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Deleted Endgame scene "What happened to Gamora

This year's record-breaking superhero event included many, many characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among them was Gamora (Zoya Saldana), which had one of the most intriguing (and heartbreaking) arcs. Now, a deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame reveals its fate. Read to learn more – and of course, spoilers for Endgame are abundant. in 2014). When we meet her, she fights with Peter Quill / Star-Lord, Rocket and Grot over the Orb, which later turns out to be the stone of power. After escaping from prison with them, they all reluctantly join in hoping to keep the stone of power away from Thanos (her adopter), Crie, named Ronan and her sister Nebula.

В Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (which came out in 201

7 but was held just after the first event), Gamora is experiencing even greater growth. It creates a romantic relationship with Quill, unifies and reformes the nebula, and basically holds the crew together so they can escape the paws of the ego, the celestial.

Given her ties to Thanos, Gamora played a major role in the history of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame . In the first, Thanos takes her from the Guardians and excuses her to show him where the stone of the soul is, before sacrificing his life to receive it. This leads Quil to make a dangerous mistake, leading to a possible victory of Thanos and Snap.

In Endgame we do not see the deceased Gamora. However, the nebula is back in time until 2014 to extract the Powerstone before the Guardians reach it. Thanos discovers and sends the nebula from 2014 to 2023 to bring it to him. There we see how he fights with both before killing the 2014 nebula and turning Gamora against Thanos. Avengers and everyone else in the second battle against Tanos. But we never see her after her battle scenes. Fortunately, a new deleted scene from Blu-ray extras reveals what's going on with it.

After Tony Stark's death, we see many of his friends, starting with Hawkeye, taking a knee in honor of the fallen hero. While they do, there is a shot of Gamora standing alone. She sees what is happening and leaves – letting those who know him (or at least know about him) have a moment

. 3 ?

After Stark's funeral, Guardians (and Thor) are shown ready to leave Earth. Quill thinks about the thought: Find this new Gamora in the hope that she will also fall in love with it. This will be the plot of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

At this point, it's hard to say. It is good to know that Gamora is somewhere out there. We suppose she will find a way to return to space, and that's probably what Quill relies on. However, little is known about the movie at this time, but its date of release will be the earliest in 2022. She has not even begun a pre-production as the recovered director James Gan ends Suicide Squad first.

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