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Congress is closer to firing Trump's hand to support Saudi Arabia

Supporters of a move to suspend US support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen plan a victory in the coming weeks when the Senate adopts a resolution passed from home

The Trump administration is expected to increase its lobby against the US Military Resolution Yemen, as the vote comes close to hoping to address some Republicans who support the measure.

But the opponents have little money to stop the resolution, which only needs a simple majority for procedural voting and a subsequent final decision.

Supporters say they have now added momentum, as the administration's mistakes in dealing with the Jamal Hashoqi murders only increased the anger in Saudi Arabia.

"I think we will win, Senne. Sanders Bernard (Bernie) Sanders Senate Dems Introduce Bill to Prevent Disaster Relief for Building Wall Klobuchar, O'Brien Rourke Visits Wisconsin as 2020 Race Heats Sherrod Brown Boost for Medicare Buy-in

] He refused to say whether he expects Republicans who supported the measure in December to replace their votes.

Sanders said Christopher (Chris) Scott MurphyHouse will adopt a bill to put an end to US support for the Saudi war in Yemen This week: Border transactions remain elusive as the interruption of the negotiations are discontinued as another closure emerges MORE (D-Conn.) He said he expects the vote shortly after MPs return from the break of their presidential week.

Murphy said. Mike Lee Michael (Mike) Shumway LeeSenate approves Border Bill to prevent exclusion Push for paid family leave is heated before 2020. The new act can help us deal with part of the sovereign debt mist MORE President Tramp Donald John TrumpMikkab says he was fired because he "has opened a lawsuit against Trump McCabe: Trump said," No McCabe: Trump talks with for my election victory during the "strange" job interview. t Download American forces in or "affected" Yemen within 30 days unless it is the fight against al-Qaida or its forces

The Senate adopted such a resolution in December, with a vote of 56-41.This Republicans hold The Democrats now control the lower house, which last week voted 248-177 to approve the resolution, Days before the vote in the House , The White House threatened to veto the resolution, he was "insufficient" because US forces are not directly involved in fighting in the civil war in Yemen and that a broad definition of hostilities can not hurt. other bilateral defense cooperation agreements.

If the measure reaches the president's desk and he goes through the White House veto, it would be the first law he enacted after taking office. backs Saudi Arabia-led coalition, which fights Iran-backed Hathaway rebels in Yemen's four-year civil war, providing logistics, intelligence exchange, and arms sales. The US military had previously provided air-to-air coalition jets, but the Trump administration stopped this support in November.

Some MPs have tried for years to cut US contributions to the coalition, which has been charged with thousands of civilian deaths in the war. These efforts of MPs have been consistently halted by the end of last year after the assassination of the American journalist and the Saudi dissident Jamal Hashogi

Washington Posthomous Posthashoi was murdered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The lawmakers were angry with both Saudi Arabia and the Trump administration for its lukewarm reaction to the murder.

When riotous lawmakers adhered to legislative efforts to stop US support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen, the Trump administration sent Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Michael (Mike) Richard PompeoHeather Nauert withdrew his name from the ambassador's work The Hill's Morning Report – Presented by the American Academy of HIV Medicine – Trump, Congress Prepares for New Wall-Mounted Deal, Announces National Emergency Situation | Shanhan says Allies will be consulted on Afghanistan Dem Demands Khashoggi Papers More and then Secretary of Defense James Mattis James Norman MattisTrump nominates Ambassador to Turkey Overnight Defense: Trump announces border urgently | .6B in military construction funds to be used for walls Trump believes Obama would start a war with North Korea Pentagon supplies assistance to Venezuelan migrants Generally in the United States: Trump is wrong in the withdrawal of Syria, ISIS defeats MORE on Capitol Hill for a briefing. But the briefing failed, and MPs were not convinced by the administration's arguments that they would remain involved in the war, which led to greater support for the Yemeni resolution.

Following a recent vote in the Chamber, Pompeo voiced confidence that the administration could force lawmakers to continue. Inform the Congress about Iran's role in the Yemeni civil war.

"For Yemen I must say I'm surprised," Pompe said in an interview with Fox News. "As we forbid things happen in Yemen, we only favor the Iranians. They are the ones who have caused the whole struggle. The humanitarian crisis is a direct responsibility for the poor behavior of Iran. And I think that as we continue to inform the members of the Capitol Hill about this fact, they will see it the way President Trump does.

Jim Risch James (Jim) Elroy RischOvernight Defense: Trump to sign a finance deal to declare national emergency aid Shanhan says allies will be consulted on Afghanistan Demos (R-Idaho), who voted against the Yemeni resolution in December, has not indicated that it plans to take any action to prevent [19659002] "This will go through the ordinary order and we'll see how it will be done," Rish told Hill last week.

Republicans already have 53-47 majority. in the Senate, two places more than in December. But since last year, seven Republicans stood on the side of Democrats, supporters say the support for the measure is once again sufficient.

MEPs have a new denial by the administration, which reinforces their anger over Hashogi.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee last year cited the Magnetsky Human Rights Responsibility Act to ask Trump to determine whether members of the Saudi royal family, including the late Prince Mohammed bin Salman, are responsible for killing Baghdog and in turn must be sanctioned. – the deadline for reply – by letter but MEPs in both countries said the answer did not meet the Magnet Law

Murphy quoted this response by providing more support for the resolution this time compared to the December vote [19659002] "There's no reason people can change their votes," Murphy said. "The behavior of Saudi Arabia has not changed. Honestly, the lack of a Magnets certificate will repel the votes from not until so it is not far from us. This is aimed at a bigger vote. "

Sen. Mitt Romney WILLARD (Mitt) Mitt RomneyTrump videos mocking Dems did not applaud during Union for 2020, Democrats are looking for someone to love a Trump religious adviser called anti-Trump evangelists "bloodless idiots" more 19659007] -Utah), who was not in the Senate during the previous Yemeni vote, said that looking at Magnitsky's request by the administration would affect the way he voted when the resolution came out.

a report coming from the Law of Magnets to help my decision, "he said.

Romney also issued a statement saying that "he is concerned that the administration has not yet complied with the law, nor has he explained enough why," and urged officials to "correct this urgent situation and report Congress to your progress as soon as possible. "

Sen. Lindsey Graham Graham Graham: More urgent for kids in Kentucky to have a safe border from the new White House school, GOP defends Trump urgent statement Limbaugh calls 25th talk of a "silent coup". .), a typical ally of Trump, who is among Riyad's most vocal critics since Hashohi's death, was also terrified of Magnetsky's response.

But he told Hill on Thursday he would not vote for the resolution on the military force. Instead, he said he would continue to pass separate legislation that he had introduced with the Senate. Bob Menendez Robert (Bob) Menendez William Bar is the right man for the time This week: Trump delivers the state of the Union against the walls The story of BuzzFeed has more to say about the media than about President MORE ] (DN.J.), Who will sanction the Saudi authorities, stop the arms sales, and ban the airfighting of aircraft from the Saudi coalition. MBS s Tuff, we just have to deal with that, "Graham said, referring to the Saudi prince with his initials. "We can not ignore this."

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