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Brexit: Labor urges parliament to withdraw after no Brexit papers are released

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Labor said it was "more important than ever" that Parliament was recalled after the government released its Brexit assessment without a deal.

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said the document in Yellowham confirmed that there were "serious risks" if the UK left the EU without a deal.

Deputies forced the government to release the file before parliament was halted ̵

1; or prophesied – on Tuesday.

the Government stated that the mitigation of non-transaction transactions would be published in due course.

Sir Keir said he recalled that Parliament would allow MPs "to examine these documents and take all necessary steps to stop the inaction".

His comments followed a decision by Scotland's highest civil court on Thursday that Parliament's government's prophecy was unlawful.

The Yellowhammer dossier, which was reworked in parts and almost identical to the version, expired by the last Monday of the Sunday Times, says Brexit without a deal could lead to:

  • "downsizing" to some fresh food and "short supply" of key ingredients
  • rising food and fuel prices, which would "disproportionately" affect those with low incomes
  • a "six-month interruption" potentially affecting of drugs and medical supplies
  • protests and counter-protests in the United Kingdom
  • trucks waiting more than two days to cross the Channel

The document also says that some businesses may suspend trade, the black market may grow, and some adult care providers may fail.

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Queues in ports are among the latest investigations into the effects investigated by the government

Michael Gove, the cabinet minister responsible for the planning of idle deals, stated that "the revised assumptions" would be published "on time, together with a document outlining the mitigation that the government had introduced and intended to introduce." [19659005] Ministers, however, blocked the release of communications between No. 10 aides on Parliament's suspension.

Mr Gove said Members' request to see WhatsApp emails, texts and messages from Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson's chief aide and eight other Downing Street councilors were "unreasonable and disproportionate".

The publication of the information, he added, would "contravene the law" and "violate the fundamental principles of justice."


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Dominic Cummings was one of those named in the application for release of communications

The government tried to oppose the publication of Operation Yellowhammer, but lost the vote on the Commons on Monday before Parliament's adjournment, so it was forced to do so.

"Food price rises"

The six-page document, dated August 2, warns of a break in Dover and other passage channels for at least three months, as well as "significant queues in Kent "

As for food, the document says safe types of fresh food supplies" will decrease "and" critical dependencies on the food chain ", as key ingredients," may be in shorter supply. "

He says these factors would not lead to a general food shortage, "but would reduce the availability of both and collecting products will increase the price, which may affect vulnerable groups. "

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Media caption It was a rather unusual few days in the House of Commons

The document also says that low income windows" will be disproportionately affected

The flow of goods through other channels can face a "significant interruption of up to six months".

"Without restriction, this will affect

" Reliability of drug and medical supply chains

Paul Carter, Kent Leader County council told the BBC Radio 4 program today that "real progress is being made" as the documents are published six weeks ago.

He said that there were still "two or three outstanding issues", including making sure that the trucks had the proper documentation for customs and providing additional police and traffic officers to direct HGV.

Official, Sensitive

The document also warns of potential collisions if foreign fishing vessels enter the UK's territorial waters on the day after the UK landfill and says economic hardship may be "exacerbated" by floods or a flu pandemic this winter.

BBC Political Correspondent Chris Mason said some of the scenarios outlined were "great," but ministers insist the document is not a forecast for it to happen.

The document, which has hitherto been categorized as "official, sensitive", is not an official cabinet document. It is dated 10 days after Mr Johnson became prime minister.

Retailers have stated that the document confirms what they say will happen in the case of an advertised Brexit.

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Media caption Confused by Brexit jargon?

"The availability of fresh food will decrease, consumer choice will decrease and prices will rise," says Helen Dickinson of the British Retail Consortium.

And the British Medical Association described the Yellowhammer file as "alarming" and that it confirmed its inaction warnings, including the threat of a shortage of medical supplies.

Shadow Transport Secretary Andy MacDonald told BBC Breakfast: "It's more like emergency planning for war or a natural disaster, and we're doing it voluntarily.

" Boris Johnson crashes a ship against the rocks and will there is a lifeboat, no working people. "

Deputies voted on Monday to order the release of all internal correspondence and communications, including WhatsApp e-mails, texts and communications, between nine councilors # 10 on Parliament's suspension

But the government said it would not comply with the MPs' request, citing potential legal violations of data protection and employment rights.

This is not an "old" Yellowhammer estimate, as claimed by the government in August.

This is from the latest domestic no-transaction planning since August, from the time of Boris Johnson's rule. [19659005] The government hopes that its latest efforts will change some of the most important aspects of the document, called "reasonable assumptions about worst case, ”but they will still be able to to make these changes.

It all depends on the core assumption made about the interruption of freight traffic across the Channel – that over half will last for up to two and a half days.

These assumptions about trade flow have improved recently, but they are still bad and enough to have a number of very significant consequences for the supply of fresh food, stability in Northern Ireland, social care providers and the supply of medicines to humans and animals .

I am also convinced that a widespread version of this document from the same day had the phrase "baseline".

Somewhat confusing may be the basic case of a worst case planning assumption.

In any case, these are the real, plausible short-term shocks from a non-Brexit deal.

The Northern Ireland Section is of particular concern. In many ways, it is unlikely that such a list would have plausible implications for government policy.

It is not difficult to understand why the government is opposed to its release. It is unlikely to improve the mood of an already skeptical Commons.

But this is really the first tangible, quotable, warts, and any appreciation of what Whitehall fears could be around the corner.

Mr Gove said that legal advice obtained from Mr Johnson before requesting Parliament's prorogation was publicly available after being made public as part of ongoing lawsuits, but was not justified in seeking 'far broader information.

'To name persons, without regard for their rights or their consequences, goes beyond any reasonable right of Parliament under this procedure.

"These persons have no right of reply and the procedure used does not allow for any of the protections that would have been properly put.

"It violates the basic principles of justice and the duty of the public service to care for its employees," he says.

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