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Davis has never been a NBA rescuer at NOLA Pelicans in New Orleans

When Chris Paul was on his way out of New Orleans, it was believed that NBA interest was on the maintenance of life, and that the upcoming 2012 number one Anthony Davis would be the city's last chance

Fast forward to this day and we know that Davis wants to come out, even though he is entitled to a supermax. It is also comic to see that he wants to join the Los Angeles Lakers, or elsewhere, Lebron James and Katchch Sports can influence on.

So this must mean devastating the right of the Pelicans to exist, is not it?

There is no need to press the purple, green and gold plastic rosary. These birds will not trade their coffee and espresso chicory soon. That's because, while Anthony Davis sometimes picked up New Orleans, he was never the life-saver who would bring longevity.

The whole world is attracted to the physical phenomenon that comes along with Davis' evolution and growth as a player. New Orleans was certainly ready for the trip.

It was nice at first. Davis said all the right things. He won a national championship in New Orleans with Kentucky and said he wanted to bring a world championship to New Orleans after being drawn. Everyone on the south rated it.

However, the bad luck and some bad franchise solutions over time overwhelmed the team during the seven years of Davis. His team qualified for the playoffs only twice. His name often faded from the aforementioned national lists.

If one team fails, it is natural to want to move forward, especially if you win if you want.

Victory. Let me catch you with the drama. You must know them now. Davis wants to play with James in Los Angeles. Winning is fun and the money is good, but what he really wants is to be an NBA star. It's the motivation to hire Rich Paul and be open to playing with a disappointing squad of Lakers along with an aging James. More than a real opportunity Davis to land somewhere else can make him a better player and make his future team contender.

Although we've mostly received a growing number of ready-made non-answer questions from Davis between the lines, it makes me believe he wants a major market profile. He believes, or at least he is convinced, that supernaturalism can not be found in New Orleans. Although Davis's New Orleans era is disappointing in the victory column, should the New Orleans and Pelican markets be guilty of Lack of an image around the NBA?

With time in New Orleans, Davis's profile in town seemed to disappear. His interview responses were getting better. Fans at The Big Easy were rarely treated by any insights into his life. Local basketball fans love Davis for his talent and understand who's on the big scale of the NBA. However, he failed to force this cultural connection with the city that the saints have. While many write this as "Oh, New Orleans is a football city," it's actually more than that. New Orleans is the mood and state of mind. He also has a chip on his shoulder. The sooner you identify with the desire to be different, you will be accepted.

Speaking of chips, Davis and Clutch decided to take out their handlers at the worst possible time in New Orleans. The next day, after some occasions, the saints of the Super Bowl did not cry out? Davis is the type of person who allows other countries to talk about it. I'm sure he will continue and it will be amazing, but for the moment he and his agency have been exposed. Clutch's attempts to strengthen the franchise and the league to work solely for James's sake were at best animated. We have also been exposed to the sad desperation of the big market teams like the Lakers and the Knicks in how far they will go to reach some kind of relevance in domination again.

If Davis does not seem to be hit by stars, he may realize the hypocrisy of the player he is trying to get so hard to bring. I personally do not want to express a political opinion here, but I put it out just because James welcomed his voice as a president's critic. If James does not approve Donald Trump's actions so much, then why does he imitate him as much as a businessman and surrounds himself with people who do the same, reinforce teams and make ultimatums. They loved seeing him dominate and win. They loved him, but he just did not in love with him. His little ones were excited, but he did not breathe anger. The fans seemed more excited about Buddy Hield or the acquisition of DeMarcus Cousins ​​through Hield because both players had a story, personality, and built a relationship with the city. Both acquired players may have been New Orleans stars and both were sacrificed in favor of Davis.

The less talented players seem to be happier on the pitch. Earn more games while Davis sees the court less. Jrue Holiday, the family man and the overall worker seem to have taken the lead role and the fans are "Jruing it big" there. Everyone plays with a ball and does not have to worry about whether they facilitate Davis. They did not point their fingers.

Then is Davis really elite? Yes. Should there be a shoe deal until now? Probably. But whether the lack of a shoe deal is to blame, because New Orleans is such a bad market? Or is this because Davis was a world class talent who could not inspire the intimate market to be mad for him? Will they tell you that the pistol is a failure because Jazz has never reached the playoffs? You would probably have been locked in the old man's story of "the greatest guard you saw".

With Davis it looks like we'll forget about Portland's finger with Holiday and we'll probably remember the time he went to the locker. and again, and like Elvis, he left the building with Rich Paul on the national television.

The holiday will be an appropriate older statesman. If the future additions are Zion Williamson, Jason Tatum, or anybody else, I'm ready to bet that the city will embrace everyone who opens his broadest hands.

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