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Catherine Karaglanova was found dead in an apparent murder

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20 ) 19659004] Russia influenced by Ekaterina Karaglanova found dead in apartment

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Hello Moscow! 👋🏾
It was the end of our short but very fun trip to Corfu. In a few days it was very convenient to escape from the torrential rains and cold to the Ionian Sea.
In general, to be honest, I don't like long breaks. I travel often, but I spend no more than 3-5 days in each country. The longest trip of my life was to Israel with my family when I was 14. Then we went for a month, visiting all over the country. Now I prefer to travel very often, but for a short time studying and working do not allow me. But the impressions of such short trips remain the brightest 💥 I remember in detail every trip, all the beautiful places, the funny stories. As many people think in my head, nothing went wrong. Every country has something to do with it
Tell us about your most exciting trips, how do you usually like to relax? # Traveler # travelife # travelove # luxurytravel # travelgirl # traveltheworld # traveladdicted # traveladdict # travelblog # travelgoals # agentprovocatuer # travelpost # travelgrams # styleblogger # travelwithme # style # styles # clothing # Kati_travels # Corfu # corfuisland # travelgirl # 1965 in action 🌿👀🌿 Combine @sl_ira_shop
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Kordakira city center of life – Kerkira city center at the same time Promenade on the square and on the boulevard. On the one hand there is a beautiful view of the sea and the old fortress, on the other hand the city blocks, a beautiful rotunda.
Overall we didn't find anything special here, but it was quite enjoyable and enjoyable for walks. Reminds me of Rivoli Street in Paris and Italian streets. Such a mini-Italy with a Greek scent

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The story of how I decided to become a doctor, as well as all the steps that went along this path. As the Story Survey shows, many are interested. 🤗
As for choosing a future profession, I thought about the eighth grade. I liked two areas, namely medicine and journalism. I was well given languages, humanities, even in competitions that I won several times.
Throughout the next year, I was resolved and ultimately chose medicine. After grade 9, I went into specialized medical class at Second Honey. It was difficult to study there, but it was excellent preparation. On some days the schedule could be for 7 chemistry or biology, three full time and four with a university lecturer, twice a year we went for exams. In general, the memories of that period are only positive, though it was not easy
After graduating from Grade 11, I entered RNIMU. NO Pies. In the year of my admission, our university was all over the news and there was a rector change. The first three years of high school can be called the pursuit of survival. Who studied at Pirogovka starting in 2012 will understand me. 😉 This is rightly the hardest medical university in Moscow and if I say that it was easy to study and remember my high school years, it would not be true. I started the second year course in parallel with my studies, so for several years I had no free time, at all.
Starting in 4th year, it became much easier to study as we started cycling wedge classes. bases already practiced by doctors.
Among the most difficult topics for the whole study time, I will take, perhaps, pathological anatomy, forensic medicine and hospital therapy. But this is personal to me and different to everyone.
At the end of the training, state exams consisting of three stages were taken and accreditation where there were also three stages, including dummy practice.
After graduating from high school, I had no problem choosing a further specialization, as I knew from the third year on where I wanted to go.
I am currently completing a clinical internship at the Department of Dermatology and Venereology and Oncology. I myself like the learning process, I'll talk about it in more detail in another post. # medicine # uchebavmede

"Luxury is not restaurants, no lipsticks and no thorns. Real luxury lives the way you want. In comfortable underwear. In comfortable shoes. With the lipstick color you like or without lipstick at all. There is food, you like, be friends with whom it is warm, be together for love, not out of a sense of duty.
Learn to abandon what is unnecessary. From what is outdated. Worn out.
And the luxury life is not to swallow yourself up when something goes wrong. Tights can tear. The dough may not be appropriate. Friends may not want to watch your favorite movie. A loved one can leave. You may not be promoted to work. Anything can happen. If something goes wrong with you, it does not affect your value. This means that right now everything is not going the way you want.
Luxury living lives by its own rules. Go to your goals. Do not look for excuses. Don't be comfortable. Don't justify your choices, your dreams, your interests. Say, "With me this is impossible." And say, "I can do it." # Travel # travelblog # travel # travellifestyle # travellife # beautifulgirls # Santorini # Greece # Andronis # andronisluxurysuites # andronisexclusive # fashionstyle # elisabettafranchi # travelaroundtheworld # lovetotravel # Kati_travels

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Now I'm in the summer, of course ♥ #bmwfamily

In the most elegant guest room in Europe 🕊

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Remember, two thousand started dating in the early 2000's with soft covers, with titles such as: "Tsunami of unrelenting passion", "Wild hearts" or "Triumph of ecstasy" 😅 By the way, they were very popular with the hosts.
Well, this photo reminds me a lot of the cover of one of these novels. Let her be here and come up with a name for herself

#venice #venezia # itali # travelinvenice # travel # travellife # travelblogger # beauty # beautifulgirl # gondolagondola # veniceitaly # venicecarnival # travelstory # travelaroundtheworld # travelawesome # venicecanals # travelstory # beautiful # italiangirl # selfie # Kati_tranals Ipas on the streets! Although it's cool, spring is already felt for the first time this year. Personally, I have big plans for this, including an apartment renovation from scratch, new trips, and another major event that I didn't mention in advance. I also plan to continue to master her cosmetology and not throw fitness training. Ultimately, the form needs to be restored (and for me it is about complexity as repair). As you can see, the plans are not small, so, spring, don't let us go! 19

another chance to make a wish
Happy New Year to you, friends! 1965

🍊 Sunny mood 🍊 Yes, exactly! Despite the winter and freezing outside the window. Madly missed Moscow, work and energetic activity. Obviously the long rest is not mine, only 3-5 days are enough and I'm back in service and ready for battle

Last week I finally finished reading two books: Dear Friend Guy Guy de Maupassant and The Louvre Masterpieces . Obviously Paris influenced me so much, because until then I was not interested in foreign classics. Now I have a reader crisis. I need a life-affirming and well, so interesting book, so all hope is for you. Do not hesitate, advise) Ready for any genre and authors only if there was valuable work! 💣💥 But I warn you it is hard to surprise me) # beauty # vintage # vintage # followme # audreyhepburn # model # shooting # instablack in white # vintagestyle # audreyhepburnstyle # audreyhepburnlook # photography # oldhollywoodglamor # oldholliwood # oldholliwoodstyle # oldholberglam ). – Create a picture of every self-respecting traveler
Today is the first sunny day of the week in Paris and we finally managed to walk normally and enjoy the views of the city fact I actually do not regret the first days were rainy as I had the opportunity to safely explore the museums and study the history of France. I found many interesting things, I even wanted to read more and learn about this or that period.
Well, now go, go, go! 💔

# travellife # travelblogger # travel # louvre # eiffelofficielle # eiffeltower # parislife # parisparis # style # stylish # streetstyle # girl # beautiful # travelaroundtheworld # # travelgram # adventures # parisstyle # maxmara # travelguide # travellifestyle # kati_travels 19459021 graduate10 discovered in 1862. At various times, visitors to the cafe were Peter Tchaikovsky, Emil Zola, Guy de Maupassant, Prince of Wales, future British King Edward VII, Marlene Dietrich.
A radio studio was set up at the Café de la Paix, from where a live broadcast to the United States was organized, the "This is Paris" program, with participants including Yves Montand, Maurice Chevalier and Henri Salvador. In December 1942, under the leadership of the Gestapo, a Soviet intelligence officer, Leo Grossfogel, was arrested in a cafe.
Now it is a very cozy and atmospheric place that has preserved the spirit of old Paris. The service and the kitchen are also level 👍🏽 I would put 10 out of 10.
Do you think it's worth doing a separate rubric in the history with reviews of interesting cafes and restaurants around the world?
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Autumn is the perfect time for your two days for your kids day color! 💔 Not because it is fashionable and considered "good shape". It's just mine and everything here 🙌🏽 Even covering my nails with the same shades and I think the best makeup is the one that is invisible but at the same time emphasizes all the benefits.
Tell us about your clothes and makeup preferences? The interesting thing is that maybe I have bright stars here?

With the advent of autumn I went back to normal turbo mode 🌪 And as you already know, I like it. I'm glad I made the right decision not to take a vacation for a year after graduation and immediately entered the residence. Of course, it is not easy to combine, it turns out that I now work at the same time in two jobs. But, oddly enough, I do not feel tired at all, and because of the fact that I get up very early and have a schedule all day, I become much more over time. ⏱🏃🏽♀️
As for my fixed idea of ​​living a year for myself and spending it in travel, I will not leave it and I will definitely fulfill it! ✅ It just came time for something completely different and I don't want to miss this time 🙌🏽 How did your fall start?

Honestly, I'm cool enough for a beach vacation that lasts more than 5-7 days. But sometimes it's just necessary. It is hard to find me out on the beach with a serious face and a full parade (something like this picture, which was hardly taken in the last day). Usually I cannot sit still for a minute, running with a cheerful beam of my head, all sand and salt. I can spend hours jumping on the waves, swim long distances, and ride all the water rides that are possible 🏄🏽‍♀️ The only thing I haven't mastered yet is diving. Scary, but I think someday they decide. How do you usually spend your beach vacation?
# travelstory # travellifestyle # travelblogger # dominicanrepublic # ocean # travel # pearlbeachclub # puntacana # kati_travels

I haven't had a classic hotel vacation in a long time! Recent trips have turned out to be short and mega-rich, in the style of "you have time for everything for a few days and survive" and nourishing 🐽
Write down what you would like to know about your vacation in the Dominican Republic or our hotel, and I'll tell you about it in the next trip

Play the "Guess the Age" game? It was always interesting how old I looked.



MK reports to a local girlfriend's new shop when he is killed. her murder.

Added by a murder weapon.

A year ago Karaglanova posted on Instagram. "We did it," she wrote. "It was a real stroll through the obstacles."

I spend no more than 3-5 days. "

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