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Democratic debate 2019 Live updates: High-speed and vigorous competition

Democratic sphere has overcome health care policy by removing student credit debt and changing generations in the opening minutes. Thursday, with a debate marked by tangible differences between the highest-ranking candidates, including Mr Biden and Mr Sanders, compared to Wednesday's debates.

While Mr. Biden was directing his first job to President Trump, the other more moderate candidates on the stage turned to Mr. Sanders and his brand of democratic socialism, in particular his support for Medicare-for- All.

Mr. Biden and Mr. Sanders did not agree to abolish the health system created by the Accessibility Care Act. Mr. Biden, having emotionally talked about the loss of his cancer son and daughter and his first wife in a car accident, suggested he was interested in a more intensive approach, based on the Accessibility Care Act, which was adopted by the President Obama and Mr. Biden. The former Vice President was in the post.

"I am against any Democrat who opposes, removing Obamacare – and then Republicans who want to get rid of him," said Mr. Biden. Sanders, meanwhile, has defended his Medicare-for-All plan without giving details of how such an extensive program will be implemented at national level.

"We will have Medicare for All, where tens of millions of people are tens of millions ready to face and tell insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies that their day is gone, that health is a human right, not something to make enormous profits, " Mr.

The two men did not call by name, but that was one of the clearest examples of their political and ideological differences.

One of the earliest explanatory moments came when the candidates had asked, as last night, to raise their hands if they "removed" private health insurers. While Mr Sanders, Mrs. Gillibrand and Mrs Harris supported the Mr Sanders Bill, only Mrs Harris and Mr Sanders raised their hands.

This was something for Mrs Harris, who approved the abolition of private insurers in Earlier this year at CNN City Hall and said they would play a role within the Harris administration.

One of the areas in which all Democrats agreed: everyone raised their hand to provide government coverage for undocumented immigrants.

Just a few minutes after the debate, Mr Hickenloop concealed Mr Sanders' most extensive suggestions: "You can not remove private insurance for 180 million. people, many who do not want to give up, "he said.

Asked to respond to those who say that the nomination of a Socialist will reelect Mr Trump, Mr Sanders, a proud Democratic Socialist, pointed out who are showing him forward at this early stage in the head of a match with the President. "Well, President Trump, you do not advocate for working families when you try to throw out 32 million people from health care. – says Mr. Sanders, adding that with Mr T. "The first 1%" goes "the biggest" benefits.

"So we beat Trump," he said. "We expose it to the deception that is."

Mr. Sualweller lifted a direct blow to Biden's age at the beginning of the debate, describing a moment ago when he said that Mr. Biden "said it was time to hand over the torch to a new generation of Americans."

"If We" the problems of the nation, pass the torch. If we solve the problem of climate chaos, go through the torch. If we want to solve the problem of school violence, hand over the torch, "he said. The 76-year-old Biden smiled.

"I still hold this torch," he said, before discussing his training plans.

The first question to Mr Buttigieg was to oppose Mr Sanders' proposal to abolish all student debt and make

"I just do not believe it makes sense to pray families from working classes to subsidize even the children of the billionaires, "said Mr Buttigge. "I think the children of the richest Americans can pay at least a bit for training. While I want to fall, the training costs do not think we can get every last penny for that.

Mr. 37-year-old Buttigieg said he sympathized with student credit by saying he had "six figures for student debt".

Mr. – I have a $ 100,000 student loan for myself. If I can not rely on the people around when this problem was created to solve it, "he said. "This generation is ready to lead," adds Suluell.

Mr. Biden and Mr. Sanders, the two leading candidates, went on stage with the other eight Democratic candidates. As they waved at the audience and then remained motionless, they did not look at each other or talk.

Again, a few of the Democrats have been interacting – only Mr. Yang (who has an interesting choice not to wear a tie) and Mr. Hincupper have appeared to share some small conversations

Ms. Harris smiled at the audience and laughed in several places. After a few minutes posting for the cameras, they took their seats behind the podiums – with Mr Biden, Mr Sanders, Mrs Harris and Mr Buttigieg being at the center stage.

It was a huge day in the Democratic Party's policy: Loss at the Supreme Court on insolvency, a mixed outcome in court on a new issue of citizenship, census and debilitating struggles between liberals and moderates for humanitarian aid at the border.

Against this background, and with Democrats seeking a presidential standard bearer in 2020 that can unite the party, Mr Biden will take the debate scene tonight, an unexpected lead: He is the lead in the polls and is popular among donors , but has faced two months as a candidate and has not yet been seriously tested in the campaign.

The debate for tonight – his first seven years – will be his first major obstacle. Here is your guide to political dynamics in today's debate .

Here is how your Biden is going to be one of the greatest questions of the night. For example, he is an enthusiastic raccoon with decades of political military stories, which he often uses to highlight his government's experience. As he makes his third presidential mandate, Mr Biden can continue with elusive tangents, sometimes interrupting "well, anyway" or leaving the subject to refer to the lessons he has learned of Senate colleagues years ago.

Tonight, can he remain – firmly – in the message he has put forward to present it?

This will not be his first test on this front. During a 2007 presidential debate, Mr. Biden was asked about his "uncontrolled word" and whether he could "calm voters in that country that you would have the discipline you need on the world stage?

"Yes," Mr.

A decade later, his ability to connect – in short, with humor – will be supervised.

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In the debate Wednesday night, many of the candidates struck boldly progressive notes. With the exception of Cory Booker, when discussing the Iranian nuclear agreement and healthcare, and Amy Klobucher, on private insurance issues, few candidates made memorable blows to the Democratic Party's middle-class voters.

The night tonight can lean more moderately, despite the presence of Mr Sanders, a democratic socialist, as well as Mrs. Gillibrand and Mrs Harris, two senators who have adopted many liberal policies.

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Reported and written by Katie Gluck, Shane Goldmaker and Sidney Ember.

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