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Brown on the crowded Highway 6-3 for the playoffs, Miles Garrett on top of the NFL leader’s board and other establishments

CLEVELAND, OH – Thanks to a 10-7 victory over the Texans on Sunday, the Browns are on a crowded 6-3 freeway.

They are number 8 in the AFC for seven playoff spots for the second week in a row, but they are one of six teams that are 6-3 after week 10 with a good chance of making a strong playoff push down.

In fact, it was the first time since the AFC and NFC merged in 1

970 that a conference had nine teams with at least six wins in Week 10, according to Elias Sports Bureau.

The six teams in the 6-3, in order of the NFL’s own sowing, are Indianapolis (4th), Las Vegas (5th), Miami (6th), Baltimore (7th), Cleveland (8th). ) and Tennessee (9th).

The other teams with six or more wins are Pittsburgh (1st), Kansas City (2nd) and Buffalo (3rd).

According to Football Outsiders, the Browns’ victory over the Texans has increased their chances of playoffs by 5.3% to 45.3%, but they must gain significant positions in the next two weeks with home games against the Burning Eagles (3-5-1) and at 1-8 Jaguars.

In fact, the Browns and Raiders have the easiest remaining 6-3 team schedules, with their seven opponents combining for 28 wins. Both teams have only three remaining winning teams on their schedule.

Of the other 6-3 teams, here are their chances for playoffs, according to Football Outsiders: Baltimore (84%), Indianapolis (82.5%), Las Vegas (69.1%), Miami (65.3%) and Tennessee (55.5%).

It’s too early to start talking about tiebreakers, but in the 6-3 crowd, the Browns have head-to-head against the Colts and are still facing the Titans and Ravens.

Of this accumulated group, the Colts have the toughest remaining schedule with a combined record of 33-30 and four winning opponents in the Packers (7-2), Titans (6-3) Raiders (6-3) and Steelers (9-0). .

The Titans have the next toughest remaining record, with a combined record of 32-31 and four winning opponents in Ravens (6-3), Colts (6-3), Browns (6-3) and Packers (7-2).

The good news for the Browns is that they could win a small spot in the 6-3 club over the next two weeks and possibly even overtake the Ravens for second place in AFC North. The Browns face 3-5-1 Eagles at home on Sunday and then visit 1-8 Jaguars.

Meanwhile, crows have titans and steels; the Titans have the Ravens and the Colts; the Colts have packers and titans; and the Invaders have the Chiefs and the Falcons. Only the Dolphins are as easy as the Browns over the next two weeks, with 3-6 Broncos and 0-9 Jets.

So, even though they are now looking outside, that needs to change in the next two weeks.

Miles Garrett has a thin occasion at the top of the board

Garrett combined with Sheldon Richardson to fire Deschawn Watson for a 5-yard loss in the first quarter of a 10-7 victory over Texas on Sunday to push him to first place in the NFL with 9.5. He is halfway ahead of Aaron Donald of the Aries and TJ Watt of the Steelers, who are second for 9.0.

And look who’s right behind them with 8.0: former Browns defender Emanuel Ogba, now with the Dolphins, who is on par with Green Bay leader Za’Darius Smith.

Garrett has climbed to the top with 3.5 sacks in his last four games, but Watt is hot on his tracks with 4.5 in his last four games. Watt also has twice as many QB hits as Garrett – 28 to 14, but Garrett leads the NFL with four bags to Watt. Donald, meanwhile, has cooled after scoring 4.0 sacks against the Reds in Week 5. In the four games since then, he has only 1.5, allowing Garrett to overtake him.

Leaving his video conference on Sunday, Garrett joked, “If you see Sheldon today, tell him it’s a whole sack, not half (laugh). “

To which Richardson replied, “Yes, that’s half. They will give him half (laugh). “

Richardson is the second leading dismissal of the Browns with 3.5, which means that Garrett actually had no one to take the double merger and cut him off. But his teammates have rooted him in the NFL’s defensive player of the year.

“He’s doing great,” said defender Larry Oguniobi. “Obviously he’s speeding the passer extremely well. He’s playing out of his mind to be honest. And then how he gets so much better at running. I just feel like becoming that finished player is really really important. And I’m extremely proud of him. I mean, I think the proof is in the pudding, you turn on the tape, he always blinks and he always makes plays. And that’s just the player he is. “

Line workers are constantly challenged to produce.

We have high expectations for each other, “Oguniobi said. “The sky is the limit for [Garrett]. We want to keep seeing him do well and keep seeing him ball, and I know he will. “

Baker Mayfield’s assessment was difficult

The Browns have not had much of a chance to rate Mayfield in the last two games due to strong winds and rain, but they are doing the best they can. Every game is crucial because solutions for off-season contracts are emerging.

“You appreciate quarterback in every game,” Stefanski said. “Getting in and out of the right plays. Obviously, as you hand out, you rank it. Of course, there were fewer opportunities to throw it away, but with those opportunities, you definitely evaluate it the same way.”

Mayfield made several throws of money despite the fierce winds, including a 21-yard third in the third place alongside Richard Chubb’s Rashard Higgins TD-run, but was understandably ruled out by several. In the last possession before halftime, he drove from Browns 4 to Texas 37, but then threw two error balls: a short third-down pass behind Karim Hunt, for which he spun but couldn’t, and one far overhead. of Jarvis Landry in the front zone of the fourth down.

“Yes, it was a function of the wind, but I could promise you that Baker would want these throws back and do them,” Stefanski said. “He’s hard on himself. We’re hard on him. I’m also realistic in understanding the terms.”

Stefanski said that in saying goodbye, Mayfield was “ready to climb”: Browns was also genuinely pleased with his progress. Unfortunately for Mayfield, he has not appeared in the statistics lately due to another game with bad weather. He is currently ranked 24th in the NFL with a rating of 90.0, but should be able to strengthen it.

Stefanski complains about the penalties from Jarvis Landry and McWilson

Stefanski appreciates smart games like the one Nick Chub made at the end of the game, where he went beyond 1 to seal the victory. He doesn’t like pointless penalties like the ones Jarvis Landry and McWilson played in such a tight, hard game.

Landry committed a mocking penalty of 12 yards after making a big catch of 18 yards in third place when the Browns were backed. Eventually they punt from their 17th in the second quarter while 3-0.

Later in the game, McWilson placed Randall Cobb after a 10-yard catch to attract a 15-yard unnecessary rough call. In the next game, Deschawn Watson threw a 16-yard TD pass to former Pharaoh Brown with Brown’s narrow ends to close within 10-7 of 4:49 in the game. Chub and Hunt saved him by running like the wind on the last drive.

Both penalties were extremely expensive.

“We need to be better there,” Stefanski said. “We argue a lot on the penalties in the fresh and then really these penalties for a personal offense – the 15 yards that happen many times after the game – we can’t have them. They both know that. It’s undisciplined that I don’t expect these two players in particular. I know they would like to get those plays back. With Mack’s there is a physical form that I want these guys to play with, but you have to play within the rules. “

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