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Seth Rogen’s ceramic vase sells for thousands at auction

Seth Rogenthere is a new stream of revenue if he wants it … as one of his ceramic vases has just brought nearly 5 digits up for auction. Here’s the deal … Seth donated the ceramic sculpture to the Vancouver Art Gallery for its first auction, and we were told that the winning bid came on Tuesday for a cool …

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NASA can place a huge telescope on the far side of the moon

It is the universe it constantly broadcasts its history to us. For example: Information about what happened for a long time, long previously contained in long radio waves, which are ubiquitous throughout the universe, probably contain details of how the first stars and black holes formed. There is a problem, however. Due to our atmosphere and the noisy radio signals …

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Targeted passenger prepares for mission aboard Orion – NASA spacecraft

A purpose-built passenger prepares for a mission aboard NASA’s Orion spacecraft Brazil makes history with the signing of the Artemis Agreements for the Exploration of the Moon Space.com Brazil joins Artemis Accords SpaceNews Brazil signed agreements with Artemis, becoming the first South American country to do so by the Daily Mail Explained: Here’s how skyscraper-sized rockets are assembled before the …

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Guide to living in a black hole

Zoom in / Even with today’s real estate boom, a supermassive black hole in the neighborhood should reduce the asking price a bit, right? Black holes flood the universe. The closest is only 1,500 light-years away. Giant, Sagittarius A *, sits in the center of the Milky Way about 25,000 light-years away. While your typical space traveler may be looking …

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Rocket Lab wins contract to design twin spacecraft Mars for NASA

Rocket laboratory now he has Mars in his waist. The California-based company, which will send a NASA mission to Kubsat to the moon this fall and aims to start its own personal life-hunt Mission of Venus in 2023, received a contract to design the double spacecraft for the potential mission of NASA ESCAPADE Mars. ESCAPADE, abbreviated to “Escape and Plasma …

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Cold spot and stellar belching led to a strange eclipse of Betelgeuse

Thanks to a new study conducted with the ESO telescopes, we already know that Betelgeuse’s sinking into brightness is the result of a “dust veil” formed by material coming out of the star. Credit: ESO / L. Kalkada. In December 2019, astronomers noticed a strange, dramatic eclipse in light from Betelgeuse, a bright red star in the constellation Orion. They …

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