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Covington Catholic and how social justice is the death of true justice

I had all the qualities of the perfect crime of the 21st century. Incriminating video at first sight in social media. This red hat. Sacrifice of the most insidious class in American history, Indian. A villain of his most privileged, white man. And the most discouraging, this irreducible and inexorable smile.

But hundreds of thousands or even millions of returturies at a meeting after Marsha for Life have been told wrong story. Nick Sandman, junior of the Catholic High School in Covington, does not interfere with the personal space of an American veteran and activist, Nathan Phillips. He did not gloat and glitter with centuries-old white privileges over a man's head who faced genocide in the hands of the colonizer. Thus, it seems that the disciple with the shameful smile committed only one crime: existing.

The initial scandal was not a story. It was a series of pictures and unconstructive videos of the Cowington pupil in the MAGA hat that was shamelessly smiling at Phillips. Most of all, including yours, have accepted the worst, namely, that the student has intervened in the "American Indians" rally to be just an idiot. It fits in a story of white superiority, white colonization, and white shame, so the media jumped.

But such stories are not just snapshots. They have a beginning and an end. In that case the truth changed everything.

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Thanks to video lessons and witness testimony, the bigger story unfolds. Phillips, portrayed as a sacrifice in the narrative, was actually the one who intervened in the space of the student at Covington, where he was ordered to wait for them to take after a march to fight abortions. Before Phillips met Sandman, a group of "black Israeli", a well-known hate group, tortured the students of Covington with homophobic insults and racially charged spots. Then Phillips intervened ̵

1; on behalf of the hate group! He found himself in Sandman's face, hitting a drum.

Phillips, whose media blitz, as the story became viral, gladly claimed the victim's mantle. He told the Detroit Free Press that he had entered the situation because the children of Covington were "in the process of attacking the four black individuals" and that he had encountered Sandman in order to reduce the situation. As already seen in video evidence, this is a lie. Black Israelis have been attacking scholar scientists for a considerable period of time, and students have not been attacked.

Sandman, whose calm and complacent face turned into a child with a hate poster – celebrities from Chris Evans to Alice Milano tried to be ashamed of the insignificant, and the hesheet #ExposeChristianSchools started moving shortly afterward – came out on Sunday issued by a public relations firm. His family is diverted, his school is publicly blown, and his identity is just a crime.

"I have never interfered with this protest, I have not spoken to him, I did not make any hand gestures or other aggressive moves, and frankly, I was startled and confused, why he approached me, they called another group of protesters and when the second group approached, I worried that the situation was out of control when the adults tried to provoke teenagers, "Sandman writes," I believed that when I was still and calm, I helped to dispel the situation. "Sandman committed the crime that he was not she is ashamed of her own In fact, the progressive line-up of the band has been cast on a single image based on its bias toward the perceived power in America, and now we know that Sandman has been summoned, but to be clear: he had to obey

the social justice is to eliminate individual justice – true justice. "Since the white men spent most of a century killing American Indians with weapons and microbes, an innocent child provoked by adults – both on their face and on the Internet – now I do to pay hundreds of years later. She did not have to smile. He had to acknowledge his original sin of whiteness.

The Left equates Sandman with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kwanav. The comparison is largely correct. Both were accused, without any credible evidence, of something terrible, without a place for a gray area or misunderstandings. "This child and his behavior are a symptom of something much bigger." I do not think he focuses on him, more specifically, he does a lot – and also leads to the current story about his victim, "says Anne Helen Peterson, you can understand that the situation was more complicated than the first video, and you still understand why the sight of this person has caused a visceral reaction in so many people. "

Here it is: although the truth is gone, Peterson will still blame the victim as a villain. You see, his crime is his exact attempt to dispel the situation. He did not have to do that. He did not have to stay calm and smile. It was assumed that presents . He had to pay for his whiteness to pay for that damn hat he was pushing to wear.

About Peterson and others, Sandman's innocence in this respect does not change anything. He deserves to be punished for the crimes of white slaves and colonists who lived hundreds of years before he was born. Seriousness is now complacent. The smile is no longer a call for demolition; it's a call for weapons.

You can blame the media that has long embraced "social justice" over telling the truth. Even more terrible is the accusation in himself.

I rewrote the original story. I had no evidence, just an image that corresponded to a story I had said a thousand times ago. That's why I shared it and I ground a child without foundation. Now I know I was wrong. I'm sorry. I apologize to Nick Sandman and I hope those who share the original images so quickly will now learn the truth and apologize for their own apologies if need be.

But do not make a mistake. For a disturbing part of the American mob, the facts will not matter even if they are aware of them. For them, Sandman, standing with this forgotten smile, was criminal enough. Function (f, b, e, v, n, t, s) {if (f.fbq) return; n = f.fbq = function () {n.callMethod?
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