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Dangerous Players Find an ancient ship full of living people

Although largely empty, outer space is simply full of grief. Distress signals here, distress signals there – it all becomes an old hat after a while. Today, however, the developers of Elite: Dangerous have buried an extremely cool story about a ship from the distant past that seemed just a continually anomalous call for supplies.

It started with one of the characteristic news of the game : an apology from the fictional Rockforth Corporation, which played a role in the spread of a pathogenic disease that caused chaos on countless space cultures. At the very end, it was briefly to identify areas in need of crop support, which included an 'anomaly' line, which took the form of an 'unexpected call for supplies from the Upaniklis system'.

It might just have been to give the false report some extra color, but one player, streamer Malic_VR (via Polygon ) decided to follow the signal to his origin. There he found a colossal "generation" ship ̵

1; a ship designed to carry literal generations of human beings in vast portions of space at the speed of illumination. In the history of the Elite they were outdated long before the current timeline, in which anyone could exceed the speed of light with hyper drives. Over the years, players have discovered 15 of these starships. None of them contained survivors. So far.

The Golconda, as this ship is known, left Earth more than a thousand years ago, and slowly but surely 172 light years passed. When interacting with the ship, Malic_VR opened a series of voice magazines from still-living characters explaining their plight: On the one hand, they need help. There is a plague that ravages their population, and without rations and supplies, they are doomed. But on the other hand, they do not want to encourage any cultural exchange for fear of being affected by the thousands of years of their own unique progress.

"We are more than a colony, you see," a character named Erin Gray in one of the voice logs. "We are Family. Whenever a challenge is put before us, we solve it together. When success is achieved, we celebrate collectively. It is difficult to put into words. Our ancestors chose to remain in this court centuries ago and left their original destination behind. They did it because they had grown to love what they had accomplished. The diaries of this period show their concern about the prospect of leaving Golkonda. Generation ships are designed to keep colonists healthy, happy and fun. Somewhere during our trip we also felt love. ”

This story may or may not turn into something bigger, but it is quite simple to attach to an otherwise undescribed news post with the hope that enterprising space trucks will go have a quick look. The main updates have not exactly grown into Elite: Dangerous corps at faster speeds than light lately, so this is welcome intrigue while players wait for a slow launch of massive rocket launches fleets and the long-awaited release of a new expansion that will not land until sometime later next year.

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