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Claresa Shields vs. Marie-Yves Dicker video in full battle video highlights

Watch full videos of Claressa Shields vs. Marie-Eve Dicaire in the video for the fight for the Shields vs. Dicaire cards on Friday night, courtesy of FITE TV and ESPN Ringside.

Clares Shields (11-0) and Marie-Eva Dickir (17-1) competed for the WBC and WBO junior middleweight titles at the Shields, the Dicaire IBF middleweight title and the vacant WBA middleweight title category at the Dort Financial Center in Flint, Michigan.

See more images from Shield’s victory below.

Shields recently signed with the Professional League of Fighters and is expected to make his debut in professional MMA in 2021


Round 1: Shields with the first good shot, then the next two good shots, but Dicaire gets a counter, and they both throw with some intention for a moment. Leads to the right of the Shields. Counter to the left of Shields. Dicaire has a ton of nervous energy, Shields is very calm. Shields on the right. Shields 10-9

Round 2: Shields’ right hand, wide, winged shot, but got there, Dicker did not react in time. Shields collide. Dicaire still a lot of nervous movements. To the left of the body from the south paw of Dicaire, the counter to the right of Shields pulls it away. Shields really looks like she’s hunting a little here, she stands her ground and dares to enter Dicaire, and when Dicaire doesn’t, she eventually throws first. Dicaire tries left, doesn’t get there. Shields wants to counter if he can, but leading if he has to. Right hand from Shields. Her footwork is much better than Dicaire’s. Dicaire enters, eats another counter. And another. Shields 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: The shields come forward again, hitting Dicaire, throwing both hands. Right hands from Shields, a trio of them. Dicaire gives way. It was awkward, Shields was throwing very wide straight. She really, really wants Anne Wolfe to spark someone. She tries her ass. The speed and time of the Shields are too much, even throwing wide shots. Dicaire isn’t a bad fighter – again, quite obviously the legal number 2,154 pounds – but she’s out of depth for now. Shields’ right hand again. And once again, the two-minute rounds do these battles no favors. It is so difficult to build legitimate momentum. Shields 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: The shields wing both hands again. Landing again with both. Dicaire still can’t do anything. Shields marking Dicaire. Dicaire with a good shot, but Shields accepts it well. Dicaire is really, really trying to find holes. She just can’t with any regularity. Check the hook from the Shields, then it tries to load with the right before the bell. Shields 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: The shields are much fresher, much better around. Again, Dicaire is still really trying. But she can’t do enough to win rounds. Shields is focused and solid work, trying to entice Dicaire. Dicaire does land a strange shot, but it’s not enough. Shields 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Shields continue to dominate more or less. She marks Dicaire with the counter-left, which, if she’s really going to close this show, could be the blow here. The shields have full control here. Dicaire just can’t solve the puzzle. She is not a good enough boxer. This is the reality. Shields 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Dicaire never settled here, never found a rhythm. Shields with a decent shot, Dicaire fights her against the ropes. Dicaire can sometimes get inside, but then she can’t do anything and Shields keeps slipping and landing counter shots with him. Dicaire’s best job may have been suffocating some of Shields’ work. Shields misses loaded at the end of the round, a little faster inside. Shields 10-9, 70-63

Round 8: The shields lurk again. She was patiently aggressive, if you will. Dicaire walks in this circle, she has no choice but to move backwards and just constantly jumps, jumps and does not throw blows. She’s never come close to punching a punch, and she’s not bad, but Shields doesn’t let her use it at all. Shields is pretty quiet for a few moments, then starts throwing again to make sure he’s sealing the round. Shields 10-9, 80-72

Round 9: To her credit, Dicaire tries to pounce on a few lead leftists, trying to find something to reverse the wave. She is gone and she also has no strength, so she will not come. Shields tried to seal it late, Dickyer received several shots and returned to his corner with his hand raised. I think this was Dicaire’s best round and she can barely give it to me. Dicaire 10-9, Shields 89-82

Round 10: Shields tries to hit, Dicaire does, she knows she needs her first knockout. But Shields keeps her at bay. Good advance right from Shields, and another one. The little one on the left catches Dicker. Right counter from Shields. Another correct one, something like a shot. Dicaire tries to rush in, Shields ties her up and throws where she can. The shields waiting in the corner look for corners, then go forward to the clapper. They both throw in their honor. Shields 10-9, 99-91

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