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How American viewers seek spying on distant moons

On August 30, 2017, a video appeared online showing footage of every satellite operator's worst nightmare: an anomaly. These are the types of word spaces they use when they mean a bad thing, especially one that they may not understand and may want to downplay. In the video orb – a satellite known as Telkom-1 – moves in the center …

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NASA's long-delayed James Web telescope finally assembles for the first time

Nearly one year after launch, NASA finally assembled the James Webb Space Telescope, the long-awaited successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. The government agency stated that the two halves of the telescope were joined earlier this week in Redondo Beach, California, where engineers use a crane to assemble the telescope. The next step is to electrically connect the telescope and …

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Mars helicopter installed on NASA's next red planetary rover

The first for the first time a helicopter outside Earth has just contacted an accompanying satellite. Engineers at NASA's JPL Engine in Pasadena, California, have attached a small Mars helicopter to that of a Mars 2020 Rover car today (28 August), agency officials said. The duo will launch together in July 2020 and will touch the Jezero Crater on the …

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A 17,000-year-old Puma Puo contains the oldest parasite DNA ever discovered

Adult cougar in Montana. New research sheds light on the parasites that afflicted his ancient brethren. Avalon / Universal Images Group via Getty Images Ancient animal scans share secrets about parasites and animals that they have infected during the Ice Age. Inside the cougar faecal radiocarbon dates between 16 570 and 17,000 years old, scientists have discovered eggs from the …

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Skull of ancient human ancestor unearthed in Ethiopia | world news

Scientists on Wednesday announced landmark discovery in Ethiopia of a nearly complete skull of an early human ancestor that lived 3.8 million years ago, and species boasting an intriguing mixture of apelike and humanlike characteristics. The fossil dubbed MRD, which provides insights into a pivotal period for evolutionary lineage that eventually led to modern humans, belongs to the species Australopithecus …

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Pair of asteroids make early-morning passes of Earth – BGR

If reading this, the Earth is intact. This is good news, since a pair of asteroids made some reasonably close approaches to our planet this morning. The rocks, named 2019 QS and 2019 OU1, both safely sped past Earth on their way around the Sun. Of the two rocks, the QS is the smallest, measuring between 30 and 60 meters …

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