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Brees, Roethlisberger Concerns Highlight Second Week In NFL

Matt Ryan didn't pay much attention to the televisions in the Falcons' locker room tuned to the Rams-Sents before last week's Atlanta Eagles race. Or at least it wasn't until he peeked in and saw Teddy Bridgewater in the game. The 12-year-old vet had a pretty good idea what that meant and it wasn't good.

A closer look showed Ryan's main football rival during his time as an NFL quarterback, sideways and helpless to stop a key NFC

"Knowing him, you hope first and foremost," Ryan said. after getting in his car for a drive home from Mercedes-Benz Stadium around 1

am on Monday morning. "You never want to see someone have to deal with it."

This is the story of Week 2 – one that no one wanted to hear coming out Sunday.

On Saints' third and 8th 'second possessions', Braise hit the reigning defenseman of the year Aaron Donald with a throwing hand. It wasn't the kind of horrific injury that was apparent when it happened. But it wasn't long before it was obvious something was wrong. Brace actually came out of the locker room in the second half, tossing her thumb, but she would not be back in the game. The cameras at that point showed that the 12-time Pro Bowler couldn't even catch the ball.

"I have so much respect and appreciation for what this game meant, what he did throughout his career, looking at the way he and coach [Sean] Patton consistently produced some of the best offenses year in and year out in the Championship." , said Rams coach Sean McVeigh, driving by the Coliseum. "I hope it is okay. Injuries are the worst part of this game.

"And even when an opponent happens that could potentially benefit when you don't have to play against him, you never want to see that in this league. Hopefully he will be back sooner. ”

Brace's loss would be a loss to the NFL. So many people are holding their breath in anticipation of Monday's NMR results. And Brace's test results won't be the only ones expected with concern.

There is happier news here and I promise to introduce you to this week's MMQB, which will include:

McVay on the determination and strength of his rams.
Ryan explaining the call to play that defeated his hometown of Orly.
• New OC Kellen Moore cowboys for the advancement of their esteemed student, Dak Prescott .
Bills Coach Sean McDermott for also his dubious quarterback.

But we start with the bad things this week.

The Saints will wake up this morning in Seattle, where they will spend the week before Sunday's game against the Seahawks. Brace remains in L.A., where, as ESPN reported Sunday, he will meet with specialist Dr. Steve Sheen. Brace confirmed that he was concerned that the injury was significant. A lot is hanging in the balance.

The manual birch test, subjected to the lateral line, appears to check the integrity of the ultralateral collateral ligament of the thumb. We'll see if surgery is needed or not. The post-game schedule is completely up in the air until Brace meets with the specialist and diagnoses him.

  Drew Brace and Aaron Donald got into the Saints-Rams game.

So for now, the Saints can rely on Teddy Bridgewater to keep them in contention for a while, with a roster as ready for the championship as all the Brees have played after and possibly including the one who won it its only Super Bowl title in the 2009 season, it is no exaggeration to say that it could change the division and racing of the Saints.

Earlier in the day, Ben Roethlisberger came down with an elbow injury against Seattle. The details of this were even more vague, but the signs were also sinister. The 37-year-old Steelers QB took a heavy three-shot fall from the shotgun, threw the ball to the right and grabbed his right elbow as he went down in the subsequent movement. Like Brees, Roethlisberger receives an MRI and we will know more today.

There were also a few fears beyond these more serious situations. At one time on Sunday, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers worked hard and was in pain. And later in the evening, Eagles QB Carson Wentz, beaten quite well by the rush of passage in Atlanta, retreated to the side medical tent. Fortunately, those two QBs were fine.

Many people have the same hope that Ryan and McVeigh were when we were talking at night – that Roethlisberger and Brees were okay too.

OK, now we can get to all the crazy things that happened on the field on Sunday.


We talked about eight months of missed call about P and this made me think of something as the Aries began to withdraw from the Saints on Sunday night.

Could McVeigh's crew have grown a little sick to hear their trip to the Super Cup was stolen by someone else? You would think, at the very least, the simple implication of everything he says should be a little annoying. Or maybe it didn't?

"I know a lot has been done about this, but our guys just did a good job of ignoring the noise," McVeigh says during his 27-9 win over the Coliseum. "And really, we don't want to overlook the fact that it was a game that definitely helped us. Did he decide the outcome, who really knows? For us, our boys were focused solely on winning the game today, and we know that this season has a completely different feel from the past. ”

So the Rams were reported. And on that day, that sensation referred to by McVeigh had some advantage.

The defending conference champions went through the 6-3 first half and even the sensory steps that were ahead would not be easily noted.

came first with a goal and a goal of 4 with 5:43 remaining in the third quarter. Todd Gurley threw it to the left and just overtook Trey Hendrickson and A.J. Klein to the corner, then a pigeon to the pylon. The next was tilted to second and goal from 2, where Jared Goff found Brandin Cooks, who beat Marshall Latimore to the ball. And the latter came from the kind assistance of Cooper Koop, who took an incised, armed Latimore, fought past Marcus Williams, then P.J. Williams, and dragged Klein into the end zone to make it 27-6.

Or at least it seems to have made it 27-6. On review, Kup was called to 1. The next game, Gough stole him.

"There have been many cases where guys create or play independently, which may not have been necessarily there and they just added to it," McVeigh said. "Whether it's Cooper or missing Cooks. But Todd's touchdown run, what a scary start it was when we dropped a little instrumental crack in the left sideline and he just found a way to carry his nose to the end zone, as has been done for so many years. So I decided that the boys did a good job responding and finding a way to win. This is the biggest thing. "

Now, the absence of Brace for three and a half quarters certainly adds a different context to Aries' victory, and that could make it look a little different two months from now. But there were important take-offs, regardless of the circumstances or the enemy.

Goff cut short and still finished 19 for 28 for 283 yards and that landed on Cooks. Eric Weddle (more on that later) helped bring the kind of flexibility he has to Baltimore with all his know-how. The rams also had to ignite their depth, and Jamil Demby dropped in when the Austin Blyth guard started. And then there's Gurley, who was a huge issue coming into the season.

It did not explode on Sunday. But he still carried a heavy load, going for 63 yards on 16 carts and four yards on three catches, perhaps a sign that the coaches are getting a little more comfortable by reloading their wagon after it is completed last year.

"This will be something that is a game," McVeigh said of the plans for Gurley. "And really, he's more into the flow and the feeling and how he does it as much as anything else. Since Todd is a big part of our insult, he will continue to be a big part of our insult. And the good part is that we feel good when Malcolm Brown is able to spell it. Because of the confidence we have with these two guys, it was a good deal in the first few weeks.

"And in all seriousness, [I can’t] I tell you this will happen, because then Todd gets the hot hand" and you have the feeling that he will end up with 25 noses. And I don't think that's an issue. "

At least, but the Rams are tuning in from here, making it from a position of strength, 2-0. And they've already shown the ability to make it work when things may not be the way they painted it.


After 2:20 remaining and facing the fourth and 3rd of their own line with 46 yards on Sunday night, 0 -2 in the face.This is where Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, who regained their old coaches, made sense. of the game, was Atlanta's OK from Ryan's freshman year in Jones' first year in the NFL. Dirk Keter, the new / old OK, took over for him in 2012 and managed the offense in 2014.

Everyone seemed to be

"It's an acquaintance," says Ryan, mail over his cell. "We know how guys react, how you can count on them. You went through this before with them. And these experiences help us. You do not know about people until you overcome them. After going through these things, you will know how to handle it. "

Koether's knowledge of how to handle it, as it turns out, was not complicated. Indeed, it led to a rather simple idea: Take Jones' ball.

OK it felt like Jim Schwartz's eagles would put pressure as he had all night, so he sent out two conversations about the game. One about the possibility Philly plays cover. The other he believed was the likelihood of the eagles trying to get in Ryan's face.

Ryan saw the look almost immediately. came out of the initial conversation and in Keter's call to defeat the pressure. ian stepped back and threw it right away to Jones, who entered blocks from Mohammed Sanu and Jake Mathews and simply turned the rest into a date with a song, no chance of losing.

"One hundred percent," Ryan confirmed. "We rarely get these opportunities. Their game plan was to pressure us and it was a perfect moment to get to that call. When Julio uses his athleticism in this way, there is no one better. "

That made the score 24-20, and the defense held on for the final two minutes (Wentz turns fourth and 14 with 1:11 left on a 43-yard strike to Nelson Acholor) to return the Falcons to a level ground after losing. since the Vikings' season opener last week.

Interestingly, earlier in the game, faced with a similar circumstance, Ryan was torn apart. It was in the middle of the third quarter – Philly threw another aggressive blitz at Ryan and he hit. when he passed the ball down where he saw Jones face-to-face with Ronald Darby mouth shortened his tracking, the ball floated on him and Darby easily steered him to the field.

Safe to say, Ryan held out for this one. And the Falcons redeemed for their ugly first week loss.

"There was definitely an urgency "I thought our preparation was good before the Minnesota game – we just didn't play well. It happens. And there is definitely a way of thinking when that happens, when you have to find a way to do it. "

Considering what Carolina looked like the night before and what it went down with the Saints, it's fair to say that the Falcons' perspective comes out a lot different than it did a week ago.


When Kelen Moore and I talked after the Cowboys beat the Reds 31-21, the first-year coordinator quickly said that team violations are in front of them. But if you look closely enough, you will see that a little discomfort has already hit the group with two games – and the defender has shown that he is up to the challenge.

On the way Sunday, the Dallas attack kicks off the game with a pair of threes and outs. A person-level approach that interrupts clutter and clicks brings players along.

"This is Duck's behavior," Moore said. "There is, of course, perhaps a little disappointment, but there is no panic. It's just, "Hey, we're fine. Just keep getting involved. The NFL game is three hours long. "

This approach was obvious as he wore those three hours. Prescott led for 97 yards on seven plays and 74 yards on 11 games to take the Cowboys out of rhythm and lead 14-7 at halftime. Coming out of the half, the quarterback piloted a nine-game, 75-yard touchdown. Then he led an 11-game, 68-yard drive that ended in a field goal, then a fifth straight goal that covered 54 yards in 10 games and led the lead to 31-14.

In that five- while stretching drive, Prescott's numbers flashed: 23 of 24 for 250 yards and three touchdowns.

Of course, this is more than perseverance. It is also about the progress Moore urged to revamp the crime in Dallas. While he belittles the idea that change is wholesale, OC acknowledges that there is more movement and more synergy between the passing game and the running game – which allowed Prescott to play a little more than his wheels.

  Cowboys QB Dak Prescott gives way to Ezekiel Elliott against the Red Skins.

You can see this clearly in Prescott's statistics. Four of his seven passes have so far gone from playing first or second down.

"At the end of the day, we want to run the football," Moore said. "So we get these guys to do it. And at the same time, we won't be stubborn about it and just stick it all day. We hope the action game can complement it and create a kind of double threat, and we can continue to mix that up and create things that look the same and have many ways of attacking them. "

But perhaps Prescott's most impressive throw of the day was of a different genre. With 13 seconds left in the first half and the game tied, the Cowboys leveled two tight ends, separated by a formation to the right of Duck. He calmly took the photo, read the cover on that side, as Blake Jarvin ran to the back pillar, and Jason Witton ran to the front pillar and placed it just outside Witton, where only he could take it.

"A really good throw, a really good route," Moore said. "In general, Witton was on the front pylon, Blake would be on the back pylon and you know there was a slight advantage, slightly, he outstripped his back. Duck threw a really good ball, and Witten made a really good catch. "

Now, Moore warns that troubles are ahead and how he and Prescott adjust as teams create a new book on them will be key. But they will take the 142.9 minus estimate they have reached so far. And it cannot be ruled out to accelerate what was a relatively slow process to implement the next QB contract.



The momentum from early disappeared, the giants had closed for interruption and the bills needed a spark. It remained 11:56. This one was certainly able to get out of Buffalo. Josh Allen wouldn't let that happen.

Alan's numbers in the next possession of the Bills were not murderous – he was 2-for-6 for 29 yards, rushing for 9 more. But they didn't need me to be. What the team needed was to drive and make plays that were there. Thirteen snaps and 75 yards later, the scores made it 28-14 and left the Giants with just 5:53 to play.

That ended as a final, with the Bills sweeping two MetLife games to open the season 2-0.

"It was a great aspiration," said trainer Sean McDermott. "As the momentum was shifted, we were on the road, the deck was stacked against us from a momentary point of view. And they kept an eye out, they were mentally difficult and it wasn't easy. The Giants did a good job of making us work for everything. "

  QB Bills Josh Allen presents himself in Buffalo's victory over the Giants.

Alan was equal to the challenge and in no case more than the third and 6 with 8:23 left, forced out of pocket and made to improvise. Making his way to the right, Alan found a new Bill John Brown who picked up the conversion and more, going 17 yards deep into Giants territory. It was, for all intents and purposes.

И така е, че Алън и Ламар Джаксън вече са 2-0, като останалите три първокръвни първенци от Класа на 2018 г. все още търсят първите си победи от 2019 г. .

Алън и Джексън, разбира се, се съмняваха повече от Бейкър Мейфийлд и Сам Дарнолд, които влизат в този сезон. Но това съмнение, тъй като Макдермот го видя в случая на Алън, никога не идваше от сградата му.

„Не мисля, че това се е размазало с тези момчета“, каза Макдермот. „Мисля, че Джош е типът млад мъж, който разбира, че трябва да спечели тяхната вяра и доверието им, а това отнема време. Той е само в ранната част на втория си сезон и затова разбира, че му предстои много работа, а също така разбира, че трябва да спечели това. И нищо не се дава в тази лига. ”

Макдермот подчерта, че всичко това продължава да се работи. А що се отнася до това дали сметките му са обърнали ъгъла след възстановяването си през 2018 г.?

„Обади ми се за това, човече“, каза той, смеейки се. „Обади ми се.“


Бърза мисъл за всеки отбор от NFL.

Ще кажа това за Треньорът на Bears Matt Nagy – намерението на всички, които се включиха в състезанието по кикър, беше да генерират натиск върху всеки играч преди сезона. И така, разбира се, това беше първото нещо, за което се сетих, когато Еди Пиниеро хладнокръвно се подреждаше и проби 53-ярдов, за да спечели играта в неделя. Чикаго винаги вярваше, че Пиниеро има най-високия таван от всеки от ритниците, които донесе в този извънсезон. И това със сигурност се показа и в Денвър.

Бенгалите наистина бяха добри през седмица 1 срещу добър отбор в Сиатъл и затова съм готов да им дам едноубийство за Игра 2 на Зак Тейлър ера. Но това стана грозно.

Ценовите пазарувания от които пазаруват в пазаруване, през тази извънсезонност ги разтовариха с водещия си ръководител (Франк Гор) и двама водещи приемници (Джон Браун, Коул Бийзли) в неделя. Общата такса за 2019 г. от тези три: 16,4 милиона долара. Това е добра работа на Г. М. Брандън Бийн.

Бронкос има пълно право да се ядосва над на грубия призив към Брадли Чуб . Обаждането премести Чикаго от собствените си 30 на своите 45 и позволи марж на грешка, когато Мич Трубиски не можа да се свърже при следващите си три хвърляния. 25-ярдов удар на Трубиски срещу Алън Робинсън, на четвърти и 15, постави победителя на Пиниеро с 53 двора.

На фона на цялата истерия по време на придобиването на Одел Бекъм през 1945 г. Браунс бе лесно да се игнорира как търговията означаваше, че Кливланд ще загуби четвъртия си най-висок шелф за четири години. Алекс Мак и Мичъл Шварц излязоха като свободни агенти през 2016 г., Джо Томас се оттегли през 2018 г., а Кевин Цайтлер бе търгуван в Ню Йорк по сделката с Бекъм. Това е много неудобство от това, което беше наистина добра група, и това беше очевидно през седмица 1. Ще видим дали е по-добре тази вечер.

Толкова голяма част от фокуса беше върху Cam Newton, но мисля, че Buccaneers отбраната заслужава известно внимание – както и координаторът Тод Боулс, който отново се оказва един от най-добрите в играта от тази страна на топката. Попитах служител на високо равнище в Тампа какво Боулс е постигнал особено добре там и той възпита способностите на Боулз да преподава и усещането му за това, което носи престъпление. Показва се в големи времена. Буките бяха 27-и по обща защита през миналата година. Това е две седмици, но Тампа позволява 80 по-малко ярда на игра, отколкото през 2018 г. и задържа напълно Пантерите от крайната зона.

Kyler Murray и Cardinals може да са 0-1-1, но Аризона трябва да се чувства добре как защитникът продължава да закъснява в игрите. Това каза, че гарваните се чувстваха така, сякаш малко се бяха вкарали между ушите му през четвъртата четвърт на неделя. С 8:56 ляво, Брандън Кар се освободи от ръба на ъглов блиц, а Мъри се опита да го хвърли, преди да удари земята. При следващите две щраквания Балтимор вярва, че е накарал Мъри да разтовари топката далеч по-бързо, отколкото би искал. Това трябва да е опит за учене на Мъри.

Екипажът на Антъни Лин няма да го използва като оправдание, но какво са преживели зарядните устройства (за това, което изглежда като 55-та поредна година ) е нелепо. Срещу Лъвовете, L.A. беше без лявата си връзка (Ръсел Окунг), стегнат край (Хънтър Хенри), звездна безопасност (Дервин Джеймс) и опашка (Мелвин Гордън, макар че това е по различна причина). И дори не сме на средата на септември.

Намираме се в момента, в който началници QB Патрик Махомес може да премине 30-за-44 за 443 ярда и четири тъчдауна, и това вече не е забележимо .

Ако това е за Адам Винатиери – и размяната му с Атлетик Стивън Холдър след победата на Колтс в Нешвил предполагат, че това може би е, тогава мисля, че той трябва да бъде лесна оценка за избирателите на Залата на славата. Ударът, който той накара Патриотите да наложи извънреден труд срещу Raiders през януари 2002 г., 47-ярда в ужасяващи условия, може да е най-големият в историята на NFL. След това той ритна победителя в играта в тази и в две Супербоули. И след десетилетие в Нова Англия, това е 14-та година в Инди и той спечели четвърта титла в Супербоул там. Трудно е да вкараш ритници в залата. Не този.

Ако дуетът на Cowboys на Джейлън Смит и Лейтън Вандер Еш не е най-добрият двойник на връзки в NFL, те са точно там. Най-добрата част? Смит току-що навърши 24. Вандер Еш е на 23.

Трудно място за треньора на Делфините Брайън Флорес. Това е взискателна програма, която той изпълнява, и трудна за продажба след две загуби с комбиниран резултат 102-10. Не помага и играчите да са видели някои от най-добрите си съотборници да се раздават. И също като хората, предполагам, че е трудно да дадете всичко от себе си за тази година, ако не вярвате, че мениджмънтът ви прави същото и нямате представа колко дълго ще ви държи наоколо. Както казахме тук, Флорес печели парите си тази година. И това идва от човек, който вярва, че възстановяването на списъка на GM Chris Grier е най-вече правилното обаждане.

Може би аз съм единственият, но мислех, че офанзивната игра на Eagles е била малко тревожно в неделя вечер. Накарам ги да спечелят Супербоула, и тази група, разчупена от Атланта на пътя, не може да играе така, ако ще стигне до там. Струва си да се следи, с три от петте стартиращи екипа на 30-те си години и още един стартер осем месеца от постигането на този крайъгълен камък.

Което означава, че трябва да дадем кредит на защитната линия на Falcons , По-специално Takk McKinley беше шепа за Philly.

Седмица 1, излизайки от разкъсан ACL, може би беше малко рано хората да бъдат погребани 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Тази седмица изглеждаше много по-добре – и Сан Франциско като цяло беше впечатляващ. Преди резултата от времето за боклук от бенгалите, защитата държеше домакините на 255 ярда и 3,9 ярда на игра. Обратно, Нинерите завършиха с 572 ярда и 8,4 ярда на игра.

Кога ще видим Giants новобранец Даниел Джоунс? Историята на атаките от първия кръг, които уж са "червенокоси", казва, че това ще се случи, когато отборът изпадне в спор. Дотогава сигурно би било препоръчително да вземете топката до Сакун Баркли.

Така че Ягуарите да се обадят за преобразуването в две точки? Казаха ми, че това е вариант за пропускане и Гарднър Миншоу го прочете правилно, подавайки топката на Леонард Фурнет. По дяволите и от Fournette, който при повторение изглежда е много близо до това, за да даде преднина на Jacksonville с оставащи 30 секунди. Що се отнася до решението да отида за двама, изглежда, че въз основа на състава на отбора, Джагсите биха искали да поемат шансовете си със своята защита в извънреден час. Особено след някои от страничните вълнения, които видяхме.

Тази вечер играта е повече от малко важна за Jets . Следващите четири: при Patriots, при Eagles, срещу Cowboys, срещу Patriots. Така загуба от Кливланд би направила 0-6 отчетлива възможност. И в този момент трябва да се чудите с треньор на първата година и GM, ако фокусът върху изграждането на екип няма да започне да се движи към 2020 г.

Резултат за средния клас на Lions днес. Рашан Мелвин се справи доста трудно с Chargers WR Майк Уилямс доста добре (Уилямс направи няколко циркови улова). Линчбекът Девън Кеннард беше скала в средата на отбраната. И избраният за пети кръг 2018 г. Tyrell Crosby умело се намеси за Тейлър Декър в лявата ръка.

Персоналът на Packers обичаше здравината на Аарон Роджърс, окачена там срещу здрава защита на викингите в неделя. Все още не го искат, но защитникът и Мат Лафлеър постигат напредък.

Все още не е време за паника за Пантерите . И не е като толкова далечната Каролина – имаше моменти в четвъртък вечерта, когато приемници бяха там за Кам Нютон и той беше ударен, когато ги видя. Така че това е нещо повече от Нютон. Но няма съмнение, че непостоянната точност (един крос към Къртис Самуел през второто полувреме беше особено ярък) струва на Каролина. Може би това беше с Andrew Luck в началото на миналата есен, когато Colts QB се нуждаеше от време, за да получи повторения с преработената си механика, като се отказа от операцията на рамото. Може би е нещо друго. В 0-2 времето може да започне да се изчерпва с измислянето на нещата.

Не съм сигурна каква е причината на Патриоти за увеличаване на резултата на Флорес, но беше напълно ясно какво се случва като Ню Англия изхвърли от пушката през четвъртата четвърт, до 37-0, и отправи тотален блит до 43-0 при финалния момент на играта. Това не са злополуки.

RIP към рейда на Рейдъри '. Моето поколение израсна, като видя бавното прекратяване на многоцелевите стадиони, които бяха с бейзболна маркировка в ранните части на сезоните на NFL. Колизеумът в Оукланд е последният, който отиде. Рейдърите не се прибират вкъщи до 3 ноември. Сезонът на А ще приключи дотогава и по този начин замърсяването на застрояването ще изчезне от NFL завинаги.

Миналата седмица водихме с Ламар Джексън и, честно казано, ние можех да го направя отново, защото той беше още по-добър през седмица 2. Един от доказателствата, към които бях посочен от служител на Ravens : играта му на трета и дългосрочна. Джаксън преобразува трето и 6, две трето и 7, трето и 11 и трето 17 и почти вдигна трето и 20, като се наложи за 19 в тази игра. Миналата седмица срещу Делфините Балтимор трябваше да конвертира само два трети падения и двамата бяха трети и кратък, за да стигне до 28-0. Така че това беше различно.

Овеците не можеха да бъдат по-щастливи от това, което Ерик Weddle внесе на масата. Споменахме през лятото, че екипът поставя зелената точка на новата си каска за безопасност, което означава, че той ще има радио комуникация с треньорите за защита. Това се е случило и Шон Маквей ми каза, че счита Weddle за „защитника на отбора“ от тази страна на топката.

Ярко място в старта на 0: 19459 Redskins : приемник на новобранец Тери Маклаурин. Треньорите от Вашингтон много обичаха неговата универсалност, бързина и здравина от самото начало. Той има 10 улова за 187 ярда и две тъчдауни, за да покаже впечатлението, което е направил досега.

Почти комично е, че поредното обаждане мина срещу светиите . На този, през втората четвърт срещу Овен, топката се плъзна от ръката на Джаред Гоф, когато той беше ударен, а Кам Джордан го вдигна и отиде на 87 ярда за тъчдаун. Но обаждането на терена беше непълен пропуск, свирка свиреше и резултатът не се брои. Този резултат очевидно би бил доста важен в деня, когато Дрю Брейс се понижи.

Seahawks получи своите 35 милиона долара от Ръсел Уилсън срещу Питсбърг. Той раздаде топката ефективно на Тайлър Локет, Уил Дисли, Д.К. Меткалф и Малик Търнър и, в резултат на това бързо преминаващата игра, играта, която работи, не се променя. Което е добро развитие в момента в Сиатъл с 2-0.

Девин Буш не започна за Steelers, но това няма да продължи дълго. Той развихри атлетизма си при регистрирането на седем снаряжения и възстановяване на ярост и е ясно, че Питсбърг трябва да го прибере на пълен работен ден в отбранителния си фронт.

Бих твърдял, че те са платили за това, но две игри в, ти трябва да оценят усилията, които тексасците положиха, за да закрепят ситуацията с опашката си, заедно с сделки за херцог Джонсън и Карлос Хайд. The two have combined for 296 scrimmage yards on 50 touches.

Stat of the day for the Titanswithout question: 1-of-10 on third down. Match that with the four three-and-outs, and that’s how you wind up with 243 yards. And I’m not sure we’re far from questions being raised on how quick a hook the team would have with former second overall pick Marcus Mariota, whose final stat line looked OK, but who averaged just 5.5 yards per attempt.

If Kirk Cousins made that throw on fourth-and-goal, then fine. But with theVikings down 21-16 and in first-and-goal with 5:17 left, I don’t get throwing an off-balance prayer into the corner of the end zone. To his credit, Cousins said afterward there was “no justification” for his decision.


Newsmakers from around the league.

It was a rough day for the Saints, but there was good news too. As Fox’s Jay Glazer reported, Sean Payton has agreed to a five-year extension that takes him through 2024, which would be his 19th season in charge in New Orleans. For what seems like forever, there have been rumblings that Payton would eventually go back to Dallas, where he coached from 2003 to ’05 and where his kids went to high school. Payton’s close with the Joneses, who’ve never hidden their affection for the Super Bowl-winning coach. In fact, it was assumed in NFL circles last winter that if the Cowboys were to move on from Jason Garrett, there’d be two guys at the top of Dallas’ list: Payton and Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley. So you can strike the first name off that list. And if the Cowboys keep playing like they have, it may be a while before they’re reaching for the second one.

The Antonio Brown off-field saga isn’t close to over. And that’s even as his on-field debut for the Patriots was impressive. Brown had four catches for 56 yards and a touchdown, just six days after his deal to join New England was formalized. The woman accusing Brown of rape, Britney Taylor, is set to meet with NFL officials on Monday, and the league will meet with Brown himself soon thereafter. As ESPN reported over the weekend, Brown and Taylor had been in settlement talks for nearly half a year, and a tentative agreement that would pay Taylor out around $2 million was drawn up over the last few weeks. Brown had until last Sunday to sign it—I’m told Taylor was initially asking for much more than $2 million, for what it’s worth—and decided, at the end, not to. Taylor’s lawsuit was filed two days later. There will be more on Brown on our site coming soon. Keep your eyes out.

CBA are talks on hold for right now. That doesn’t mean there’s been any sort of blowup between the sides—the last summit was held back on Sept. 3 in Chicago. It’s more that league and union were stuck on the big topics, the season was starting, and NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith had committed to doing his team visits, which will run through Oct. 10. So barring a breakthrough offering from one side or another, it’s unlikely there’ll be another meeting before then. In a nutshell, the NFL wants the same revenue split and more games (17 or 18), and the union wants a bigger percentage of the revenue pie (it’s currently at around 47.5 percent) and the same number of games. The good news is that talks have remained amicable, and the parties have chipped away at smaller issues while the big ones remain unresolved. I’m told the league does want to make another run at a deal between now and Thanksgiving, because it hopes to open talks on new broadcast contracts before the first of the year.

The Jalen Ramsey/Doug Marrone confrontation was pretty interesting. Also interesting—that neither guy expounded afterward on what happened. Ramsey bolted from the locker room before the media got in. Marrone said he couldn’t remember what precipitated the very public shouting match. This would be less of a problem if it was the first time. It wasn’t. And so it’ll be interesting to see what Ramsey has to say, whenever he addresses it. (It was also interesting seeing D.J. Hayden and Jarrod Wilson get into the mix when Ramsey got agitated.)

That Minkah Fitzpatrick has pushed back against Brian Flores’ program is interesting to me. And that’s mostly because I saw him as a really good fit for it—he’s versatile, a leader and came from a demanding college program at Alabama. But I had someone say something interesting to me about that this week, which I think has applied to certain players. Some just play in that sort of environment in college and consciously decide, ‘Hey, I don’t want to do that again.’ Landon Collins, another Alabama product, is like that, and it was apparent when he pushed back on the Giants, his team at the time, when it was looking at the idea of hiring Patriots assistants to replace Ben McAdoo.


Like we said, good day overall for Garrett.

Like we said, tough day overall for the Eagles line.

That one’s mesmerizing.

At this point, who can blame the Saints?

Here’s the video of the Marrone situation.

There’s the roughing call on Chubb we mentioned.

When you see freak things like Brees’s thumb injury, it makes how Brady has for the most part stayed on the field for the last 11 years pretty amazing. And how Brees had to that point, too.

Pretty cool, if real.

Hall of Famer Gardner Minshew, to you.

Big air off that one.

I guess we can’t totally rule it out.


Takeaways from the college football weekend.

1. It’s hard to live up to expectations when you’re a high first-round quarterback prospect coming back to school. But Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa is doing it. He has 13 touchdown passes without a pick through three games and was insanely efficient in the Tide’s SEC opener against South Carolina—going 28-of-36 for 444 yards and five scores. Of course, throwing to Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs and Devonta Smith helps. But Tagovailoa’s looked sharp early on.

2. While we’re there, keep an eye on Tide junior RB Najee Harris. One exec brought up his involvement in the passing game against the Gamecocks (he finished with five catches for 87 yards) as a pretty interesting development. Harris’s talent has never been in question. He was the No. 1 recruit in the country coming out of high school. But he has struggled to get in the lineup to this point, which is explainable given that he was behind Josh Jacobs and Damien Harris the last two years.

3. Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts through three weeks: 49-of-61, 880 yards, nine TDs, zero INTs. At this point last year, after he’d lost his job to Tagvailoa, some NFL people were starting to evaluate Hurts as a running back. Things have obviously changed since. And while he’s not yet considered a first-round talent, his production and a reworked throwing motion have him on the NFL’s radar as a quarterback. So score one more for Lincoln Riley.

4. Name to watch in Notre Dame/Georgia: Irish TE Cole Kmet. He hasn’t played yet this year, after breaking his collarbone in camp, and is expected to make his return in Athens. He’s massive, athletic and loaded with potential. Some scouts believe he’s the next in the Kyle Rudolph/Tyler Eifert line at Notre Dame. This will be a good showcase for him to prove it.

5. There was a weird circumstance at the end—Michigan State got caught with 12 guys on the field, via review, on an overtime-forcing field goal—but give Herm Edwards credit. That wasn’t a popular hire, that’s a tough Spartans team, and Edwards’ Sun Devils head into Pac-12 play at 3-0.

6. The current starting quarterback at Florida did not start for his high school team. And yeah, that’s because Houston star D’Eriq King was a teammate of his. But still.


Each week we hit up a player set to climb atop the Monday Night Football stage, to get answers to a few questions. This week, Browns LB Christian Kirksey:

MMQB: Any aspect of the Week 1 loss that made you feel sick to your stomach?
KIRKSEY: The penalties. The penalties. Not being disciplined. That wasn’t good to see. We’ve got to get over that hump, and we’re gonna be more disciplined.

MMQB: How do you work on that, something that abstract?
KIRKSEY: Technique, fundamentals, and being in the right spot. With holding calls, things of that nature, it’s putting your hands in the right place. Jumping offsides, you’ve got to make sure you see the ball. It’s things like that, you can take care of it, by working on your fundamentals.

MMQB: Anything that a coach or player said afterwards that stuck out?
KIRKSEY: No. Coach Freddie [Kitchens] just said it was unacceptable, to have 182 yards in penalties. That’s not the type of team we want to be, and we have to hold each other accountable for it. There was no special formula, no special speech to be given. We’re all grown men. We’re all professionals. We know that’s not acceptable.

MMQB: Tough at all to have to switch which QB you’re getting ready for mid-week?
KIRKSEY: No, man, they’re just jerseys to us. We’re preparing for a starting quarterback, we’re preparing for the next quarterback on their roster as if there was just one. Whoever’s back there, we’re gonna treat them the same. At the end of the day, [Trevor Siemian is] an NFL quarterback we’re going against. You have to be pretty good to play in the NFL. He can make the throws, he can make the proper checks. So we gotta prepare normally, like we would if Darnold was playing.

MMQB: Does having had Le’Veon Bell in the division help you prepare?
KIRKSEY: Yeah, we know what type of runner he is. He runs with a lot of patience, he’s got great balance, you can flex him out, you can put him at receiver, he runs just about every route in the route tree. So it helps having played against him, knowing his style of play. We have to make sure we eliminate him from the game, and make him as uncomfortable as possible.

MMQB: Do you know the significance of this game, why the league put this game on?
KIRKSEY: Only thing I can think of is Gregg Williams being the defensive coordinator here, and now he’s there.

MMQB: The history is the first Monday night game was Cleveland vs. the Jets.
KIRKSEY: You learn something new every day!

MMQB: Anything you need to be ready for with Gregg, knowing you, and telling them what he knows?
KIRKSEY: It’s even. We have strengths and weaknesses of his, too. It’s the same thing. We’re going to be prepared. It’s going to be a good game.

MMQB: Did you see what he said about Odell?
KIRKSEY: No, I just try to stay out of the media. I don’t too much try to get into it.


We looked at the Jets’ schedule earlier, and showed you how easily they could get to 0-6. Cleveland isn’t exactly a cakewalk either. Coming up:

9/22: vs. Rams
            9/29: at Ravens
            10/7: at 49ers
            10/13: vs. Seattle
            10/27: at Patriots

Suffice it to say, 0-2 would be a bad place for the Browns to be, headed into that stretch.

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