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Dave Creek, lead designer of Fox’s “Bob’s Burgers” characters, died Thursday after a parachute crash, Fox Entertainment and Bento Entertainment said in a statement. He was 42 years old.

We are devastated by the tragic passing of Dave Creek, an extraordinary artist who was in the Bobs’ Burgers from day one, in a statement provided by Alexandra Gillespie and shared in front of the official Bobers Twitter account. , but also a handsome man, and our hearts go out to his family, friends and all his colleagues in the show, who loved and grieve him today. “

Creek’s credits for the series date back to its first episode on January 9, 2011, entitled “Human Flesh”, until season 9 of “Better Off Sled”, according to IMDb. He has also worked on Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown, Central Park and Brickleberry.

Creek’s colleagues took to Twitter to pay tribute to their friend.

Simon Chong, director of Bobs’ Burgers, praised Creek as “a brilliant and talented man.”

“Today we tragically lost our designer and friend of the main character Dave Creek. A wonderfully brilliant and talented man, for whom I can guarantee that he designed your favorite Bob character at some point. I will miss you, my friend,” Chong wrote.

Wendy Molinho, an animated writer, writes: “If you love Bob’s burgers, you’ve loved Dave Creek. He was an adventurous, fun, amazing artist and one of the most amazing, interesting people I’ve ever met. I often thought that Dave really knew how to live, and I’d like him to live a little longer. Rest in peace, my friend. “

Lizzie Molyneux, also the writer of the series, wrote: “The world has lost incredible talent and a wonderful human being this week. Dave Creek was truly one of the best.”

The news comes when the animated series celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Creek is survived by his parents Melanie Creek Sardo, David Creek and stepmother Lorraine Creek, as well as his siblings Robert Creek, Stephanie Creek and Aleasha Ramsey.

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