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Can stranger things grow during Season 3?

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Unusual things A powerful dish of nostalgia calls out universal and specific youthful experiences: if you've ever felt like an exile, felt love at first glance or wondering what horrors and miracles lie just beyond the fence of the backyard, you can connect. And if these experiences were filtered through desktop role-playing games, the fantastic 80-year production of Amblin Entertainment, or canine copies of Steven King's novels, then the hooks sink ever deeper. Whether you praise the show to bring out the spirit of the movies, which, to say it, has never fallen so far from the eyes of the public, or condemning it as a sorry contender for the influence it has on pastors, remains the fact that the content of The foreign affairs and our reactions to it are inextricably linked to the time in our lives when its stars begin to age.

The Duffer Brothers

With the participation of

Winona Rider, David Harbor, Finn Wolfhard, Milli Bobby Brown, Gatten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sinc, Nathalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Joe Keire, Dak Montgomery, Maya Hawk, Pria Ferguson, Cara Buono


Thursday, July 4, at Netflix

Longstanding Science Fiction. This third round of episodes ̵

1; the subtitle Stranger Things 3 once again served as a useful stenography and a source of frustration for the self-styled guardians of TV taxonomy – giving a glimpse of what it looks like when Stranger Things tries to distract childish things. After three seasons of the Duffer brothers' supernatural drama, Hawkins residents, Indiana will never really be able to go out of their way without thinking about beings that are moving between the dimensions and the telekinetics of the young ones who keep them in place. But they can begin to imagine a world in which neither the dungeon nor the dragons are the tops of the mind. Here, this largely means succumbing to the laws of attraction: A third season rises in the summer of 1985 when Eleven (Milly Bobby Brown) is in the throat of Cory Hart's soundtrack with Mike (Finn Wolfgard). Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Max (Sadie Sinc) are also something, and Dustin (Gatten Matarazzo) returns home from a science camp that talks about his own relationship with a Utah mormon called Suzie – whom he swears that has not invented

With his friends or pairing or repairing Hawkins the new crown jewel of a shopping mall friend around with a campus-turned-ice cream-picking pad Joe Keery, poor Will Beechs (Noah Schnapp ) is stuck once more, the only one who wants to play D & D while the rest of his an article is pulled from its hormones in puberty. The new norms excite the conquerors of The Demogorgon and The Mind Flayer: The shopping center, Starcourt, has taken a big mouthful of shops in the city center like the one in which Winona Ryder, a story about "the death of a small town," fired by editors in the local newspaper, where the elder is Johnston's son (Charlie Heaton) and the disappointed girl Friday Nancy (Natalia Dyer). But no one is so intensely allergic to change when Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbor), who has to fight with disgruntled citizens and the daughter who comes out of the bedroom door can sink with her mind.

The Discovered Dad is a good look at Harbor, the series is ruined, MEM generates mem. But any material for cultivation starts to look like a window dress once. Strange things, in which there is a strong embargo, collides. (The Netflix publication has released a list of 17 points that are not revealed before the premiere – This is not what keeps the people on the cutting trailers together.) This is the thematic gloss of another epic battle that nourishes children and their elderly allies against " Head down "and people who continue to try to penetrate it. For all the crafts and cares that the Duffers continue to exhibit in their characteristics, building the world and tensions, there is a disgust for the merging of everyday and extraordinary in the third season – a balance that was a major part of the attractiveness of seasons one and two. The unusual has become everyday in Hawkins, but once monsters become known, they are the No. 1 priority that faces three different storylines that fortunately gather in the most satisfying finale of the series.

Mil Bobby Brown (left), Sadi Sivu
El: Still standing as an emotional backbone of history along with Will. The first one approaches this point in her narrative of "elected," where she longs for normality, the tension between the X-meeting-Nell pre-history and her teenage girl presenting Millie Bobby Brown in some complex territory: Eleven expresses her growing independence and maturity through his relationship with Mike and an unauthorized trip to the shopping mall with Max, but the dialogue she has given does not keep up with these developments, still inconvenient, pruned, which feels more infantilizing the older actor and character. Noah Snap has his own native teak to compete with: Will writhing on the back of his neck when The Mind Flayer is near, and Snap must nervously lift his hand to touch them so many times, this can be the basis for a drinking game. But Stranger Things 3 is more lucky to define Will Beyers around July 85: He wants to turn the clock back, not only to the time before the girlfriends, food courts and other elements of adolescence, but when the only monsters that he, Mike, Lucas and Dustin fought, were imaginary.

Like many horror heroes, El and Will are left to live and experience past traumas – more Stranger Things means that their most common memories are Do not leave memories for long. When Brown and Snap are allowed to investigate this, it can be quite exciting. But the way displaces the unnecessary things shows that the show is beginning to cost a little story.

In the end, the signs of progress in the movement are less for character development and more for bringing the show to the world in 1985. This is Unfamiliar Things which is reflected in the pop culture of the day: The third season takes place during Back to the Future t nods to the humming comedy of Amblen for the time. But 85 was the year John Rambo passed from the vindictive spirit of the forgotten veteran Wetteman to Uncle Sam's own POW-releasing ass and those Hollywood evolutionary courses during these episodes. If Stranger Things 2 took its signals from the "bigger, better" sequel of the decade, Stranger Things 3 Stranger Things with all automatic firearms, car crashes, and stars and stripes of patriotism that he suggests. This is not a deeper version of the series, but it makes it more fun and the second half of the season moves through Hawkins in a series of white knuckles, visits with landscapes that destroy the community, the hospital, Hopper's cabin in the forest, and finally, the Star. With a renewed emphasis on the horror of the body, he was the most visceral Stranger Things who was once – as the premiere remarked, the day of the dead 85, too.

Gaten Matarazzo (left), Joe Keery, Maya Hawke “/>
Gaten Matarazzo (left), Joe Keery, Maya Hawke
Photograph: Netflix

the way in which actors continue to expand without the appearance of biased cuts of other, bloodthirsty, contemporary genre shows. The best season candidate is Maya Hawk, who plays Robin, the sophisticated Squires Ahoy! colleague. In the great tradition of "Unknown Things" Hawk likes the qualities she could have inherited from her parents to the boys of the 90s: her father's terminal chill around 19459013 Reality Bites and Before Sunset grace under the fiery determination of the mother Kill Bill . But it's also a huge foil for Kerry, and the safety bolt breaks through a balloon that is already deflated after some loss after graduation. (Never be afraid: his hair keeps its unreal volume – though he spends most of the season under the sailor's hat, making the uniform of Captain Hook's fish and chips worthy.) As with Dustin and Steve's flourishing friendship in Stranger Things 2 Giving-and-taking between Robin and Steve is a frequent accent of Stranger Things 3 .

Not every newcomer is also moving. Cary Elwes is the latest icon of the 1980s that plays one of the unreliable prestige of the show, but his mayor Larry Klein fails to make half the impression of Michael Park, Jake Buzz and the other disgustingly self-satisfied members of Hawkins Post Club for boys. There is more disappointment than what is happening with Priah Ferguson, a trusted source of comic relief in the second season, whose rumors descend into hell when he is appropriated in the adventures of Dustin, Steve and Robin. For two seasons Stranger Things seemed immune to the speed that infected so many projects with young actors. This is not the case for Erika, whose lines alternate between the expression of her love for capitalism and her hatred for the maniacs as her brother. Like an ice cream cone in July's heat, it is sweet and refreshing until you realize that it has lost its shape and is everywhere.

The embrace of the series of something else that is decent, sticky and inevitable is the reason for asking where it is trying to become reality, and where the extreme integration of products begins – the same can be demanded by Starcourt, a swallowing piece a design that also prints Stranger Things 3 as a racing car. But the mall is also important, a resonant symbol of the newly discovered heroic autonomy, and New Coca is not just another part of the Reagan administration kitsch – it was an obsessive mess with a good and cautious tale for anyone to try something similar in the future. This was a change that people could not believe. Over time and their stars become older, Duffers and the team will have to continue to change the Stranger Things formula. They do not have everything impeccably calibrated in Stranger Things 3 but it has enough flavor to make the viewers hang in the first place to get them to open an episode after another.

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