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Check for Melanoma – ProFootballTalk

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In the past, I have written about the importance of conducting screening for colon cancer and prostate cancer. There is another form of cancer that leads to screening without any insertion.

I grew up years before parents began to cover their children with SPF 5000. As a result, I had more than a few sunburns along with the annual summer ceilings. it did not fade until Thanksgiving. I tried to equalize this as an adult, pouring so little sun that I actually had vitamin D deficiency.

However, I worry that the damage was done. I'm always on the lookout for suspicious moles or scars.

Eight days ago I noticed a change in the color of my cheek. It was pink and lifted, and thanks to the camera enhancement feature of my smart phone, she seemed ready to snap Godzilla's body. I quickly went through "nothing" to "maybe it's something" to "nothing" to "bet that it's something" to "no, it's nothing", finally to decide to check it out. So I sent a message to my dermatologist and appointed a meeting for Monday.

He immediately told me what this is (all I can remember is "not cancer"), and we agreed to pull that out with a liquid nitrogen explosion during the forthcoming PFT Live pause

Okay. Great. But he said, "While you're here, we need to check your back," explaining that "a little paranoia can save lives." So I shrugged and lifted my shirt, confident that there was nothing. that it would be problematic. He quickly scanned the scattered moles, then stopped when he reached the lower right side of my back and said something that immediately made me think, "Great. Here we go.

He found an unusual mole – maybe 3 mm in diameter – which made him nervous because he could not see the lines of the skin on the surface. She thought it might be melanoma. Within a minute or two, having successfully avoided bladder and / or intestine discharge just in the middle of his office, he had pushed a needle in my back (I felt it) to squeeze the area and then shave the thing (not I felt it) for testing.

I pressed him to be frank because I prefer to know as soon as possible as soon as possible. He said he was 80 percent sure it was nothing. I was hoping for much better odds.

He could say he would be gone until the answer came, so he speeded up the test and said he would send me the results on Thursday. I knew it would take three days.

On Monday, I spent a lot of time studying melanoma and treating her various stages. I learned a lot about the importance of catching it and removing it before the cells begin their silent journey inward, ending in any place that is far from the skin and doing much more damage than a mall has to do.

So Monday was Tuesday and Tuesday was Wednesday and Wednesday was Thursday and after PFT Live on Thursday I checked my phone every three minutes from 9am to 4pm ET for a text saying " you are good "or" you are not good ". After 16:30. ET, I spent 20 minutes debating whether to write it, convinced it was bad news and that he was posting me to let me know.

Eventually I sent a message. And then I tried not to worry how long it would take him to answer. Not long after, I sent the text, he did: There is no melanoma.

Moving forward, my wife will check my back once a month, and I'll visit the dermatologist twice a year for official screening. you have to do the same, especially if (like me) you are on the wrong side of 40 or (like me) on the wrong side of 50. Check with a doctor at least once a year and get back back checked by someone who has the misfortune to lives with you once a month.

Some of you will say that you have to #sticktofootball, but if only one person decides to check and finds an early stage of melanoma that is quickly cured, the last three days of worries about it will be worth it.

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