USA Weather Weather shows a powerful winter that runs through the Great Lakes on Saturday, January 1

9, 2019 . (Photo: USA TODAY Weather)

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Flight headaches rose on Saturday, when a powerful winter storm moved from the Midwest to the Northeast. A total of over 2400 flights were canceled from Friday to Monday. This number is likely to increase as the storm moves to the Northeast. All major US airlines are giving up charges for changing many airports along the storm.

For Saturday, more than 1135 flights were canceled across the country and another 537 were delayed at 9:30 ET, in line with flight tracking

Even for Sunday, airlines have previously canceled more than 785 flights waiting for bad weather. Even on Monday, the flights were affected, with more than three dozen flights canceled. These sums came in more than 520 major withdrawals related to the storm on Friday.

The storm called Winter Storm Harper from The Weather Channel was releasing snow, ice, and rain in the Great Lake and Ohio Valley. Until the evening, it was predicted that bad conditions would extend to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the northeast. This is about 20% of the whole day's schedule, according to the number of FlightAware.

The problems with the flights on Saturday were widespread. Of the dozens of airports where FlightAware showed significant cancellations were New York JFK, New York La Guardia, Newark Liberty, Chicago Midway, Boston, Indianapolis, Washington Reagan National, Baltimore / Washington, Buffalo and Cleveland. the most preferred cancellations, with more than 400 combined departures and arrivals out of schedule. That explains nearly half of Boston's Sunday schedule, according to FlightAware. New York JFK had about 100 combined cancellations of arrival and departure for Sunday. JetBlue had already canceled about 430 on Sunday and another 37 on Monday, FlightAware showed. Using previous storms as a measure, it seems that flight cancellations will continue to increase early next week if current forecasts remain. It is supposed that the bitter cold will explode in the Midwest and Northeast in the storm, which will delay the thawing of busy airports, which would last until Monday.

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