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Cubes Fans Used To Know How To Deal With Chokes

Photo by Paul Beatty (AP)

Therefore, the Chicago Cubes should not have been allowed to win the 2016 World Series: Their fans can no longer appreciate the cubes from last week.

They could correctly appreciate the idea of ​​being swept home in four one-way games – "Hasn't it happened since 1919? This is so Cubs. "They could have put four Wrigley games in the hands of the hated Cardinals with insight," The last time was 1921? The Beauty. "Chris Bryant injures himself on Sunday trying to quit a double play? Kubbs. Six straight losses in Week 24 of a 25-week season? Kubbs. Moving from a four-card spot card out and about to be switched from Mets who stay afloat financially just because they get paid every time someone says the word "dysfunctional?" Oh, so many cubes.

Yet the World Series has ruined everything. Nearly catharsis throughout the city, which lit up the sky in 2016, allows Cubs fans to say, "Well, at least we got it. Now all my dead relatives can die happy. "It also prevents them from completely engulfing the flames of 2019 with the proper awe, the Cub fans used to command, especially people who did not want to hear about it. [19659004] I grant you, this looks a lot like the post-mortem version of the old idiotic postulate, If the Cubs wins, the fenbase will lose its character . That was stupid and now it's stupid.

But he refers to the Third Law of the Garage: You only have so much space. For everything you get in life, you have to take something to the landfill or consignment shop or front lawn with a sign that says "Free". In return for the 2016 parade that all non-White Sox fans loved and will revere for eternity, Cubs fans lost the ability to fully evaluate and process the tracheotomy of 2019.

I don't really know anything from this is undeniably true as I know very few Cubs fans and those I do know have the kindness and decency to keep a respectful 1600 miles. But I know that fans who wear their historic failures like a miner's hat are almost the same everywhere – they use these failures as a weight-bearing wall in the temple of their sports fantasies. The Cubs blew this up so their unhappy odometer was recovered. Joe Madden's safe dismissal will come with the standard "But he won the World Series" warning, and dissatisfaction with Theo Epstein's inability to get an analyst to dance depends on a ring the size of a baby's head on his finger.

Children's cubes are just another team that vomited themselves like a thousand others, and their fans no longer have initial conversations at the bar like: "My great grandfather saw the Cubs win in 1908 and I'm afraid my kid will never have to understand this moment. "What they heard is a hidden sympathy; now they will get, "I'm a Padre fan; go down the stairs. "

But objectively it was a hell of a failure. They lived a "ruthless, no-win" century, so they did two things on the same day that didn't happen after Coolidge's administration, and then got hurt along the way – now these are historical cubes. It's just that no one will evaluate it correctly. Even if they lose their last six games with one start – three in Pittsburgh to a team that struggles with itself every two months whether or not they need one, and then three in St. Louis in front of a fanbase that can make the Cubs fans cry – it doesn't matter the way it should. Even if they play 22 innings with two rain delays and Angel Hernandez next Sunday to finish behind the Phillies and Diamondbacks, as well as the Mets, that won't be part of the Cub's legacy.

Unless, of course, we are at the beginning of a new 108-year-old chasm in the championship and global warming will burn Wrigley Field in a pile of beer soaked long before then. Keep a good thought, shall we, children? This could be the start of something really … well, Cub.

Ray Ratto has the flu of Jalen Ramsey.

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