A widespread energy source Saturday night left much of Manhattan, including Upper West Side and Rockefeller Center, without electricity.

Thousands were powerless in parts of Brooklyn on Monday morning when New York coped with another interruption and intense summer time. Spread Breaks Maintain More Than 50,000 Clients in the Dark in Parts of the City and Westchester County on Sunday

Only after 5am the electric company said that more than 30,000 customers had recovered power and that the remaining 21,500 would return it by

New York Governor. Andrew Kuoom hit the power company and said he had deployed state police, generators and light towers for assistance.

"We experienced this situation with Con Ed Again and again, and they had to be better prepared – period," said Quoomo in a statement. "This is not a natural disaster, no excuse for what happened in Brooklyn." [19659004 "They had to be better prepared": With more than 40,000 people, New York, Andrew Kuoom, who ordered an investigation into the power cut in Manhattan earlier in July, said will expand the investigation to include Brooklyn's disruption.

Failure to perform equipment has caused a five-hour blackout in Manhattan on July 13, the 40 blocks from Times Square to the Rockefeller Center, Eddison said. The New York Eclipse: The eclipse in New York is actually bad for the environment

"I just talked to Con Ed's president for the breaks this evening. Their systems in some parts of Brooklyn are under serious strain and some equipment has failed, " Emergency generators and air-conditioned buses were sent to

Thunderstorms were predicted Monday morning.

Contribution: Christine Lam, USA Today, and Associated Press. Follow US TODAY on Ryan Miller on Twitter: @RyanW_Miller


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