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Check out these classic levels of inspiration in Super Mario Maker 2 – Guide

  As you probably already know, after reading our review, <strong> Super Mario Maker 2 </strong> is an essential addition to your Switch library. It is based on the brilliant foundation of the original with more themes, more elements, more options, <em> more </em> of everything. The empty canvas it provides to create any kind of Mario level is really something. </p>
<p>  If there is some flaw in this canvas and the wealth of tools at your disposal, it is that it may be a little <em>. ] especially for new players who missed the original. <strong> The Wii U Super Mario Maker </strong> handled your hand and handed out articles and tools over time (of course a bit too slow), giving you the opportunity to experiment and get to know everything in your inventory. throws a lot on you from the start ̵<div class=
1; great for veterans, but new players who face a huge set of options may feel a little lost after dealing with several boxes and seeing how many piles they can accumulate from another. Choosing overload can lead to paralysis – "Where to start?"

We remember this feeling, and one of the most useful (and rewarding) tricks we figured out was to go back to the classics. Yes, just as an artist learned by copying the masters, we launched 2D levels of the past and started recreating parts of them to learn the basics and understand what made them mark. The toolkit soon became familiar, and we began experimenting, putting our own spin on things and, above all, having fun.


Rediscovering the old stages from a new point of view was one of the great joys of the first game and we would encourage everyone who feels overwhelmed by Mario Maker 2's potential to return to the source before creating his own opus . While it's not possible to recreate each one with 100% accuracy, discovering ways and substitutions around them to create certain effects is half-fun.

So, here's a part of Mario's 2D levels that are being studied for inspiration if you start with Super Mario Maker 2 …


Conventional wisdom can dictate starting from World 1-1 by Super Mario Bros., but – let's just say – even the most ordinary Mario fans have probably done this. In any way, start over again (this is a classic for a reason!) But we recommend you look at the second level for change.

As an underground, there are many blocks to fill in to get used to the main interface and also to play with moving platforms and to get your enemies closer. If you feel adventurous, you can add a little "hidden" zone on the base of the pipe at the end.

  P Switch

Again, 1-1 by Super Mario Bros. 3 is a tutorial textbook that is worth checking out, but it's 1-2, which will allow you to fold some new muscles. You see, it was not possible to replicate the second level of this seminar game in the original Mario Maker because the Wii U game had no slopes. Nintendo fixes this in the sequel, so this stage gives you the perfect opportunity to experiment with gradients and drag them down to enemies. You can also play with P-switches and note blocks (do not forget to put a star in the third!).

Super Mario Bros. 3 – World 3-6

  World3 6

Oh, no, dreaded level automatic scrolling! While the fall at the bottom of the screen will lead to your doom, it is a relative calming level, as long as you're in no hurry. It is perfect for testing distance and height. Mario can jump as you walk and sprint and introduce you to donuts, throwing ice blocks and Troopas flying coop.

Auto-scroll levels have a bad reputation, but there's no reason they can not be as great as anyone else. This level is perfect for testing, tuning, and testing again to find common failure points and make corrections for more forgiveness – there is nothing to stop you from expanding platforms or even adding a safety net at the bottom of screen. Alternatively, turn the speed up to the maximum and watch the sweat of your players! Vertical and variable scrolling levels are possible in Super Mario Maker 2, but let's first hook the horizontal bases, hmmm?


While recreating this whole level is probably a bit ambitious, it will give you a good taste of the snake block, lavender bubbles, and the skin of the castle as a whole. Snake blocks (standard green and blue are faster) follow the path you set. The drop-down spikes tab is also a handy guide to avoiding hazards.

Roy's Castle will also give you a glimpse into the boss battle and how to include that at your level. You may not be able to use poor old Roy, but there are many enemies to choose from – Boom Boom is a decent substitute. Some elements of this level are not possible in Mario Maker 2 (for example Dragoneel's persecution) but it is still a great lesson in creating an underwater gauntlet to test the players' swimming abilities. Balancing the positions and frequency of Cheep Cheeps, power-ups and recreation areas make the difference between the challenging underwater stage that is rewarding to sneak through or the nightmare that players just want to escape.

Playing with water level and scrolling features new to Mario Maker 2. While previously the whole level had to be underwater, if you chose this theme, you can now raise and lower the water level and have separate sections of the level are built in the space above, which means you can recreate the opening and closing zones at this stage. but the one who makes the beginning and end of the different sections more professional than before.

  Game Over

The good cautious tale that no courses are being done 59008] difficult. The Lost Levels is designed for veterans who know the original game from the inside out and can be extremely fun to face up against. However, it is not for the weak-hearted and he really takes the place where they have stopped 8-4 from Super Mario Bros. For players who start with Super Mario Maker 2, they provide a good guide on how to think of sophisticated courses, but The Lost Levels probably lack the brand balance and flow and flow that you'll find in more typical Mario games.

Obviously, it's a pleasure to have a triumph over trouble, and maybe you deliberately design a devil's glove for a friend or relative to run. Of course, think about your audience while shaping your creations, but the good level requires a good balance between carrot and stick; Lost levels are almost entirely attached to carrots at the end.

Still, the odd poisonous mushroom can be lively.

Once you look at these things, you need to have a solid foundation in the core set of tools. Super Mario Maker 2. Obviously there are dozens of classic levels to choose from, but the top selection should give you a good taste of the potential for incredible new creations. Master the basics and you can start thinking about breaking rules and experimenting with your own ideas. objects and ideas to play with, plus the Story mode to play, so you can take a break from the rigid gradient at the design level and take on the Peach's castle restoration for further inspiration. Have fun!

Have you ever faced the "course creator's block"? Do you have any other suggestions for good levels that inspire and create creative juices. Share your ideas with a comment below.

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