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Californian parents of 13 are found guilty of torture, abuse

RIVERSID, Calif. ] Turpin will spend at least 25 years in prison after entering the Riverside County High Court's legal base to 14 points that included cruelty to everyone except their daughter and locked them in a house that looked tidy outside.

The couple was arrested in January 2018 when their 17-year-old daughter named 911 escaped from the family home in Perris, about 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

Children aged between 2 and 29 are severely underweight and do not bathe for months. They reported being beaten, starved and caged.

David Turnin looked stoic when he confessed guilty, but Louise Turpin's face was red and she began to cry and siphon his eyes with tissue during the hearing. prison sentences of 25 years for life when convicted on April 19, said Rike Prosecutor Mike Hesterin.

"The defendants have ruined lives, so I think it is fair and just that the sentence is equivalent to a first-degree murder." Hesterin said

Hesterin said he was impressed by the viability of children – now aged between 3 and 30 – when they met with them, although he said the wines were important to save them , that they must testify to a lawsuit. 19659005] The couple collides with dozens of additional censuses if they go to court. During a preliminary hearing, a judge rejected a one-time count of her two-year-old daughter, finding that she was the only child who had not been abused.

Tournaments led mostly lonely but seemingly insignificant lives as the teen jumped out of the window and ran for help by making the police find a house of horror. [577005] David Turpin, 57, worked as an engineer for Lockheed Martin and Northrop Gruman. Luiz Turpin, 50, is listed as a housewife in bankruptcy in 2011.

The family has been a nightmare and has been dormant during the day, keeping them away from the eyes of their neighbors in a middle class.

In a record of the year 911 summoned in court last year, the girl who escaped said that two younger sisters and brothers were chained in their beds and she could no longer accept her.

"They wake up at night and start crying and want to call someone," she said in a loud voice, "I wanted to call everyone to help my sisters."

The intervention on the part of the authority marks a new beginning for the 13 descendants who live in such isolation that the teenager who asked for help did not know her address and some of her brothers and sisters did not even understand the role of the police when they arrived at the house [19659005] Two girls, 11 and 14, were hurriedly released from the chains when the police appeared, but 22-

The young a man said that he and his brothers and sisters were suspected of stealing food and disrespect, testifying a detective. The man said he was initially tethered, and then, after he learned to sneak in freely, was has been held back by growing chains for six years.

Authorities have said that children are deprived of food and things that other children assume for granted, such as toys and games, and have been allowed to do little, save to write in diaries.

Although the parents filed reports with the state that their children have taught at home, the oldest child has completed only third grade and 12

Children have never seen a dentist and only one child appears to have been seen by a doctor after refraction of the jaw.

Investigator testifies that some suffer from severe malnutrition and muscle loss, including an 11-year-old girl who has baby-sized hands. The 17-year-old, who had difficulty pronouncing words and speaking as a much younger child.

Children whose names start with the letter J were rarely allowed out, although they went out to Halloween and were traveling as a family in Disneyland and Las Vegas, investigators said. Children spent most of their time locked in their rooms, except for limited food or use of the bathroom.

All children were hospitalized as soon as they were found.

Jack Osborne, a lawyer representing the seven adult children in the detention facility, said they were happy that the accusation of guilty had dismissed them from testimony.

"They are relieved that they can now move forward with their lives, and we will not have the ghost of a trial over their heads and any stress that they could cause," said Osborne.

Older children live together, attend school, and stay healthy while living like their peers. He said they appreciate the privacy of their privacy.

The message that wanted a comment from the social welfare agency that monitors younger children does not come back immediately.

The children have not spoken publicly, as their trial has come to light, although they will be "I was very absorbed by their optimism, by their hope of the future, of their future," said Hesterin. "They have a thirst for life and huge smiles and I am optimistic about them and I think they feel that way about their future."


The Associated Press reporters John Anchak and Brian Mellie in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

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