former ex-officers. To Taiga and Rob, she said, "I have kids of two boys who are lying to me or giving me nothing, no child support, and I'm sick of this shit."

In another note, does anyone want to counts how many times does the "period" say in this video?

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