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Indoor weed farms are boxing on the planet

A bud of a growing marijuana plant was shown at the 54,000-square-foot Essence Vegas marijuana facility on July 6, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images) As more countries legalize weeds, its commercial production increases. These growing operations can not only increase customers – they can also raise the temperature of the planet. A new study published in …

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Researchers say the famous memory trick works

(Newer) – Fans of Sherlock Holmes will probably be familiar with something called the “locus method”, notes Live Science. This is a device used by a famous detective to memorize things, also called a “palace of memory” or a “palace of the mind.” Now a new study in Scientific progress from researchers in the Netherlands, Austria and Germany found that …

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These snails cut off their own heads when they want a new body

The head (left) and body (right) of a regenerative, photosynthetic sea snail.Image: Sayaka Mitoh They look like open pea pods with a shiny sheen, sea snails Elysia cf. the margin and Elysia atroviridis aren’t they your average gastropods. First, they are members of the sacoglossa, a the snail pile, known for taking seaweed from seaweed and integrating it the chloroplasts …

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The Arecibo Observatory still has science to do, despite the iconic collapse of the radio telescope

For decades the words “Arecibo Observatory“was a transcript of the facility ‘s massive radio telescope, one of those rare instruments that reached iconic status outside its core scientific community. But cable malfunctions shattered the telescope and much of its extensive dish last year, forcing the observatory to take stock of the science it can still do without the iconic telescope. …

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Comets may have populated the Earth with life-sustaining carbon

NASA’s air telescope made another major discovery just months after confirming the presence of water on the moon’s solar surfaces. The latest find of SOFIA is related to the essence left by an ice comet, which in 2016 passed through the Earth from its origin on the outskirts of our solar system. Using one of its infrared instruments, the telescope …

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This “ninja giant” is the oldest titanosaur in history

A new long-necked dinosaur discovered in Argentina may be the oldest titanosaur ever discovered. The dinosaur called Ninjatitan fell, lived 140 million years ago, which is 20 million years before the appearance of the next known species of titanosaurus. The discovery suggests that this group of healthy sauropods first appeared on the supercontinent. Gondwana, which is made up of present-day …

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