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Breweries, baby benches have issued warnings of rising tensions

MILWAUKEE – It’s been three years since Cole Hammels poured cold water on the idea that the Brewers-Cubs qualify as a rival, but it’s certainly starting to heat up now.

Little Hunter Wilson Contreras has been ripped out of a brewery pitcher for the third time in five games this season. He was not satisfied. Brewer ace Brandon Woodruff was about to dance when Ryan Tepera’s fast top of 95 miles per hour closed behind Woodruff’s feet. He was not happy either.

This led to warnings for both benches before Contreras gave the last word to American Family Field, smashing a long, long home run in the eighth inning and then dramatically throwing the bat and squeezing the crowd as he circled the bases on the road to victory with 3-2 Cubs .

“It feels good to close them,”

; Contreras said. “When they whistle at me, I don’t really care. But don’t get sensitive when I do something like that. … We sent a message tonight. I think they chose the wrong person to throw at. It was a message sent.”

Here is the source of the recent tension in terms of dice: In the last two seasons, no baseball player has been hit from the field more often by an opponent than Contreras has been hit by the Brewers. That’s seven times and counts, including a scary moment last week at Wrigley Field when a fast-paced ball at 93 miles per hour from National League rookie of the year 2020 Devin Williams hit Contreras in the helmet.

Rather remarkably, Contreras stood and took his base with barely a word. But two days later, when Contreras was hit again by newcomer Brewers Brad Boxberger, words were exchanged, the benches cleared and Contreras later withdrew a fine from MLB.

On Tuesday, Contreras checked a swing in the fourth inning and was hit on the arm by Woodruff’s pitch. The brewers argued with Mike Estabrook’s referee that Contreras was in fact I did swing, but were refused.

“It’s number seven in the last 13 or 14 games,” Contreras said. “And I know a lot of these strikes are not intentional. I talked a lot with [Omar] Narvaez, their hunter. We are really good friends. We are really close. And I told him, “I know you’re not trying to hit me, but bro, that’s something that disappoints every player. And I try to take care of myself.

“I was trying to send a message from the last series at home. And then I was fined. “

Brewers say they should put Contreras inside, even though he crowds the plate and is known to tilt from time to time. The figures confirm this, showing the least damage to the Contreras and the hot zones on the outside of the plate.

“We’re trying to get inside and we’re a little short of places,” said brewery manager Craig Consul. “It’s on a plate, so there’s a little less room for error, I’d say. But we will continue to step inside. We need to be able to do it. “

Woodruff said: “There was no intention. No purpose. “

Inning later, Tepera and the little ones also settled inside. Lots and lots inside.

With Woodruff, right-handed tennis, but left-handed dough on the plate in the fifth, Tepera’s first court was a fast ball of 94 miles per hour behind Woodruff’s feet. Udraf immediately turned to Tepera and expressed his displeasure.

“It simply came to my notice then. I didn’t know anything about it, “Contreras said.

The brewers seemed to believe differently.

“Such a presentation affects me, yes,” said the Consul.

“I mean, I think everyone can read the situation in the game and form their own opinion,” Woodruff said. “That’s it and we’re done. We have a long season. We have to play these guys a bunch more times. I’ll just let you form your own opinion on that.”

Respect all players involved for keeping calm. Several cubes briefly began to gather on the mound in support of Tepera before retreating. The players of the brewers on the bench and outside in the bull are attracted, but no one fills the field.

“I’m extremely happy,” said Cubs manager David Ross. “I think some of them spin back and forth, whether intentionally or accidentally. In today’s game it’s so hard with how hard the boys throw and where it is. I didn’t see how far behind it or in front of it – no I could tell by my angle. But I’m glad the armies jumped on top and the benches didn’t clear. That’s the main thing in these scenarios and the situation we’re in with the pandemic. “

Before the game resumed, Woodruff and Contreras talked briefly, and Contreras patted Woodruff on the back. It was back to baseball.

How did Udraf stay cool?

“Honor to my parents,” he said, smiling. “I was raised right. I guess it was a little hot in the beginning. But reacting won’t solve anything, you know? Just go back and let go, take them out and let it talk. It’s never thrown me before. So, crazy. “

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