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Democrats burst out without Trump with offensive surveillance

Chief Democrats immediately warned of double standards after a stream of revelations organized by Republicans, linked to investigations by Hillary Clinton, and promised to use their power to ensure full disclosure.

"For two years, I sounded anxious about DOJ departing from this principle as it turned into hundreds of thousands of pages in closed or ongoing investigations. I warned that DOJ would have to live on this precedent," Mr. Adam Schiff , a Democrat from California who is chair of the Home Intelligence Committee

The unexpected controversy came as another shock to the nervous nerves in the capital at a crucial moment, with special adviser Robert Mueller expecting to soon pass on the results of his investigation to the Russian election dditional intervention of Attorney General Bill Barr.

The clash between the White House and the Democrats, who was beginning to erase the power of his new majority, would already be ugly

  Schif: The demons wishing to testify by Müller would file a subpoena report if not

meeting Tuesday with the Senate Intelligence Committee on the eve of his public address to a group of chambers in one of the most anticipated such appearances for years.

Emotional exchange is also expected Tuesday at a House meeting that will question the Administration's practice of dividing illegal migrant children from their parents at the Mexican border

It is almost certain that none of the congress that will take place held over the next few days, it would not have happened during the previous, flexible PP majority that there was no inclination or incentive to check the president.

The clashes are likely to offer a preview of the next two years in Washington, with little sign of serious bipartisan legislation on the horizon, and both sides are already using the collisions for the White House 2020 position.

They will also check the ability and desire the Republicans, especially in the Senate, to defend the president, even on a matter like a national urgent statement that worried some parties

The final goal of this week's check will not be in the city to defend itself – he be in Hanoi, Vie is preparing for his second crucial summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

But that does not mean he will not go into the fight with all the firearms.

And his readiness to meet Kim – At the same time, he plans a summit with the Chinese leader, Jin Jinping, to complete a trade deal – sending out his eloquent alert.

Even when Democrats speed up their efforts to master Trump's power, the president will seek to increase

Both sides have an impact on Washington's collision in 2020

Democrats understand that their attempt to use a provision in the National Emergencies in 1976. Ultimately, the law is unlikely to triumph over a presidential veto due to the power of the Senate PP.

A Republican senator who has ever expressed some concern about the use of the emergency body to build a wall, John Cornyn of Texas, now seems to determine the amount of political considerations now that the debate is a reality.

"I rely on the decision of disapproval, mainly because I think this is the way Sumer and Pelosi paint the president in the corner," Cornin said on Monday. "He said he wanted all the money for border security and they are determined we will not give him what he thought was necessary.

However, several other Senators of the PA expressed concern about the move to Trump, so it was possible to resolve the disapproval of passing the Senate for the first time, even if the majority that is vetoed is inaccessible

Stand Democracy offers an overview of the arguments that will develop when a declaration is challenged in a legal battle that can only reach the Supreme Court

And this will have a political purpose as the Democrats seek to raise a who have a public opinion – opposed to the use of urgent wall decoration – to weaken the president

There is a common thread that goes through all the efforts of the Democratic Congress Supervision. They represent a real attempt to use the power that party leaders believe was given by voters in November to master a president who often faces the limitations of his cabinet. House Democrats are preparing to release the Trump administration for family separation policy "src =" http://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/180614143936-family-separation-large-169 ".

The use of control and balancing mechanisms allows Democrats to build a case for the public – that the Trump presidency represents a legal and moral deviation from US values ​​- will support its 2020 campaign

] This idea will be the implicit message that Democrats will try to extract from the K the judiciary commission on Tuesday's family separation, which critics have labeled as cruel and inhumane during a practice rumors last year 19659002. Among the witnesses will be Scott Lloyd, former director of the Refugee Resettlement Service, the highest-

Secretary of Health and Human Resources Alex Azar dismissed a request for testimony on the Capitol Hill earlier this year.

The administration was under increasing pressure on immigration policy "zero tolerance" after the release of the HHS General Inspector's Report, which found thousands of children, was separated from its parents before it was recognized.

Of more than 2,000 children who have been identified, many have reunited with their parents, according to recent court rulings. 19659002]

Out of sight – not mind

Given his propensity to define the political agenda, Twitter or meeting reporters, it is unlikely that the President will be able to withstand the weighing of political clashes in Washington.

In fact, he will sit for dinner with Kim on Wednesday night in the Vietnamese capital at about the same time – considering the 12-hour difference, Cohen will appear before the House Supervision Committee.

With this president, nothing comes out of the mind.

A more conventional commander may choose to avoid the drama in Washington DC to keep focusing on his high-profile external political gambit and avoid giving a story that is unfavorable to his legs.

But Trump always responds when he believes he has been attacked – often in a rhetorical rhetoric than he used against him. He is almost certain he will mark Cohen a liar, as his former lawyer has already admitted he is not telling the truth to Congress, even though any counterattack risks luring the headlines with Kim. is likely to be perceived by Trump as an act of betrayal, against the background of instructions from the committee that he will testify of the president's business and personal life in a way that could harm his former client. the accusations that the then presidential candidate of the Republic has ordered him to pay money to two women who claim to have a relationship with Trump because he is worried about the impact of the scandal on the 2016 election.

President Don Jr.'s son some revenge on the first Monday in a likely preliminary review of the defense of the administration.

"You have a president who is trying to cope with a big world problem and you are trying to distract yourself or anything by bringing a convicted criminal and you know

" This is a shame but it really shows you how much many Democrats hate Trump, "he said.

However, Trump is going through the splitting of the screen by the next few, and the accelerated campaign for democratic oversight is a serious challenge to the White House, and summons have not yet begun to fly. Incessant control by the the other side of Congress is exhausting and demoralizing for the administration as authorities get

But Tramp seems to have lived his entire life in an atmosphere of chaos and a personal knife

The president has already sought to mark the strategy for a democratic as "presidential harassment." And it was never more politically dangerous than when there was a film

Prince Alvarez from CNN and Ted Barrett contributed to this report.

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