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Can you stop Mr. X? – Rant game No one is the tyrant Mr. X. Mr. X appears in the stories of Leon and Claire, and

he is a threatening, almost irresistible force, chasing our heroes with seemingly no way to stop him. Mr X is extremely dangerous and can kill Leon and Claire with just a few strokes, and since he never stops following, some players may wonder if there is a way to stop Mr. X in the game.

Sorry for all the Resident Evil 2 players who have fallen from Mr X, there is no real way to stop it, except moving the story to the point where it is no longer showing up for a while. Even then, Mr. X will continue to appear at certain intervals, especially during Leon's campaign, and he can make the search for rooms and the completion of puzzles real pain. Players of Resident Evil 2 can fight against the clumsy monster, with head shots making the most damage. After taking enough damage, Mr X will eventually collapse on the floor for a short period of time, but it will rise again too long. For this reason, we recommend players avoiding losing ammo to Mr. X and instead focusing on escaping and maneuvering.


X maintains a decent pace, but it is very possible to put some distance between it and our heroes. If players are able to pull away far enough, they may even lose the spot where they are, which should give players time to relax. We have found that escape in some rescue rooms is an effective way of losing Mr X's interest for a while, but it seems that even some rescue rooms are not safe, such as the main raccoon police.

If players are able to lose Mr. X, they will want to hear the hard and cumbersome steps to try to determine where the game is. Players of Resident Evil 2 who want to avoid Mr. X will want to keep the noise to a minimum when his footsteps sound nearby, as he seems to be attracted to the sound.
Lakers, another powerful enemy in Resident Evil 2 are also attracted to the sound, so it is sometimes in the best interest of Resident Evil 2 players to be as quiet as possible . Of course, with zombies and monsters hiding behind every corner, it's sometimes impossible, but it's still the best way to protect some of the biggest threats.
Resident Evil 2 is no longer for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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