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Brazil's jail retreat "leaves more than 50 dead"

  Prisoners use mirrors to watch visitors from their cells in the aging penitentiary of Desembargador Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, opened in 1904, on February 17, 2016, in Manaus, Brazil. Image caption

Image caption

Image courtesy of the prisoners using mirrors to see the corridor in Manaus prison

At least 52 people were killed in a jail rebellion in Brazil, which saw rival gangs fighting for five hours, officials say.

The band's members from a prison block invaded another part of Altamira's prison in the Para state, local media reported.

Officials giving a press conference said 1

6 of the perished were beheaded. Other reports say that part of the prison was burned, stifling many.

Two prisoners who have been taken hostage have since been released.

Violence begins around 07:00 local time (10:00 GMT),

The videotape that it is from a prison carried by Brazilian media shows smoke from at least one prison building until another a clip showing prisoners walking around the roofs.

The Altamira prison, where violence broke out on Monday, had a capacity of 200 but was occupied by 311 prisoners, the Brazilian newsletter G1 said.

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Violence in Brazilian prisons is not uncommon. The country has the third largest prison population in the world of about 700,000 people and overcrowding is a widespread problem.

Collisions between rival gangs are common, as are riots.

In May, 40 people were killed on the same day in four different jails in Manaus, Amazonas, a day after 15 killed in jail brigades in the area.

Brazil's top right-wing president, Jair Bolsonarro, has vowed to lead to closer control in prisons while building more nationwide.

But that will not be clear, as most prisons are controlled at the state level.

What causes riots in prisons in Brazil?


Counteracting drug-related violence and crimes has been witnessing a boom in the country over the last decades.

Overcrowding makes it difficult for prisons to hold separate rival factions. It also raises the tension inside the cells, with prisoners competing for limited resources, such as mattresses and food. Banking wars

Murders between rival members of the band are common in Brazilian prisons.

This is exacerbated when, in the last couple of decades, a cease-fire has collapsed between two of the country's most powerful gangs – the First Capital Command (PCC) drug gang, and the Red Command of Rio de Janeiro .

Lack of resources

Many Brazilian prisons are under-funded.

Poorly trained and poorly paid prisoners often face inmates who not only outnumber them, but also feel they have little to lose. as they are now faced with long sentences.

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