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British opening: Brooks Koepka is ashamed of B. Holmes during a slow round

Even in defeat, Brooks Koepek won our hearts and minds on Sunday at the British opening. This is a line that is usually reserved for the passionate TV essay for the athlete's class or heart. In this case, this is only a reference to Copeka, which rejects the golf delicacies with a colleague. Koepka's DGAF-ness has always been an element of his approach, but as he climbed to the top of the game and won four major championships, he was much more comfortable talking about it. He does not care about the sensitivity of other players or some unwritten gentleman's traditions of the game.

Koepka is in a place where he feels he can call other players for a slow game or "behave like a kid" as he characterized Sergio Garcia earlier this year. So when the Sunday cup came out and saw that Koepka was connected to JB Holmes, the potential for disputes or worried Brooks has increased significantly.

Holmes is too slow a player. Everyone on the tour knows this. The TV coverage knows it. The hundred golf observers who chirp, know it angrily. And he is not a slimy slow player. It is obvious and painful.

He started from the first Sunday on Sunday where, amazingly, Holmes was not sure what club to hit. He struck second after Koepka and lasted 58 seconds from the moment the first bomber ended the belt of his name and the iron hit the ball. Cope took 23 seconds. The NBC newspaper Paul Azinger, who is inclined to Holmes to return to his win at the 2008 Ryder Cup, added: "He should have known what club he would hit for 23 hours! sailed, leaving beyond the borders. The strike of two of the first tee would certainly not speed up the game, but Holmes added to then changing the clubs for the second stroke.

all day. Holmes had not even reached his endless procedure, and Koepeza had probably lost patience. But then Brooks started with four straight baboons, and every little tank to keep up Holmes's course, withered. There was this short film, lasting four seconds, but with a protagonist and an antagonist, home, middle and plumage at the end. Obviously, Koepka's disgust to Prince Bob Bob goes beyond just external reactions. He also has been involved with government officials pointing to a watch watch, according to Will Gray of the Golf Channel.

This is not just a wall that often descends into professional golf where the player is actively excited that the official rule member should do something for his partner. Players typically work together and partner against official rules.

After the circle, Koepka turned to the tempo and tried to convey her problems to her in an objective way. "I'm ready to go most of the time," he said. – I do not understand when it's your turn to hit, your glove is not on, then you're thinking about it, that's the problem. Not that it takes so long. He does nothing to his turn. This is the disappointing part. But he is not the only one who does it here. "

He does not face any kind of subjective" feel "part of a shot that varies from player to player. It comes to the walnuts and bolts that every player can do, regardless of the shooting process. Take your glove and be ready to go. Holmes seems to have particular problems with this and turned his win into one of the best and most enjoyable events of the PGA Tour, Genesis Open in Riviera, which became earlier this year.

Imitation of a watch may seem beyond the usual attitude towards a professional golf colleague, but that is for the greater good. Koepka is already the leader in the game, except after his world ranking. "If I'm in a group, we'll be a step no matter what," he said after the round. "I'm usually ready to go as soon as the ball falls." Whether it's deliberate or not, he's doing his part to mitigate a problem that makes his sport's ability to monitor.

Not helped Holmes needed 87 photos on Sunday to enter the club. The fact that he was along with annoyed Koepka probably did not make it easier to play a championship under pressure in a challenging time. But playing golf at your appointed time is a skill as perfectly explained here. There are those who can do it better than others at the suggested time (40 seconds) and when you can not do it, you have to be negatively affected. This puts those with greater skill, those who can play the great shots in the time you have to do with their rhythm, strangled and disadvantaged. Brooks mentions this mismatch at the beginning of the year when he overcomes the governing bodies to "not pull the balls" into the slow game. "I think it's odd how we have rules to make sure it falls off the knee or the knee can not be behind you, then they have a rule where you have to hit it for 40 seconds but that is not forced, "he said. "You impose some, but do not apply others."

The rules of the PGA Tour official Slugger White recently said in an interview that he will not issue slow players because he worries about the effects he can have by taking money from the pocket of a player who can go on a meal (fantasy without doubt) or kindergarten (most likely expensive private). Copeka's actions on Sunday may seem cold, but the change in pace will not be warm. There will also be sharp criticism of slow and sharpening players, including PGA Tour officials and the governing bodies managing these specialties, and refusing to punish them. If the penalties are not judged, they may be taken away by the faster-ranked colleagues in the game, such as Copeka, who press and shame them.

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