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Brad Keselowski drops to 4th place, but JGR dominance is still not "good news" – NASCAR Talk

(End positions updated to reflect Eric Jones' disqualification)

Martin Trues, Jr. – Winner: " Man, I don't know what to say, I really don't know. I'm speechless, just an amazing job from all the guys. Toyota, TRD, Bass Pro, car owners, all in the store, you have created amazing race cars right now. We really spent the whole night competing with Kyle (Bush) and Danny (Hamlin), and we just kept pulling at him and we kept holding him as we always do. We just keep digging and never stop. The next thing you know, catch (Bush (for the presenter, I'm like, "cool, okay, here.") Man, to sweep Richmond out is finally pretty cool, as much as we brought here this year, and just thank you all.This is pretty amazing … (On rotation and return to win) Fortunately I couldn't do anything. I just tried to keep it out of the fence, tried to spin and we went on and we were done ̵

1; because we were a long way ahead, we got in a pretty good place and left the pit road in good condition and after these good adjustments at the end again by (crew chief) Cole (Pearn) and James and the boys. It's just incredibly amazing, so we came here to get bonus points and damn sure we did. "

Kyle Bush – Finished Second : "] I don't think we were as good as him all night. Martin, the car, the combination of them, us, the combination, we were just a little short. You know, like (H amlin) we were missing a little more than us. It's just weird, I don't know. We took many tours. We were a lot ahead. But when I was out, he could keep my closest distance. This kind of worried me about such a long-term finish. But our M&M guys did great, and we brought a fast race car here in Richmond, and I think all the JGR cars were pretty well-respected, so really great work from everyone at Joe Gibbs Racing and Toyota, and there could be some really good pieces to get out there and compete.

" (You are now locked in the second round. How do you treat the Roval race at Charlotte next week) Last year I thought we would be fine and finish well, but then we all decided to we follow everyone else off the cliff. It was pretty ugly. But overall jus t – you're trying to get into this race, this is a newer type of track and I don't know that everybody has invented it yet. With this new aero package it will be different and, of course, with the new chicane it will be different. We can go out there and attack him and try to win, try to get some stage points, get a little cushion here, I guess, more than the other guys. "

Denny Hamlin – finished third: " It just looked like the long running speed, they really had a lot more and a little more turn, a little more drive forward, just every g – [19659003] every now and then. It just seemed like an average of about half a tenth lap there and (Truex) just had a really good long-distance car. We were the third best there, we ended up there. Happy with the increase of the day that I thought I was capable of, and with good effort, we would go to Rawal and have fun now. … (You are now 55 points above the cut line. How much confidence does it give you to go to Roval?) Pretty sure. You know, just go out there, run a normal race, everything should be fine. We're just trying to move on to the next round and get to work from there. I think we're really close to where we need to be. Each time we return to the track for the second time, it seems that we are running much better. Tonight we were just hairless. ”

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MORE: NASCAR Disqualifies 19659022] Brad Keselowski – finished fourth: “ Definitely not good news. We have work to do. They are really strong and we are not where we need to be so we can beat them upside down, but we threw everything we had. We played a great qualifying lap, got our first pitch, made great pit stops and got to the front, but just didn't have the raw speed to keep it going. … We took the 80 laps, so it's not a bad day, but it's just not fast enough to dominate the race and win. "

Ryan Newman – Fifth: " It was just a good effort on the team, good pit stops. The strategy wasn't much for her, I just put on four tires, but she had a good short-distance car. We had a good long car for a while, but we never could get both. I think if we had both, we could run with these guys, but best of all, we probably were when we just had good addictions to a durable car, but who knew there would be so many green flags working. … (Good night?) Yes, but I'd rather win.

" (Is this the best performance of the year?) Yes, without a doubt. Best team performance throughout the weekend. We could not qualify. Our car was too tight, but overall, just a great team effort to succeed at Roush Performance Ford. What probably meant to me was just that I was better than we were in the first race. We were ninth in the first race and we ranked (24th) we came back and showed that we are learning and will continue to learn. … (Do you look forward to Rawal?) I do not know that I am looking forward to Rawal, in fact I don't know anyone really, except maybe Truex. "[19659019]

K yle Larson – finished sixth: " If maybe I could get a better restart there last time, I could have been a place or two better. But, we ran better than I thought I would. At the beginning of the race I somehow fell back. But then we made it better at every stop. I actually had a pretty good car in the long run there at the end. So, I was happy about that. And, I haven't seen the points, but it seems like a lot of guys had a bad night. So, I'm sure we won a little during the break, so that's always good.

(How do you take that in Rawal?) Yeah, I just have another clean run. Just don't make mistakes. We made no mistakes tonight Our pit crew was really good tonight except for one stop. But besides, we won spots every time, and we could even win spots at the stop, which didn't feel great. So it was a really good night for them. We just have to move on. “

Kevin Harvick – finished seventh: "(You got involved in the second round in points. How are you feeling?) It's going to be a good week at at home. I think this allows everyone to really go and the most important thing is that you want to try and learn what you need to do to run fast there, so this week we will go to the simulator and try to transfer it to the racing track and see how the practice goes and then we'll see how the weekend goes. You definitely still want to go there and win the race or something that will go on with you and also learn something about the future. ”

C Lint Bowyer – finished eighth: (How was your night?) She was solid. I was hoping for more, for sure. I expected to be more honest with you, but we did what we had to do. We gave ourselves a chance to fight by entering Charlotte. I knew Richmond would be an opportunity. We have semi-capitalized on this opportunity, but look forward to Charlotte. It will be fun for everyone involved It's time to die. This is the dismissal p . You watch these football teams go through these playoffs and how exciting it is and it's our turn to have those moments that get your nerves up and the moments made or die for your racing team and your season, but I look forward to it. … (You competed with accomplices clean and hard?) Well, as hard as you can run. We have to come up with something with this song and our package. It's not for sale that this is the best product we can make here. I love this place. I love the race track. I love this fan base, this area and everything since I started in this sport, it's always been an action track and I miss it a little bit. I think we could do some things with maybe some PJ1 or gasket or tires – something. We have to try to make a correction, I really believe that. “

D angel Suarez – finished in ninth place : "I feel like it was a clean day Unfortunately we didn't have the speed we wanted but we worked really hard We made good adjustments The pit crew did a pretty decent job They improved with the onset of the night and we just had the top 10 and finished in the top 10 We are still working very hard to achieve this first victory and we hope to see it happen soon. "

Jimmy Johnson – finished 10th : "Just a good performance and unfortunately we missed our pit box on the second to last pit stop, and we had to dig out of that hole. But only a solid performance and I think. that we could have been fifth or sixth if I hadn't missed the pit box We went back to (10th) and it was a solid qualification effort in all three stages of the race that led to a respectable final. “

J oey Logano – finish 11th : “It was a rough night. It was hard. We missed it in the beginning. I don't know where, why yet. It's quite confusing. We were practically worthy and in the long run I decided we were pretty good and we went to qualify and we were really tight, and then we started the race and we were really tight. So many rounds and air pressure and we hit everything we could hit to try to pull it tight. We got better and started from not being able to stay on the guided tour and get some lucky dogs, and then we got semi-competitive at the end. I wouldn't say we're good, but a little closer to where we need to be. Overall I think we had a 50 point pillow, I think, above the line, so it's a nice feeling to get into Roval. Maybe we can be a little more aggressive and try to find something there.

" (Where do you think you are now?) Fifty points above the border. This song is sometimes confusing. I do not know. Either we run really well and are able to win, or we run like ass, and this is something that happened today. I don't know, but as I said, at least we spun on it and pulled something out of it. ”

R icky Stenhouse Jr. – finished 15th : “I made a huge mistake there after eating under the green. I drove him down in Turn 3 and thought (Truex) would give me the top and then he went to the top so I went back to the bottom and when I did I got on the splitter and bumped into it and spun it . The only thing I was hoping for after that moment was him to come back and win, but our Fastenal Mustang was a top 10 car. We ran there and just boomed two weeks in a row, which cost us a good finish. ”

Aric Almirola – finished 16th : “I thought our car was pretty good in practice, and then we were off tonight. We just struggled all night to get our car into the race track, really got on top of the race track without making any grip, and then we made too many mistakes. I was hurrying through the pit and then we had the wrong message about stopping our green flag when we came and just too many problems. We need a cleaner race. Next week, we will have to be Rawal's perfect to get through. ”

R Ian Blaney – finish 17th : “In general, I yet ] t was a better night than we had here for sure. Sometimes we ran somewhere near the 15th zone and that's where we would end up and had to get back there for a free wheel there, that would be loosened at the last pit stop, so that kind of stink that has to start behind everyone like that. By the time you get to the cars you drive your tires on, they are worn out and like "Dang it." We saved a decent run here. At least we're a little good, so hopefully we'll have a solid race next week. … (What do you think of Rawal next week?) Everyone else has the same goal, so we will just try to get our work done and have no problems and see what happens. “

A ustin Dillon – completed 22nd : night, the Okuma Chevrolet was free to start the race, but I felt confident that Danny Stockman and everyone on the No. 3 team would be able to keep up with the changing track conditions and make the necessary adjustments to reach a solid final tonight at Richmond Raceway. Unfortunately, our night became a lot more difficult after we made contact with the restart and ended up with a few flat tires. We fell out of the lead lap when we made repairs and spent the rest of the race playing up. We just couldn't get the break we needed to get back in the lead tour, which is a shame because we had a good Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. "

A lex Bowman – finished 23rd : " Yeah, we didn't perform very well either. So this is definitely a mess. We were really tight here in the spring and came here trying to build a car that would turn out really well. It did, but it just had no drive. When you are on stickers and the guys who put 75 tires from their old wheels forward make you think, it's not much fun. We didn't have a good day. We didn't have something that got in our way. We just fought the car all day. It's a boom, but Greg (Ives) and we will all regroup and have to be strong next week.

" (What is your prediction for Rawal?) Yes, we qualified third and ranked fourth there last year. So, we just have to get stage points and have a good day all day long. If we don't make the next round, we really don't deserve to be there with how we are doing right now. It's definitely a boom, but we need to get our things together. "

William Byron – finished 24th : " (Do you feel the pressure coming into the Rawal?) It's just great to shoot . It's just great to be on top. And I think if we can do that, I'm really optimistic about what we can do in the future. We are just lucky to make another shot after a night like tonight and we can go ahead and see what we have. … (How did you get over the cut line at the end of the race?) I have no idea. I really didn't know it was even an opportunity. But, it was just a difficult night. We started far back and lost our first lap pretty quickly. We just couldn't recover, we just kept throwing ourselves. So, we just keep going and going to Rawal. I think we have a good shot there to have a good result and we hope to compete in the top 5 or something like that would be nice. I'm really optimistic about how we run our road courses and hope this helps us.

" (Even though it's Rawal, do you feel more confident going back to your home song?) Yes, it's definitely a combo. The rear chicane is definitely much tighter than it was last year. So, I think we will really have to evaluate the brake zone differently and there will probably be a crossing zone. I think this year will be a whole different beast with that. At least we can look at the notes we had for the other corners of last year and try to put it all together. I'm not very sure what to expect with this chic, but it must be fun. ”

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