Paris is the city of love, but is currently the city of fashion. Paris Fashion Week has arrived. There are probably hundreds of fans of Cardi B in Paris and at least several hundred of them walked right by the popular artist without even noticing it. Cardy B is currently at the Lake of Paris Fashion Week doing her own thing, which means photos are a must. Most of us would expect Cardy to flaunt something striking and glorious, but no one would assume that she would appear in full bodysuit. As seen below Cardi, dressed in green and blue clothing with floral patterns covering every inch of her body, including her face.

It would be difficult to say that it was Cardy if it was not for her voice. No one makes that mistake. The talented artist took some pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower, while tourists and residents did not know. There were a lot of weird looks at this year's Paris Fashion Week and it looks like Cardy's goal is to overshadow everyone with the most unique fit. What do you think about the Cardi B outfit for the annual event?