The remains were found at the home of Lori Wallow Dale̵

7;s husband, Chad Dabel, amid months of searching for her two children.

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Lori Wallow’s husband appeared in the Idaho courtroom for a preliminary hearing on Monday, nearly two months after Vallow’s children Joshua “J.J.” Vallow and Tyle Ryan were found dead at his property.

Monday morning’s hearing for Chad Dabel focused heavily on the discovery of J.’s remains. J. And revealed details of the funeral scene.

Daybell faces charges of destroying evidence, a crime, and allegations that he was part of a conspiracy to destroy evidence. No charges have yet been filed for the deaths of children whose disappearances have sparked a spectacular months-long search.

The circumstances surrounding Dabel’s case go beyond these charges and he is held on a $ 1 million bond.

Detective Ray Hermosillo, sitting at a witness stand surrounded by Plexiglas as a health measure, testified that he “deliberately” saw Dabel looking at a pond near his residence while Rexburg police conducted a search warrant on June 9.

Hermosillo said officers later found the body of a child wearing red pajamas near the lake. He said the body, which he identified as JJ, was found covered with plastic bags and layers of tape under a set of rocks and a wood panel.

The hearing will continue on Tuesday.

The complex case encompasses multiple conditions and involves several suspicious deaths. He attracted national attention, in part because of speculations about the couple’s fate.

Disputed in the case against Dabel are allegations that in September last year he sent text messages in an attempt to hide Teale’s body, lied to police in November about his relationship with Wallow and asked a friend in November not to cooperate with police in searching for J.J. ., according to a criminal complaint.

June 30: Chad Dabel strikes with the same new charges as Lori Wallow after missing children were found dead

June 22: Vallow believed that children were “zombies”; police used cell phone data to find the remains, the document said

Dabel’s 30-year-old wife, Tammy Dabel, died of natural causes last fall, her obituary said. Authorities became suspicious when Chad Dabel married Lori just two weeks later and Tammy Dabel’s bodies were exhumed in December. . The results of this autopsy have not been published.

Prosecutors believe the allegations in the criminal complaint came before police went public in an effort to find Vallow’s children in December, an effort that did not end until their bodies were found in early June.

The complicated case began last summer when Lori Dabel’s brother shot and killed her estranged husband Charles Wallow in Phoenix. Her brother Alex Cox said the shooting was in self-defense. Charles Wallow filed for divorce, claiming that Laurie believed she had become the god-like figure responsible for the introduction to biblical extremes. Cox died in December of a visible blood clot in his lung.

Shortly after Charles Wallow’s death, Laurie and her children moved to Idaho, where Chad Dabel lived. He runs a small publishing company in which he publishes many of his own fiction books, which focus on apocalyptic scenarios based on Mormon theology. He also participates in podcasts in preparation for biblical extremes, and friends said he claims he can receive visions from “beyond the curtain.”

USA TODAY turned to Dabel’s lawyer for comment.

Contributed by: Ryan Miller, USA TODAY; Associated Press

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