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Democrats and activists punish Trump with a new strategy: ignore him

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, once one of President Trump's biggest Twitter antagonist, does not engage with the president these days-even after she goes after the Democrats of Massachusetts, her husband and her beer. Trump does not appear in the Golden Globes Awards this year, which is a deviation from the past two years when he has been on the scene several times. Satirical cable show for him was canceled. A group of regular Democrats from Parliament rejected Trump's invitation to lunch at the White House on Tuesday.

Trump, who recently thought about loneliness at the White House, has recently come to a situation he has rarely been in the past few years: Overlooked.

His political secret was driven by an infallible ability to incite other people into battles that are beneficial to him. The metric he's interested in is to have television ratings and national attention, more than a poll or something else.

So what happens when he meets something like a shoulder?

The new silence limits Trump's ability. to dictate national coverage and to shape the daily debate. And this is an early template for how candidates for democratic presidencies can try to cope with it in 2020, basically forcing him to come out of the conversation they want to have with the voters.

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro, who announced his campaign Over the past weekend, the campaign until 2020 mentions that Trump is just in the blink of an eye. Seminar Kamala D. Harris of California during a book tour that served as a reflection on a likely presidential campaign rarely raised Trump unless they asked him. MSNBC, "it will not be Donald Trump."

Trump spends much of his presidency as an inevitable presence. On TV. On the first pages. He is stuck in comments on football matches and Grammy Award winners, as well as his presence during bus and church talks.

"Donald Trump's core business, when he joined his father's company as a young man while he became president, sought attention," said Michael Antonio, a biographer Trump and author of The Truth for Trump. " "It did not exist if it had not been noticed. I think it's more unpleasant than a failure. "

He has ruined his opponents with a break in nicknames and long reactions between Democrats who struggle to balance their indignation with his attempts

." In 2016, the theory was such. , "it was good to be fixed on Trump because what he said was essentially disqualifying that there was a way to victory just reminding people how offensive," said Brian Fallon, a Democrat consultant who was a spokesman for Hillary Clinton's campaign. , "Obviously, this did not happen."

As president, Trump will never be completely irrelevant. But instead of confronting him directly, the Democratic Party candidates in 2018 began to do something new: they stopped talking about Trump so much. They found that the more they talked about it, the more voters were excluded from it. They could easily gain from moderate Republicans in swing areas if they avoid focusing on it, and Democrats do not really need to be reminded why they are angry with him.

Only 11 percent of democratic ads in the last month of the November election mention Trump, according to data collected by non-party Kantar Media / CMAG and quoted by USA Today.

"Just being anti-Trump is not enough to win the nomination of the Democratic Party and it will not be enough to win" in 2020, said Guy Cecil, chairman of the US Democratic Super Priority Action. "The Democrats have to tell their own story and share a perspective vision of where they want to take the country."

The most aggressive candidates against Trump – lawyer Michael Avenyti and activist Tom Staier who spends millions advocated Trump's impeachment – decided not to run for Democratic Party nomination. Other candidates or candidates have mentioned Trump only briefly before moving on to other topics.

"I'm not afraid of him, and I'm not afraid of his nasty tongue and his summoning," Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. (DN.Y.) said in a videotape accompanying the announcement of the presidential candidacy on Tuesday. "What the president does is inhuman and immoral." She then highlights her record in the Senate and her efforts to promote women's rights and defend the first 11/11. Warren embodies one of the most radical changes in focus. She once tried to deal with Trpp, fighting with him on Twitter, and emphasizing her desire to remove it as one of her main strengths.

As she started her campaign this month – and tried to tell her story – she almost totally eliminated Trump from her lexicon. He recorded a video for himself in his kitchen, drank beer and offered to his husband (who refused). Trump criticized her, but she mentioned it only once during her later day trip to Iowa.

"I think we need to talk about our positive vision," she told reporters in New Hampshire last weekend when they asked him why she was not raising her former chief enemy. – I'm ready to fight – everyone knows that. ,,, Here I talked a serious policy in New Hampshire and that is what I will continue to do. "

These challenges will become more difficult, especially since Democrats are turning to the general election.

"Democrats should not ignore the lessons of 2018," said Jeff Garin, a democratic sociologist who claims that some level of Trump combat will be needed. "The average courses were to win over the Republican candidates for Congress, and 2020 would be for the victory over Trump himself."

One challenge for Democrats is to demonstrate that they can capture the imagination of society without referring to Trump. people will watch, who. ,, Can we handle a media ecosystem separately from Trump? Fallon said. "Who has the ability to command media attention, except lobbies against Trump?" Which is inherently interesting and captivating? Can Trump Lop attack them without catching them in the floating sands for that? Because this is a good indicator of who can stand [chaos] in the general elections in 2020

Linda Sarasur, co-founder of Marsha's Women, said the event this weekend would reveal a tough policy. "To underline this, on which the Democratic House could focus in 2019, and what presidential candidates could discuss in 2020. While Trump was the focus of earlier processions, she said the President's daily indignation turns into a smaller and smaller part of

"I do not even turn around attention of the President; I'm focusing on what needs to be done, "Sarsur said. – I'm not going down the crack hole of distraction; I do not care if he has ordered hamburgers for people in the White House. I follow executive orders because I want to know what we will judge. "

Anthony Atamanucky, a comedian who became famous for Trump's performance, has seen his show from Central Comedy since his last 23 episodes were broadcast in October.

The solution stemmed, he said, from a combination of network looping over open political programming and Trump's fatigue among viewers. The comedians have also struggled to find the right balance with Trump, both in terms of satirizing events close to satirical, and finding something new.

"I think he has a common fear of ridicule that he gives him oxygen," he said. – He says the same things; I can say verbally what he said in two or three years. At some point we have no comments. "

David Weigel contributed to this report.

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