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Both Shayna Jack A & B samples tested positively for Ligandrol

Just a few days before the start of the FINA World Water Championship, the Australian Free Race Shayna Jack announced his sudden withdrawal from the world's largest swimming competition outside of the Olympic Games. Jack said through his social media: "With great sadness I have to withdraw from the world championships for personal reasons."

With uncertainty, questions and speculation have arisen, which have already been confirmed, such as the World Cup for 2017, the medalist has given positive results for a prohibited substance. You can read our initial full report yesterday.

From the original announcement, as well as during the press conference of the floating Australia yesterday at the press conference of Li Russell .

However, today, on July 28, Jack revealed in his report that the forbidden Ligandrol compound was found in both samples A and B.

Ligandrol, also known as the SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) LGD-4033 was originally developed to treat muscle loss conditions such as aging, osteoporosis, muscular dystrophy and cancer as an increased selective non-steroidal anabolic agent. (Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority).

The original test was conducted on June 26, and on July 1

2, Jack was notified of the positive sample A. Jack was notified of his sample, then on July 19th. Jack and swimming in Australia have known the name of the substance for quite some time. But yesterday, Russell said that Jack is trying to wait until his teammates compete at the world championships to announce the results of the test and defends the organization's policy not to speak publicly until either ASADA or the athlete announced the failed test.

However, this decision left Sprint Tut Kate Campbell in an uncertain position after her 50-meter semi-final, Shayna Jack questions due to Aussie's chief coach Jacco Verhaeren was inaccessible for comment in Gwangju.

Below is an excerpt.

On Friday, July 19th, my B scores were in. I felt a sense of hope that I knew did not take this substance, and that all this was a mistake during testing and that I could return to are competing for my country and the team, however, that this is not the case. As I read the results, my brain could not even understand what I was seeing. I had to read it a few times before I felt again the same pain and grief. I immediately turned to my grandmother, who was with me at the time, and screamed. When my feet no longer held me, I fell to the ground. The Sydney Morning Herald, On 6 November last year, ASADA issued a blog post on the issue that it appeared in 17 unsuccessful drug tests by 2015, although the substance that only has "Scarce" mid- and long-term clinical trials, which means that its long-term health effects are not known. on the podium with the Chinese Sun Yang the man seeking a public service to look into this case. One of the men who refuses to admit Sun to pictures is Australia's Mac Horton who says sport has no place to cheat with drugs, although now his countryman is in the spotlight.

The Swimming League (ISL), Jack was declared US-based by Cali Condors and her status is now in potential danger in the light of this news. The league is very vocal about zero tolerance, a policy that ruled out past positive testers like the aforementioned Sun and Russia, Julia Efimova, but also denied non-positive testers such as Thomas Fraser-Holmes.

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