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NASA’s Roman Space Telescope will be much more capable than Hubble

The Hubble Space Telescope has been in orbit for decades, and although it is still extremely useful, it is aging and NASA is preparing to replace it. One of the key observations made by the Hubble Space Telescope is the images known as Hubble’s ultra-deep fields. The upcoming Roman Space Telescope will be much more capable of making ultra-deep field …

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The mini sea monster had teeth as sharp as a saw

A sea monster with teeth so sharp that they formed a “saw-like blade” swam in the waters of present-day Morocco about 66 million years ago, a new study has found. Miners have discovered the remains of this creature – a sea reptile resembling a lizard called a mosaic that lived during the dinosaur era – in the Sidi Chenan phosphate …

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Enigmatic Star System has 5 planets locked in perfect harmony

The artist’s impression of the TOI-178 system.The image: THAT A unique planetary system located at 200 lightyears of Earth has hosted five exoplanets with orbits locked together in a repeating pattern, despite their very different sizes and densities. The discovery challenged astronomers ideas about the types of planetary systems that can exist and how they are formed. Five of the …

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The LEGO Ideas International Space Station kit gets a huge discount

The LEGO Ideas program invites LEGO fans to make their projects a reality and has led to several fantastic kits for space fans. Recent additions include the Ideas 92175 Apollo Saturn V Rocket (Amazon) and the Ideas 21321 International Space Station along with the 10266 Apollo 11 Lunar Lander (Amazon) in the Creator Expert series. If you miss the ISS …

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Competition between human women has probably contributed to latent ovulation

Competition for partners between prehistoric human women may have contributed to “hidden ovulation” – the lack of any noticeable physical evidence that the woman is fertile, experts say. Using computational models, US researchers have found evidence that latent ovulation in humans – which is uncommon in the animal kingdom – has evolved to allow women to hide their fertility status …

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