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Dan Stevens, Noah Hawley and legendary actor in the last season of the show and debut of Charles Xavier

When the news for the first time broke that Legion's third season would be the last, he caught fans of the off-the-Xena Men series inspired by Noah Holly (19459006) Fargo ) unprepared. But it was that Dan Stevens played the role of a three-season story.

"Noah's intention has always been to take him to earth with three. So I always knew where the story was going, I just did not know, "Stevens told Rotten tomatoes.

He also felt that there was "no time you can do totally just for something like Legion . And soon after the last season of the FX series debuted on Monday, fans will see for themselves if the series really landed with little justice.

Set approximately a year after the events of the second season final, Legion takes a new character, played by Lauren Tsai diving into the madness of the stadium Legion . Like the mutant tradition, it takes on the name Switch and quickly becomes the key to David Stevens' plans, as it can travel in time ̵

1; the ability made in the toughest and coolest way. When we met Tsai, Stevens and other members of the actor's series in April, the actor described Switch as someone who "searches for her place in the world" and "is still trying to understand her abilities." the place where David is dwelling will leave viewers wondering about their own state of mind through the dozens of young people in their joy of being young.

  LEGION - In the picture: Dan Stevens as David Haller. CRETE: Pari Dukovic / FX

Stevens, who describes David as a "love junkie," said the obvious cult imbued him with manic devotion while he offered them something that did not is available in the rest of the world. He even added that Lenny (Aboriginal Plaza) is "quite happy with this setup," serving as Ma Anand Sheela's character for his Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh [19459007WildWildCountryfans will get the comparison right away).

The Plaza added during a recent telephone conversation: "This is the closest that we get to Lenny's ideal, wish. When the season begins, it is exactly where it wants to be. She is not tormented by the King of Shadows. Finally, she has power and control and a clear idea of ​​what she wants. It was very satisfying. "

The situation in David's community may seem beneficial to all participants, but Steven admitted that David was not entirely satisfied with the way things are developing for him. "He wants to see if he can cut off this unfair mess he has created," the actor explained. He leads – in the best way Legion to David's fascination with Switch and its capabilities. As Stevens said, "Could he change some of those terrible things he did?"

  LEGEND - Pictured: Rachel Keller as Sid Barrett. CR: Pari Dukovic / FX

One of the awful things he did during the second season is to change Sid's memories of events so they can again be lovers. In the end, she finds the violation and, as Keller told us, it has led to the character of "crawling back into itself." But the year between the seasons also saw Sid return to his mission; even if it looks like a mania for some of the other heroes.

On the other hand, her devotion may eventually ruin David's travel plan. Returning to Stevens' question of changing the past, he added Sid's point of view: "Yes, you can go back and change all these things, but does that really change who you are like a man?" This is a kind of philosophical debate. making Legion a real X-Men job, even when his arrest visualized him and unusually pace him.

  LEGION - In the picture: Navid Negahban as Amahl Farouk. CR: Pari Dukovic / FX

(Photo: Pari Dukovic / FX)

Another thing that distinguishes him is the way he is reinventing each season. In the first season, David was trying to figure out whether he was sick or had a devil in his mind. In the second season he wanted to take revenge on this demon – a mutant telepath named Amhal Farouk (Navid Negaban) – and destroyed his friendships. The third sees David as an antagonist, even when he tries the heroic thing … or at least something he considers heroic. [1959902] "[David] feels that his life was ruined at that moment when Farouk came. in his head when he was a baby, "Holly said. "And what he wants to do is return to this moment and protect himself as a baby and prevent him from happening."

The plan may seem heroic to David, but for Sid, Farouk, and others in Division 3, it can finally become the way that the prophecy at the end of the world will finally take place. The idea of ​​history is a key element of the history of David's comic – his attempts to travel back in time to kill Magento, led to the death of Professor X and the history of the era of apocalypse . David to the role of a villain. Not that nothing on Legion is so simple or binary.

"It's interesting to get an audience to say Are you okay with him now? Are you still with him? "And if you are not with him, we have to make sure you are with the other characters. You want Sid to win, "said Hawley.

Subjective reality is still a key element of the series, and while audiences may still be committed to David's pain, Hawley hopes viewers "to realize in the course of season how this need for love – which he feels only for him – starts a little distant from David [and think,] "Oh, he is a very sick person."

But even in this, his illness is not necessary with the same evil. in the sense of the book of a golden age. However, David's selfishness may lead some to see it that way. "We expect our heroes to learn and be redeemed, but there are people who are not capable of it," said Hawley.

Meanwhile, Amach Farouk is trying to redeem himself. Although, as Negaban says, "this is more about saving the world, and also saving David. He really cares about David. "Although it's a blameless evil that goes around David's life in the first season, Farouk has changed man when we meet him at the beginning of Season 3." He's trying to be a good guy, "said the actor. For him there was a struggle to determine whether it was right or wrong for him. And he's trying to find this through his trip. "

Somehow, the journey, as Negaban had conveyed, is in harmony with David's great internal conflict. – He came from nothing. He became someone, he had power. He lost himself in his power; he did not know what to do with him. And his anger and anger took him, "he explained. "He goes round and reaches the point that he realizes that this anger and anger are what destroys him. So if you can get rid of it, it can be redeemed. He can repair everything. "

  LEGION - Pictured: Dan Stevens as David Haller. CRI: Pari Dukovic / FX

To some extent, Holly said the conflicts reflect the tension between childhood and maturity, adding that at least some of David's questions are coming back to parents give it to him for adoption. David's attempt to stop Farouk in the past means he can come across his father, X-Men founder Harry Lloyd.

Lloyd told us not to expect the "right Charles we know" from [19459006[X-Men] movies or animated TV series.

"These are tribal things," Stevens said, adding that there was "a lot of confusion and injury, obviously" about David's feelings about Xavier.

It's good to finally have this string that links our crazy balloon to the main X-Men stories, "he continued. "And I think that will be satisfactory for people who know and love X-Men and Legion ." He also suspects Legion spectators who are not well acquainted with the X-Men will become curious about the professor and his Merry Mutants: "[It] can make them go and watch some other things like X-Men-y. "

Of course, it remains to be seen whether David will follow in the footsteps of his comic colleagues and end the world as the viewers know him. This story was eventually resolved when little known mutants from the new timeline learned of David's actions and prevented Xavier's death. This is a pretty surprising idea and still fits pretty well within the framework of Legion . No one was ready to reveal if the end resembles David's most outrageous comic, but Stevens said the end gave the whole story a "sense" that was not obvious before.

t And very beautiful, "he said.

Legion Premieres from season 3 on Monday, June 24 at 22 o'clock. of FX

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