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The comet-like tail of the moon shoots rays around the Earth

Carl Sagan once said that the Earth is just “dust hanging in the sun.” He will probably be excited to learn that during the new moon, the Earth is a speck of dust hanging in the moon’s tail. The moon, which has no atmosphere to protect it, is constantly under attack. When meteorites bombard its volcanic surface, sodium atoms fly …

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Antarctic seals reveal alarming threats to endangered glaciers

Credit: CC0 Public Domain More Antarctic melting water is emerging than was previously known, modifying the climate, preventing the formation of sea ice and increasing marine productivity, according to a new study from the University of East Anglia (UEA). For the first time, researchers were able to obtain observations of molten water at full-depth glaciers in winter using instruments attached …

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Irritant signs of “turbulence” with phase change in RHIC collisions

The STAR detector at the Brookhaven National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory Physicists studying gold ion collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), a user facility at the US Department of Energy’s Nuclear Physics Research Service at the DOE National Laboratory in Brookhaven, embark on a journey through the nuclear phase of nuclear …

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Scientists are observing for the first time a “space hurricane” swirling over the Earth

Scientists have long suspected that space conditions could create storm-like conditions over Earth, but now they have evidence of what researchers call a plasma space hurricane. The authors of a new report published this week in Nature Communications they say they have the first sightings of a swirling plasma mass over the North Pole resembling a hurricane. Using satellite imagery …

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Hot Super Earth has discovered 26 light years away Astronomy – Sci-News.com

Hot Super Earth has discovered 26 light years away Astronomy Sci-News.com Super Earth, just discovered in our space yard, may contain CNET for atmosphere The alien “super-Earth” may offer clues to the atmospheres in distant worlds Yahoo News Nearby Super-Earth could be the ideal contender to study the atmospheres of Exoplanet IFLScience Scientists are looking beyond the solar system for …

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The space hurricane seen over the North Pole

It’s Arctic night in the Arctic and temperatures need to drop. But the opposite is happening. Meanwhile, sea ice in the Arctic is at a record low. From the Washington Post: “Despite the onset of #PolarNight, temperatures near #NorthPole are rising. Emergency at the moment in the #Arctic, with / record low #sea,” added Daniel Swain, an air conditioner in …

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