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Checking the facts of Trump for declaring a national emergency

By Friday, no new kilometers were built from the wall during Trump's stay, but preparations are under way.

Customs and border protection have awarded contracts for about 14 miles of new walls. Construction in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas is expected to begin this month. Site preparation has already begun, according to a senior CBP official.

However, during the Trump administration, replacement projects were built. A number of contracts were financed with congressional appropriations for the financial years 2017 and 2018. Among them: Nearly $ 300 million to build 40 miles of reserve structures in different locations. By December 35, of these 40 miles were completed, according to Andrew Michan, CBP Assistant Commissioner for Public Affairs.


1; Geneva Sands

Trump: "Much of Big Drugs, Big Drugs Do Not Pass Through Ports of Entry"

It's not clear what Trump claims here about " drugs, but most of the hard drugs confiscated at the border are coming through entrance gates, not between them, as the president continues to say.

The vast majority of drug-smuggled customs and border guards come through ports of entry or in packages, cargo, or people trying to enter the United States legally. The only drug to be smuggled into larger quantities between the legal entry points is marijuana, according to CBP and the Drug Administration.

For example, most of the heroin at the southern border flows into the US via private car entry ports, followed by trailer trains where heroin is mixed with legal goods, according to the 2018 annual DEA drug threat assessment Ninety percent of heroin confiscated at the border in the financial year 2018 was detained in the ports of entry.

The majority of methane is also detained at the border. In the financial year 2018, customs and border protection confiscated 67,292 pounds of methamphetamine at legal entry ports, compared to 10,382 pounds of border patrol agents between ports, based on available data.

– Holmes Lybrand and Priscilla Alvarez. Trump: "President Obama is more committed to this country than any president in our country's history together."

This is untrue. ” class=”media__image” src=”http://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/170604113855-01-donad-trump-0601-large-169.jpg”/>

From the fiscal 2009 to the fiscal year 2017, the national debt, which includes both the US government's money and the money it owes to itself, is rising from the national debt to bipartisan skepticism

  Trump announces the border at national level for bipartisan skepticism 11.9 trillion dollars to 20.2 trillion dollars. This is an addition of about $ 8.3 trillion, which is less than the debt owed when President Barack Obama took office when President George W. Bush had already begun spending billions of dollars to mitigate the deepening recession. </p>
<p>  the amount of additions made by Obama is even smaller. As a share of Gross Domestic Product, it is much smaller, especially compared to the great jump in World War II. </p>
<p>  Trump responded to a question about his own contribution to the national debt, which this week exceeded $ 22 trillion for </p>
<p>  – Lydia DePyllis </p>
<p>  <strong> Trump: "China pays us billions of dollars." </strong> </p>
<p>  The President has made this statement over and over again, but that is not really the case. </p>
<p>  When Trump talks about tariffs, he often talks about the amount now being poured into the US Treasury. It tends to create the impression that money is being paid by foreign companies. Most of these tariffs, however, are paid by US companies importing these foreign goods. The real question is who is carrying the cost. Often, US companies will pass it on to consumers by raising prices, while other companies will internally reduce benefits or employment to offset these higher costs. In some cases, the Chinese supplier may take over the tariff by lowering its prices in order to maintain its price advantage in the United States. </p>
<p>  Trump tries to rearrange trade so that US products become more competitive with their cheaper Chinese alternatives. This will probably require a long-term adjustment of the US industrial base. In the short run, US consumers and companies are likely to bear the cost of tariffs. The tax foundation said last year it expects tariffs to cut gross domestic product and wages, as well as the cost of US jobs, will hit hardest for households with lower and middle income. "Two weeks ago, 26 were killed in a shootout at the border of a mile from where I went." </strong> </p><div><script async src=
The president visited Macalen, Texas, in January, but CNN did not find any reports of 26 people perished in a shootout within one mile of the Trump area.
A day earlier, Mexican authorities described a scene as a gang's collision: at least 20 bodies, many of them burnt, and military courses, according to Irving Barrios Mojacha, the Tahalulipas Chief Prosecutor. The bodies were found near the Mexican city Miguel Aleman. The day after Trump's visit, the Associated Press reported that local authorities have increased the number of people killed by 24.

Miguel Aleman is about 130 miles northwest of Macalen, according to Google Maps.

– Gregory Wallace

Trump: "Actually (Obama) told me he was so close to starting a major war with North Korea."

Until We Do not Know What was said at the Oval Cabinet meeting in November 2016, two former Obama administration officials disproved Trump's claim that Obama is on the verge of launching a war with North Korea .

Trump made this claim when asked about his relationship with North Korea and about the progress he had made. The talk between Trump and Obama, which included a warning from Obama about the severity of the situation in North Korea, was widespread at the time. But this Trump statement is not part of this reporting.

Ben Rods, deputy to Obama's National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications, refuted Trump's Twitter statement stating that "we are not on the brink of the war with North Korea in 2016, highlighting the long-standing and widely known threatened by North Korea's nuclear program, it is very different to say that you will start a major war. "

Former CIA Director John Brennan agreed, telling MSNBC, that" President Obama has never been on the verge of starting any war with North Korea, big or small. "

– olms Librand

Trump: "We had certain funds that are used at the discretion of the generals at the discretion of the military … Some of them have not yet been distributed. And some of the generals think this is more important. I have spoken with several of them. They think this is much more important than what they will use. "

The President did not point out with whom he spoke and jumped about the military's response to the money-seeking request to support the construction of the wall

The Pentagon claims to have sought to protect the costs for military operations and military families, and has worked to ensure that more than $ 3 billion in military construction will be derived from low priority projects that have not yet been awarded, but it is hard to judge how much " these projects are important because the Pentagon has never publicly listed which ones Defense Officials say the identification of the specified funds has begun

– Ryan Brown

Trump: "We will have a national emergency and then we will be sued, and they will are in the 9th chain, although it should not be there, and we will probably get a bad decision, then we will get another bad decision and then we will end up in the Supreme Court and we hope we will receive a fair shake .

He was not wrong in waiting for lawsuits. House House Democrats discuss legal possibilities as well as other groups. And this is likely to end in the Supreme Court. The process is likely to proceed as follows: The case will first go to a federal district judge, and then appeal to the district court and ultimately to the Supreme Court.

The courts in which these cases would settle depend on who is the one who sent the challenge and where they are.

Trump often spoke against the 9th US Court of Appeal, which watched the Western countries as "very unfair." The ninth circle ruled the Trampul's ban on travel in 2017, a third version of which was eventually handed over to the Supreme Court, which confirmed it in 2018.

– Priscilla Alvarez

Rosen Levit of CNN contributed for this report.

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