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Borderlands 3: A Review of Kotaku

Get a bag of potato chips – any brand, anywhere – and know more or less what you will get. Crispy, oily salt and oil, delivered through thin layers of starch, make them crumbs of fat and are delicious, extremely difficult to stop eating after being thrown in the first and possibly causing carbs and a breakdown regret. Potato chips are great and terrible and we all know what we get into when we open a bag.

And how would you view one? Do you tell people that chips are terrible for their health and break down why? Do you fall into the ethical practices of different potato chip companies, perhaps? Or do you comprehensively enter the other end of the spectrum, singing the praises of the perfect breakfast, which is not as impressive as the other snacks but also does not try to be a gourmet kitchen? I mean, gourmet chips do exist, but we all know it's a light snack for people.

Borderlands 3 The return of Gearbox Software to their most popular franchise is a bag of potato chips. This is the series that promotes the loot genre by marrying a first-person gun with Diablo ̵

1; style loot and skill trees. You collect gun after gun with the same senseless pleasure pumping dopamine from cracking chip after chip in your mouth. It's awful and wonderful, and also a white noise, an experience so commonplace and reptile that you wouldn't call it the best gaming experience you've ever had, but if you put it in a bowl, you would.

Like chips, he also leaves a hell of a mess when the party is finally over.

The story in Borderlands 3 is the same as it always was in Borderlands . Once again, you are a vault hunter, a mercenary / wealth seeker who shoots down the gangways of the Pandora planet. The hope is that with all this shooting, you will find your way to the Vault, an ancient repository of hearing resources. (And there is usually a big nasty creature in this Safe who's watching all this.) This time around you're answering a call from Lilith, one of the hunters from the first Borderlands who has since become a Crimson Raiders militia commander to protect civilians from bandit hordes and corporate excesses (corporations have armies in Borderlands ). Plus, of course, they want to rob those sweet, sweet vaults. They are the good guys.

The nickname on your heels is the antagonists of the game, Troy and Tyreen Calypso, siblings who brought together all the Pandora bandits under their cult of personality. They also realized that there were other arches on other planets. Your mission: Go to these vaults before they do.

As a Vault Hunter character in this game, you can choose from four characters, each with their own impressively complex skill trees, filled with different types of leveling abilities. There is Zane, the operative who controls the battlefield with drones, clones and barriers. Moze, Gunner, can summon a giant piloting and clothing mechanic who bag with various cool weapons and upgrades. Amara, the siren, can do natural damage by entangling magical hands. And FL4K, the Beastmaster robot, has tamed a number of wild creatures that fight alongside them. It is a lot to dig in and having the first few potato chips in the bowl is absolutely delicious at first.

Too many weapons, but in a funny way

Unlike the tactical realism of Ghost Recon or the Arkan fin system that only serves to enhance their science-fiction creations when shooting, Borderlands Rifles are toys. They are beautiful in form and color, digital creations that exist to solve digital problems. It's best.

Look at this stupid and impractical gun. It's great.

Borderlands "takes the side steps and doubles down the gun fetishism that enters the collection in video games for shooting, making it all a great joke: wouldn't it be cool to have an arsenal of impressive and interchangeable dicks that could also also file your taxes?

Finding a good Borderlands gun feels like a scam, like finding an endgame weapon and 20 hours My first legendary sniper rifle was an absolute beast of weapons is, which fired three fired projectiles at a time, but consumed only one bullet at a time. I received it at the end of the first act of the game and it remained a major element of my shootings up through the credits.

This is the tip that Borderlands offers, and it feels great but like any tall one, it can't go on. Experience with the game Borderlands often becomes a hunt for the next fix and the longer it takes to get this fix, the more time you have to resent the game for it to not give it to you. When you have tried high-power unexpected weapons, trying more than "normal" weapons makes you feel like a scrub, you know?

Allowed, "normal" in Borderlands 3 is still pretty wild. When you have rifles that turn into aiming grenades, or crawling drones or bouncing balls that call out "their own" every time they ricochet to the surface, you'll have to work very hard to have a boring shootout.

The game is designed to encourage endless search for the perfect charge. What if I miss the coolest gun I've ever seen in a video game? I won't know until I find it, so I have to keep playing. But do I actually enjoy it? Or are you just chasing the high? It's hard to say.

Borderlands 3 has some of the best locales in the series – like my favorite Jakobs mansion.

I'm stuck in the corners of Borderlands 3 . His generous approach to side projects, for example, rewards players with articles, but also custom small stories. There are entire regions of several maps that you will always go to only if you are pursuing a side quest. They are like underground dungeons, there for those who want to do them, with everyone offering something new to see, along with a chance for more loot.

Borderlands 3 Soundtrack of 3, which is rarely presented, has the benefit of offering occasional moments of enjoyment when you stop to notice it. Like Borderlands itself, it can sometimes explode into horrible and annoying territory, but more often than not, it's a hidden gem there for discovery. After grabbing a giant drone and trying to re-evaluate my workload, I accidentally noticed a club groove throw that sounds very like a Kiesza saxoscope's Hideaway chorus and a dance vibe at the end of The Machinist Breakfast of Japanese breakfast. " In the world of the swamp of Eden-6, I stopped to take on a little atmosphere of music that sounds like a cover of Kate Bush's synthesizer.
[19659002] These are small exquisite notes that show some personality in areas where other huge games can be called. There are some musical ideas I would like to navigate there, but the game quickly moves on to others, such as the (admittedly pretty good) joke about a fictional modern jazz act.

Borderlands Tone

Borderlands 3 is marketed as a comedy, but I'm not sure it's really what it wants to be. It's disrespectful, sure. There are many South Park -it's "everyone sucks" vibes for the comedy bits of the game. Just the purpose of any joke is too lazy or too late. There's a scene that mocks the hipster baristas, a character who should be writer / director Tommy Wiseau's version of and a list of achievements with titles like "Fleck."

Oh, hello Mark.

Even less flattering are the numerous comedy parties that make light of random misogyny, even when they are aware of it. The person who deliberately misrepresents a "bitch" instead of a "witch" when referring to a villain who is a real swamp witch. Another character, after saying something that could be interpreted as sexual harassment, notes that he "definitely attended this meeting."

It remains confusing and disturbing that the game continues to treat the dwarf as fodder for slapstick comedy, though it coined the offensive term for little people that previous games used, replacing it with the fictional term "tinker." Or is this, even though it is a problem raised for the character in Borderlands 2 Borderlands 3 has a white character that assigns an African American to English. Or that this game is prominently featured by Chris Hardwick, who represses Vaughan's role Tales From the Borderlands despite public allegations of emotional abuse (not all other characters return with their original voice actors).

While this is the colorful nuance with which Borderlands 3 paints itself, the overall story of the game is more interested in the game's narrative. to tell a heartfelt story that feels like a final hurray for the cast of characters that has slowly evolved over the last four Borderlands games. (And yes, Tales From The Borderlands is part of this farewell tour.) Borderlands 3 is inclusively careless and clear that it is clear that a number of its characters and villains are queer or non-binary, while not attracting too much attention. This is a story where the characters are mostly women – women who lead and sacrifice, disagree and win. There are jokes, but the story delivers straight-faced bets and bets that players will be happy about which characters to turn and who to miss.

The boom is that, like its comedy, the drama of Borderlands 3 doesn't really have a purpose it's ready to show its teeth. "Corporations" in the abstract have always been the overarching villain in the games of Borderlands but they have also been a goal that Borderlands has always faced the weakest knees. After all, it is difficult to make clean hits at massive companies for stomping people under your feet in an immoral pursuit of profit when the heart of your game is entirely devoted to selfish looting.

The specific antagonists of Borderlands 3 Troy and Tyreen Calypso also feel like missed opportunities. Making them shock jokers who have made a cult following of the Pandora bandits, Borderlands 3 gestures of the kind of untested influence YouTubers and livestreamers can have in our current media landscape, and how viral glory can be it also destroys those it erects. The bones of something compelling are there, but Borderlands 3 lacks any conviction necessary to fulfill it. His topics are as underdeveloped as his sense of humor.

It's still the best part of what it does.

Even with its large entrances, most of the bosses you fight are pretty forgettable.

Despite the proliferation of games like Borderlands in the burgeoning pop-up genre, there is still no big-budget game that does exactly what it does. This is a massive offline Diablo first person shooter game that can be joined at any time with friends, online or on the couch. All its serious competition – be it Destiny 2 or Warframe or Division 2 – is getting quite a bit of a leap, namely the necessary internet connection.

Although the wide strokes remain the same, Borderlands 3 is a better game Borderlands than we have ever seen, especially in the way it opens the end game. There is a prerequisite for a new plus game that allows you to keep the loot and your skills to continue the story again, only harder and with better loot.

There's also the new Mayhem mode, which lets you return to the world after the end of the campaign and clear all the side quests you have left, with stronger enemies and random modifiers that will block certain weapons or enemy health or debugging your stats. The damage to energy weapons may be exacerbated while regular damage to the weapon is reversed. Perhaps your weapons do more damage while your action skills do less. There are three levels of Mayhem, each offering better loot in exchange for steeper modifiers. It's a great feature that makes going back and cleaning up the remaining quests – which, as we mentioned, are significant – feel much more useful.

Unfortunately at the technical level, Borderlands 3 is surprisingly poor in one of its main features: inventory management. I'm not just referring to the interface, though it is a little cluttered and throws so many numbers at you that your eyes will be glazed after hours of comparing the loot. The bigger problem is productivity. On the Xbox One X, the inventory screen stutters almost seamlessly. Sometimes there is a barely noticeable lag, and other times it takes a full three to five seconds to load the weapons.

Inventory management is a disaster, but at least you can collect some beautiful types of flies.

This may sound like a minor cartoon, but it is a problem that increases when you play on a split screen. The rest of the co-op game works well enough, though there will remain the same technical issues that you might encounter in solo play, such as lighting that does not adjust properly when switching from indoor to outdoor. The real problem is that the whole game is grinded every time a player opens his inventory screen.

I don't mean the game pauses when one player pauses. (The game only pauses in a co-op when both players pause, which is a very nice feature.) I mean the frame rate drops to a damn floor and no one can move for a few seconds after someone opens their inventory . Given that much of the game is dedicated to inventory management, it is enough to make you want to take advantage of a cooperative mission.

I don't know how vital the sofa co-op is to the Borderlands community as a whole, but it's one of the reasons I've always kept Borderlands out of reach. This is one of the last holdouts in the big-budget space of shooters, which lingers on split-screen co-operation in a world that has largely disappeared ( Gears 5 is another.). To me, that's part of the reason I even worry about Borderlands .

So what about those chips?

When a video game franchise is long enough, it establishes an identity in the public consciousness. This identity can become a defense against criticism. What did I expect for a game Borderlands to not to be Borderlands with all the good and bad that comes with it?

Borderlands 3 has what its predecessors had: the horny humor that doesn't always land, the unforgettable story and the endless cycle of replacing your cargo with a slightly improved load. It's a relatively static franchise experience that hasn't changed a whole lot in the last ten years. This is what Borderlands has always been and everyone knows what is causing it.

There's a place in your life, just like there's a place for a bag of potato chips in your closet. They are great for parties or emergencies. They are also unfulfilled and do little to your health. We call it junk food.

Like junk food, Borderlands 3 is an exercise in cheap hedonism. Това не е предназначено да заеме мястото на хранене, но все още дава основание на критиката за това, каква е, каквато е била винаги: натрапчиво изигран стрелец с добри идеи, а също и някакво разочароващо ретроградно отношение. Тук има достатъчно добро, за да разберете защо да го държите наоколо, но и достатъчно тревожни аспекти, които бихте могли да оправдаете да го изрежете изцяло от живота си. Но дори и тогава, ако се натъкнете на него на домашно парти, вероятно ще хапете.

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