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Celebrity connections deserve more privacy – North Texas Daily

People are wearable. Celebrity love life is consistently put under the microscope, but why? This does not apply to anyone other than themselves. You have no right to know about this, especially since you do not know these people personally. The paparazzi know that people will eat it, so they push and push to get everything they can because they know the public is demanding and they love the drama of it all.

This was most recently observed with Liam Hemsworth and Miley Fiasco contacting Cyrus. Want to know what happened? They split as some couples decide. That's all you need to know about it.

Those who seek from outside have made their speculations and assumptions about what happened between them. Cyrus, releasing her new single, Slide Away, was obviously not good enough because people still wanted more explanation.

There are rumors that Cyrus is cheating or Hemsworth is leaving her because she is starting to get "too wild" again. These rumors became too much for Cyrus and she took to Twitter in anger for the immature things she did in the past and made it clear that she had not actually cheated on Hemsworth. One of her tweets read, "I can accept that the life I have chosen means that I have to live fully open and transparent […] 1

00% of the time," but she still does not owe anyone an explanation and especially why. they decided to split. Relationships are private matter and it seems that the public is too interested in what goes on behind closed doors. The hidden details of what really happened are not the public.

I could make vague posts about the former, but that doesn't mean I have to explain the situation if I'm not comfortable sharing it. The amount you choose to share should depend on you, not in order to please someone else. Nowadays, some of us don't even go public with our relationships unless we're serious enough or we're both ready to open that door for everyone. Even as non-celebrities, there are often critics and people trying to ruin your relationship, but for celebrities, this is much worse.

So many eyes are already celebrities that the least people can do is respect their privacy. [19659002] Another example is when rumors of Riverdale stars Lily Reinhart and Cole Spruce in the summer showed that people were paying too much attention to gossip. Things were blown out of proportion and the problem was created by nothing. There has been speculation that Reinhart and Spruce split after a mysterious source mentioned him, along with their "distance" in San Diego Comic-Con. There were videos about her "lazy attitude" towards Spirosis, which were used as speculation for a possible breakup. These rumors were closed after the couple posted several pictures together on Instagram. The story would not be as big as it was if people had just remembered their own business.

The connection between two people is something special. It's amazing how Reinhart and Spruce handle this border with the public, especially when the issues are constant.

Celebrity relationships can make good content, but it still doesn't do it right. They are not a show made for our consumption to be labeled as entertainment. Then social media makes it easy to push them for answers and even open them to see what you are saying about them, which can lead to a response from them.

Links require a lot of you. You put love in someone, and when it's torn off, it's hard enough to handle, even without constant questions and queries. Imagine you are dealing with heart disease and above all – get people to ask you for information or ask you to get together again because "you were both so sweet! People look at celebrity couples and quickly view them as the perfect target for the relationship, without knowing much about the actual relationship, other than the facade they decide to put on. The audience does not know what is behind the scenes or what their personalities are, everything is based on what is heard. Of course, there can be relativity and confidence if we know that they are "just like us", even with problems and relationships. But they deserve common ground and are treated the same way you would like them to.

The basic human decency is to have a private life. They are not your friends and you do not personally know them. There is absolutely no need to hear them about their love life.

Featured illustration: Olivia Warnel

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