Weather forecast for Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Baby, it's cold outside, and that could have major consequences for your health.

For some people, exposure to cold temperatures can cause a life-threatening allergic reaction called cold habit. As the near-low temperatures catch the region, Dr. Earlexia M. Norwood, head of the family medicine service at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, and the director of practical development for Henry Ford's medical group, explains what is a cold winch, and exposes what she wants patients knew about surviving deep freezing.

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QUESTION: Can you be allergic to cold weather?

ANSWER: ] Yes. There are people who have severe reactions when they are extremely cold for a period of time. Cold influence can range from skin reactions where the skin becomes cold and you burst into hives in the area exposed to where you have oropharyngeal airway swelling where it is difficult to swallow or breathe after swallowing a cold drink

There are various variants of cold infection. The frequency may range from 5 to 35% of the population. This is more common in areas where it is cold than in areas where, like the southeast, it is less cold. [C:Howdangerousisthecoldimpact? A: The more the skin is exposed to people with cold infections, like swimming for long periods of time, these are the people who have more severe systemic reactions. They can actually experience an anaphylactic shock from exposure to cold.

Some people will have an airway closure with exposure to intense cold. If you have breathing problems, if you have difficulty with swallowing attempts, seek medical help immediately

For these people, we tell them to make sure you have medicines at all times if you have a problem. If you are someone who has an extreme reaction, we tell them to wear EpiPen.