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Democratic leaders of the home struggle with impeachment consequences in Biden’s opening days

Speaker Nancy Pelosi held talks with his leadership team as the Democratic Party moved to an almost entirely united position in support of President Donald Trump’s impeachment to incite the uprising that engulfed the US Capitol on January 6. But the schedule – Trump has only 10 days in office – and the aftermath of the Senate trial in the early days and weeks of President-elect Joe Biden’s term began to weigh heavily on the talks.
Politico first announced the details of the call for democratic leadership in the House of Representatives.

In a letter to colleagues sent on Saturday night, Pelosi said clear action would be taken.

“When we take the oath, we promise the American people our seriousness in defending our democracy,”

; Pelosi wrote. “For this reason, it is absolutely important that those who carried out the attack on our democracy be held accountable. There must be recognition that this desecration was instigated by the president.”

Pelosi also made it clear that members must be ready to return to Washington next week to take action.

The level of unity in the parliamentary group is determined by the visceral reality of January 6, a day that led to the deaths of five people and sent MPs – for a while in the corner of the House of Commons hall as rebels chanting violence slammed doors. outside – scattered in undiscovered places under the protection of heavily armed law enforcement officers.

However, the action that the Democrats decide to continue remains an open question. House Democrats plan to introduce an impeachment resolution on Jan. 11, drafted by representatives of David Sicillin of Rhode Island, Jamie Ruskin of Maryland and Ted Liu of California. There are already nearly 190 co-sponsors.

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made it clear in a note released last week that even if the House moves in the coming days to impeach Trump, the Senate will not return to session before Jan. 19. This will start the process on January 20 – the date of Biden’s opening.

From then on, the Senate became largely incapable of any action other than the trial until its conclusion, as was evident during Trump’s first impeachment trial.

Parliamentary Democratic leaders have begun to consider what it could mean for Biden’s early days as president, from confirming his cabinet nominees to the aggressive stimulus proposal he plans to push through from his first moments in office. Democrats, at the urging of the leadership on Saturday night, specifically raised these issues when they tried to orient themselves in the complex dynamics.

Republican Sen. Pat Tomy says he thinks Trump is

In his letter to colleagues, Pelosi made it clear that the road ahead is still in the works.

“We will continue with meetings with MEPs and constitutional experts and others,” she wrote. “I continue to welcome your comments.”

The California Democrat not only called on Trump to resign, but also called on Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet to refer to the 25th Amendment to remove the president from office.

However, Pelosi said impeachment on Friday was a viable option if it did not, noting that there is now more support within the Democratic Group for Trump’s impeachment than in 2019, when Trump was first impeached road.

“The president has chosen to be a rebel,” Pelosi said, according to one source. “How we move forward is a topic for this council.”

House Democrats plan to present their impeachment resolution on Monday, when Parliament enters the next session. The latest draft impeachment resolution received from CNN includes an article on impeachment for inciting an uprising.

The House Rules Committee is expected to meet on Monday or Tuesday to approve a rule to settle the debate on an impeachment resolution and a bill drafted by Ruskin to create a new mechanism to refer to the 25th Amendment.

This story was updated with further details on Sunday.

CNN’s Lauren Fox, Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb contributed to this report.

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