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Brexit: The cabinet is divided during a delay

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"We are still not witnessing the state of the party, not the country."

"It's like in the last days of Rome." "It's chaos."

Outside, the government is ready to send a letter to the European Union before the talks in Brussels sometime tomorrow, with the final project likely to be completed in the morning by the Prime Minister and

The letter will explain what kind of delay the government is seeking in the Brexit process

and the next steps in our departure were the subject of a 90-minute discussion this morning.

But employees and advisers inside have a totally different idea of ​​what is happening, as it is again.

Number 1

0 is, again, sitting at the top of a cabinet that can not agree with itself, can not, or perhaps no longer cares.

As the Chancellor describes it politely in the protocol this afternoon: People have different views. "

In other words, the cabinet is still divided, with some ministers believing that a long delay is necessary.

So, as we have said today, "the best thing for the country is someone else to take control of the order paper and move into a customs union" – translates, insists Brexit's long pause so that Parliament can to fight with the softer Brexit.

Others, like the leader of the House, who, according to sources, say the case is in force today, believe that the government should demand a short delay, then leave without a formal agreement with the EU after it has more time [19659005] One minister who was in the room said the Prime Minister had the impression that he would ask the EU to extend by the end of June, with a possibility (presumed) for a "reserve" delay option of up to two years.

But another minister said they had left the meeting with the view that there was no decision at all.

Another inner man had a frustration that, in their view, Teresa May again failed to express what she really wanted to do, and to allow the Party and, of course, Parliament – and even more important the rest of the side – a twist in the wind as it grinds.

There is, as is always the case, a lesser group of ministers who try to help manage the competing factions, although some of their colleagues in the backside believe they are just passive travelers.

Just in case you need a reminder, the postponement of Brexit is at all contradictory to the promise that Ms. May has done so many times.

And how long, of course, is a matter of paramount importance for the country, and it may also matter if the government has real chances of finally going through its compromise deal with the European Union for too long

It is still this may happen, and when it happens, it happens quite quickly.

But the Cabinet's last cabinet over the delay was testing almost the destruction of the idea that this administration finds it almost impossible to arrive at meaningful conclusions about Brexit, so deep the internal divisions.

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Officially, Downing Street sources denied that there was a firm conclusion on terms, although the prime minister has repeatedly said he wants to do so as soon as possible and briefly mention

They say there was no final decision.

For Mrs. May's increasing number of critics in her own government, that's the point.

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