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Covid: Scottish students are not allowed to visit pubs

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Students in Glasgow are being tested after an outbreak

Students are told not to go to pubs, parties or restaurants to control a series of coronavirus outbreaks in Scottish universities.

Hundreds of students have tested positive on campuses across the country, with many more isolating themselves.

Currently, universities are committed to making it “absolutely clear”

; to students that there should be no parties.

And they will not be allowed to communicate with anyone outside their home.

Students are also warned that any violations of the new rules “will not be tolerated.”

Stricter guidelines were announced after opposition leaders accused Prime Minister Nicholas Sturgeon of “major failure” to anticipate the problem and provide more testing on university campuses.

Universities in Scotland said the new guidelines, agreed with the Scottish government, were “a necessary step at this crucial time to manage the virus in the student population, to protect students and the wider community”.

The new rules state that all universities “will absolutely explain to students that there should be no parties and no communication outside their households.”

They go on to say: ‘This weekend, the first of the Scottish Government’s new, tougher governments, we will require students to avoid any social contact outside their households and outside their homes.

“We will ask them not to go to bars or other hospitality establishments.”

Additional staff will be introduced to the dormitory to monitor for violations of the guidelines and to support students who isolate themselves.

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Police in Scotland will also monitor the behavior of students outside the university and in private accommodation.

And private student accommodation providers will also be encouraged to follow the instructions strictly.

Students will also need to download the Protect Scotland app.

The guidelines warn: “We will take a rigorous ‘Yellow Card / Red Card’ approach to breaches of student discipline that put students and others at risk.

“Although we first want to advise students on disciplinary violations, we will not hesitate to escalate this to disciplinary action, including potential termination of training.”

Percentage of infection among age groups

Several universities in the country are dealing with major outbreaks of the virus, and many students in living rooms in Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh are being told to isolate themselves.

A total of 124 students from the University of Glasgow received a positive test, 600 were isolated, while all 500 residents in the halls of Parker House in Dundee were told to be quarantined.

And 120 cases have been identified in an outbreak at the University of Edinburgh in Napier.

Opposition parties say the Scottish government should have been better prepared for outbreaks when university students return for a new term.

Ms Sturgeon said the number of positive cases at universities was likely to increase, but said it showed that the testing and protection system “works and we must continue to trust it”.

She urged students to follow the latest guidelines and said she regretted that the pandemic “makes this special time in your life so difficult”.

This life of the students’ lives was already very different.

Most students were already set up to study mostly online, but the university experience is as social as it is academic.

Perhaps the most important move is to urge students not to visit bars or guest houses.

Ultimately, students who break the rules at the university or at university dormitories face expulsion.

However, universities know that they must also appeal to the individual’s sense of responsibility and common sense.

It will still be a big question. Usually, dormitory students will usually not be able to return to the family home where they lived until a few weeks ago.

Starting a university can be a difficult experience – the student may not like their course or find it difficult to live away from home or make new friends.

This year it will be even more difficult, so it will be more important than ever to look at the well-being and mental health of students.

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