Charlize Theron shared a photo of one of her two daughters during a recent family vacation. (Photo: Getty Images)

Actress Charlize Theron gave us a rare glimpse of one of her children during a family vacation.

The Bombshell actress does not share photos of her children's faces on social media and the last photo was from their hands in November 2016. 44-year-old Theron is Jackson's mother on August 7 and 3.

A recent Instagram photo shows Jackson reaching for a fruit, a face covered in tree foliage.

Theron placed above the photo: "We don't make it. I want it to go away." The actress has just turned the photos on Bombshell, the events leading up to the fall of Roger Isles on Fox News and the animated Adams Family.

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as her children grow, so do their opinions about the way they want to live.

"Last year it was a nicer house," she says, "It was easier to agree on what we would do as a family or what we would look or eat."

Theron said he wanted to promote the children's individual voices, but "sometimes I'm just like, 'Can we just all agree that we have dogs with corn ?! "

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