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Brown, hit with bizarre weird schedules that the NFL hasn’t seen in 30 years, plus 10 other weirdness from the schedule

As for the NFL schedule, there are always some crazy quirks and this year is no different. Although the league office does its best to make all 32 teams happy, the fact is that making everyone happy is simply not possible when you make a schedule that consists of 272 games.

Some teams will enjoy the oddities on their schedule, while many other teams will not.

So who got the craziest quirks? Let’s find out.

The most interesting oddity in the schedule could go to the Cleveland Browns, and that’s because they’re going to do something that no NFL team has done in 30 years: They have to play games against the same opponent.

After playing in Baltimore in week 1

2, the Browns will have a goodbye week 13 before playing host to Ravens in week 14. This is the first time since 1991 that an NFL team has played regular season games back against the same opponent. . Thirty years ago, chargers and Seahawks played with each other.

The Jets and Dolphins actually had to play each other in matches last year, but that didn’t happen because their schedules were revised due to the pandemic. For Cleveland, the match against Ravens will mark for the first time since 1957 that the Browns have played matches against a team.

On the other hand, the Ravens will not play games against Brown. Baltimore got a tougher hand and will have to play the Steelers in the 13th week while the Browns are saying goodbye.

Speaking of crows, we’ll start with them as we look at nine other oddities in the chart.

  • Home Sweet Home. The Ravens will play four consecutive home games in 2021, marking only the seventh time in their last 30 years (2020 Steelers, 2016 Raiders, Dolphins, Packers, 2015 Titans, 2008 Texans). Of the previous six teams that played four consecutive home games, five went either 4-0 or 3-1 at home. The 2015 Titans are the only team not to finish over .500 (0-4).
  • Be patient. Bears should not play consecutive games on the road at any point this season. This marks only the fourth time since 2010 that this has happened. The good news for the Bears is that in the previous three cases (2019 Ravens, 2013 Packers, 2012 Falcons), all three teams eventually won their division.
  • The wild finale of Washington. The football team will close the season with five consecutive matches against opponents from the division. To put it in perspective, only three other teams will even play four opponents in the division in the last five weeks (Cowboys, Eagles, Panthers). This is the first time since 1995 that the team will have to close the season with five straight division games (The Buccaneers 1995 went 1-4 in their five division division and were relegated to the playoffs).
  • Hard time to start the season. There are only four teams in the NFL that will have to play their first TWO games on the road and those teams are: The Cowboys, Broncos, Vikings and 49ers.
  • Hard road to the end of the season. At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are only two teams that end the season with two games in a straight line, and those two teams are Chiefs and Panthers.
  • Bye Bye Bye. The Patriots face three teams that will say goodbye this year, the most in the NFL. This is not ideal, as teams will be given extra rest and preparation time before playing in New England. On the other hand, the Panthers will face zero teams coming down.
  • Monday off. The Broncos did not receive a game on Monday night this year, noting for the first time since 1991 that this had happened. Heading for 2021, the Broncos had the longest active series of consecutive seasons with Monday’s game.
  • Fly Eagles Fly. The Eagles not only have the easiest strength on schedule this year, but they don’t need to play a single game this season against a team that had a record last year. In fact, of the 17 opponents of the Eagles in 2021, only three had a winning record in 2020. Also, the Eagles will not fly much, as they will not have to board a plane for the rest. of the season after their game on November 14 (week 10) in Denver.
  • Thirsty Thursday. It’s starting to look like the NFL is trying to move every Cowboy game on Thursday permanently. In the first 13 weeks of the season, the Cowboys will play three games on Thursday. The three games on Thursday are tied to the most teams he has played in the 2000 season (2019 Bears and 2000 Lions have also played three games on Thursday).

Although we have reached our limit of 10 oddities, we decided to add a BONUS PAGE and this is a goodbye week.

Week 14 bye. The Colts, dolphins, eagles, patriots landed on the 14th week, which is remarkable for two reasons. First, this is the last farewell planned given to each team since the NFL expanded to 32 teams in 2002. Second, the Buchanaries had their final farewell week last year and continued to win the Super Bowl, which may be good news. one of the four teams here. Also, if the trend of a crazy goodbye week continues, it means that either the Colts, Dolphins, Eagles or Patriots will win the Super Bowl LVI.

There are a few other planning notes that aren’t really weird, but probably worth mentioning. Starting in week 2, the Cowboys have played eight games in a row against teams that finished under .500 last year. Both the Steelers and the Panthers closed the season with four straight games against teams that made the playoffs last year. For Pittsburgh, this means games against the Titans, Chiefs, Brown and Crows. For Carolina, that means playing against the Bills, Saints and Buccaneers twice.

Also, when the Chargers face Washington in Week 1, it will be only the fourth time that the ruling offensive rookie of the year (Justin Herbert) has played against the ruling defensive rookie of the year (Chase Young) in the opening season.

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