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The invisible auroras on Mars come to life in a new NASA animation

The sky on Mars has a wind of ultraviolet light that pulsates as it moves across the red planet. This phenomenon is similar to events on Earth with the aurora borealis, which lasted from sunset to midnight, and NASA has created a new animation using data from a MAVEN spacecraft instrument to demonstrate what future astronauts might look like in …

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We underestimated the pace at which the Arctic is melting

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Ice sea ice is melting faster than expected. Today’s climate models have not yet included the sharp rise in temperatures over the past 40 years. This shows a new study by researchers from the University of Copenhagen and other institutions. Temperatures in the Arctic Ocean between Canada, Russia and Europe are warming faster than researchers’ climate …

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A mark the size of a “bright bridge” on the surface of the sun appears when the signal of Vast Sunspot decays – Newsweek

A mark of “Light-Bridge” size on the surface of the sun appears when the signal of Vast Sunspot Newsweek decays Sunsetpot the size of Mars appeals to the Earth Daily Mail Explained: AR2770, the sunspots face the Earth and are not as “killing” intensity Jagran Български Explained: What sunspots are and why The Indian Express is a concern from time …

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Sunlight can solve the biggest problem for drinking water in 30 minutes

Clean drinking water is one of the most important for life. However, safe drinking water is not a reality for more than 2 billion people worldwide. These people are at risk of contracting potentially fatal water-borne diseases such as typhoid and polio. This population is expected to increase over the next five years as the climate crisis creates more and …

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“Terror Crocodiles” from 82 meters ago had banana-sized teeth before

Massive “terrorist crocodiles” roamed the earth at least 75 million years ago, but remain a mystery to the scientific community. The paleontologist examined fossilized jaws belonging to a number of Deinoschus, revealing that the beasts had “banana-sized” teeth with lubricating power to shoot down even the largest dinosaurs. The remains suggest that these creatures had a long, broad snout, with …

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Deep learning and metamaterials make the invisible visible

Credit: Bakhtiyar Orazbayev / EPFL By combining specially designed materials and neural networks, EPFL researchers have shown that sound can be used in high-resolution images. Image imaging allows us to depict an object through remote field analysis of the light and sound waves it transmits or emits. The shorter the wave, the higher the image resolution. However, the level of …

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