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Brandon Crawford and Mike Touchman feed the SF Giants alongside the Rangers

I wrote for a newspaper. Not a full-time job, mind you, but I spent the summer covering the Los Angeles Sparks on the WNBA for the Los Angeles Times.

It was fun in this way that crossing someone’s two-lane road is fun when you get to the critical point where you’re completely committed, but you’re no longer sure it’s a smart or safe idea.

My first time was five minutes after the end of the game; my second was usually about 15-20 minutes after that, which, if everything went smoothly, was enough time to ask a question or two, write a quote or two, rewrite a quote or two, and have a good game history.

The result was that I always crossed my thumbs for direct games so that I could write my article while the game was going on, correct a few relevant details after the buzzer, and move on smoothly. The fourth quarter were my enemies.

Andrew Bagherley, the incomparable writer of the San Francisco Giants, said that the only Giants players he will attract to his fantasy team are the close ones – because, although he is not a root for the Giants, he is always rooted for a smooth ninth inning, so the story of the game does not need dramatic changes. The cruel irony is that an athlete’s worst enemy in the end is an interesting game.

So where do I go with that and what does it have to do with the Giants’ 9-4 win over the Texas Rangers?

I no longer write about the deadline, a fact that is probably disappointingly obvious to readers of this site. I can take the time to write articles and even fill them with personal essays with 200 words instead of ice, as you have just witnessed.

I can write a story in the fifth inning, discard it when the game looks completely different in the seventh inning, and focus on a third story when the final out is recorded. When the narrative arc of the game turns and plays more than the part of Highway 1 where I grew up, I can cigarette and loop with it with minimal stress. I can even enjoy it!

For example: in the sixth inning, with the Giants leading 2-1, Alex Wood walked two different strikers and then allowed a double binding of the game. He was replaced by Jarlin García, who passed the dough and then allowed a double.

Three runs on two hits. I made an article. It looked like that.

In the eighth inning, I had to erase my masterpiece when Mike Touchman, a resident of the lower east side of the Mendoza line, came out with busy bases and two outs, and the Giants were still 4-2 behind.

He did that.

I started a new article. It looked like that.

Then in the ninth inning, Brandon Crawford did it.

It was Crawford’s second game – along with two walks, a handful of stellar defensive plays and the setting of a record-breaking 1,326-game short stop – so Touchman was no longer the main or only story. And it was a three-shot bomb that would have given the giants the lead even without Touchman ordering the Grand Salami from the delicacy, so my stupid statement from WAR 2 was no longer true.

That’s why I started from the beginning and now we are in this part of the story.

This host of Crawford made the score 9-4 and no team would score again. But do you remember how I said there was another one?

Here it is.

And do you remember how I said you had a great game in defense? Here’s one.

About a month ago, we talked about how great it was for Crawford to participate in the discussion of the stars. He is now firmly in the discussion for the MVP.

And a franchise leader.

Elsewhere in the game, Brandon Belt returned and had three goals and a walk. But, as was the rule for the giants this year, a player can’t get healthy without a scapegoat, and Alex Dickerson was that scapegoat because he came out of the game with a back edition.

The Giants used six relievers and no one gave up running (the double Garcia allowed only marked tracks attributed to Wood). Lamont Wade Jr. had a three-stroke game and Buster Posey played a two-stroke game. The Paders lost.

Rangers also lost. Because they played the Giants, who took us on a wild ride of numerous stories before taking us to bed, happy with the victory.

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