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Democrats break up again when Lewandowski scoffs at oversight

But this has become an emblematic spectacle from the Trump era, which serves instead to show how the White House and its adherents mock the checks and balances of the Washington system.

Party leaders were left to explain why they were no more agile in questioning a witness charged with a bear, as everyone knew that Lewandowski would emerge with the intention of causing chaos.

  The Lewandowski Stone Walls and Confuses Democrats in Controversial Hearing on Capitol Hill

the model of presidential abuse of power and obstruction of justice has not yet reached critical mass. According to Tuesday's evidence, this can never happen.

It was a great day for the White House.

His strategy of limiting Lewandowski's testimony by predicting contradictory claims of executive privilege seemed an attempt to direct Democrats into another lengthy court battle that may delay a day of reckoning.

At sunset, Judiciary President Jerry Nadler, New York, warned that Lewandowski risks being held in contempt to help the White House "desperate for the American people not" to hear the truth. "

Trump's army of Republican committees, meanwhile, are more eager to catch his eye while looking at the Air Force than to honor their legislators' obligation to limit the executive power playing with Lewandowski, enjoying the chance to understand. [19659002] "There was a pretty good candidate," said Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican who is one of Trump's closest allies in Congress.

"The best," the former campaign manager replied. 19659002]

A New Step to Impeachment

Listens this was the first major supervisory drama since Democrats redefined the rules of their investigation to hold style committee meetings as impeachment hearings.

Although Democrats have yet to find a full impeachment process, the decision sent an important statement to activists. and lawmakers who think party leaders are moving too slowly against a president who they find guilty of rioting for breaking the law.

But when Lewandowski's story and GOP deterrent tactics made Nadler start rolling his eyes into the hearing, it was a sign of how controversial things would become.

Some Democrats have tacitly acknowledged that the White House currently has the upper hand, but predicted the tables would turn.

"The President, his credit for winning the short game: He successfully obstructs and confuses the American people," reporter Eric Swolwell, a California Democrat, told Erin Burnett. [19659002] "But there will be a cascade of court opinions against him. saying that the obstacle of telling witnesses not to testify is illegal, "he said.

Trump's latest loyalist

[19659002] Perhaps the most trompic of the president's people, Lewandowski put on a bravura, performing questions, playing time and praising praise on ch

Repeatedly, playing the role of a conscientious witness, Lewandowski sought information on the page to clarify Democratic MPs, a tip he may have taken from the statement of Special Advisor to Robert Mueller in July.

testimony sounds like an introductory monologue from Fox News presenter Sean Hanity, hitting conservative talking points on Russia's Hillary Clinton surveys, immigration and emails.

Recalling the president's trip down the Golden Tower to Trump Tower to launch his campaign as an awakening, Lewandowski praised his former ca "unprecedented political jungle of ndidate".

It doesn't take long for Trump to thank Lewandowski, who will benefit from the president's support if he is expected to launch a senate in New Hampshire next year.

"Such a beautiful statement to take office," Trump tweeted.

Sporting a strong short back and side hairstyle, vaguely reminiscent of the flat top once modeled by presidential political supporter Richard Nixon Haldeman, Lewandowski stands firm in the face of bursts of democratic attack.

Adding to the mood of the 1970s, Nadler warned Lewandowski that he was stepping on a dangerous historical basis.

"I will remind you that Article 3 of the impeachment against President Nixon was based on obstruction of Congress.

Lewandowski's tactics revealed how far the White House planned to go in pursuit of a broad and dubious strategy for executive privilege.

At one point, he was asked about conversations he had with the president about payments to several women who claimed to have had a relationship with Trump years before the election.

When Lewandowski played his executive privilege card for the fifteenth time, Nadler warned, "I believe that the Nixon case establishes the very iron principle that discussions about criminal acts are not privileged."

There is no case law to support the White House's claim that people like Lewandowski, who have not even been hired by the federal government, can be covered by claims of executive power. But strategy is effective as a fun tactic.

Democrats may need to rethink

Some commentators suggest that the White House's aggressive approach means Democrats will have to adjust their tactics.

"It is in itself obstructive that the White House will attempt to actually prevent witnesses from giving evidence," said Susan Hennessy, national security analyst and CNN legal analyst, Situation Room.

"It is, however, really, really effective (tactical), and while Congress can't adjust its strategy to figure out how to deal with hostile witnesses, how to deal with this stone wall, it will continue to be a challenge ", she said.

Several Democrats pressed Lewandowski about Mueller's finding that Trump had asked him to lean on then Attorney General Jeff Session to limit his special counsel's investigation.

Initially, Lewandowski refused to speak about the discussions. He later changed his tactics and, under questioning from Johnson, confirmed Mueller's finding that the president had asked him to tell Sessions that he was unhappy with the appointment of a special advisor and that he wrote the message.

delivers the message, correct? Johnson asked Lewandowski. "You're upset."

The witness replied, "I went on vacation."

Revelation was the most significant draw from the Democrats' hearing and could eventually become part of the case.

But the fact, which took so long to extract and be overshadowed by Lewandowski's and his Republican backers, underscores the striking nature of the Democrats' task.

It was a brief moment in the afternoon. of unwanted futility a blast explained by the clash between Lewandowski and Rep. Jamie Ruskin, a Maryland Democrat who told his witness his arguments for executive privilege are as plausible as a tooth fairy.

"My children are watching, so thank you for that ", replied Lewandowski.

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