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Deshaun Watson Trade can build a great team

Leading to the launch of the free NFL agency, NESN.com will share the best potential options for quarterback veterans of the New England Patriots. Next: Houston Texas QB Deschaun Watson.


2021 status: under contract with the Texans

Statistics for 2020: 382-of-544, 4823 yards, 8.9 yards of experience, 70.2% completion rate, 33 passing touchdowns, seven interceptions, 112.4 misses, 70.5 QBR, 90 carriers, 444 fast yards, three fast touchdown

Professionals: He is one of the best defenders in the NFL and callers of Watson’s caliber are absolutely never offered.

You wouldn’t understand it from the Texas 4-1

2 record, but Watson was amazing in 2020. He finished third in percentage completion, first in passing yards, seventh in touchdowns, fourth in catch, first in yards at experience, second in the passing rankings and 12th in the QBR. He was also fifth in the EPA + CPOE (expected points plus percentage above completion), seventh in the EPA per game, fifth in success, second in the CPOE and third in the air yards.

Watson has had a passing rating of over 100 in three of his four NFL seasons. It is mobile. He is young (25 years old). He’s the type Bill Belichik would like in quarterback. You don’t believe it? He said it.

“Watson is as good as anyone we come across,” Belichik said in November. “He does a good job in everything. He can make all the throws. He is very, very good with his determination, he makes good readings, he uses his output receivers, he comes to his second and third versions. It’s obviously mobile. He is a difficult man to take in his pocket. He is strong. His legs lead to third transformations and touchdowns, but they also buy him some time to work down the field. But he can stand in his pocket and throw and read covers and make good decisions and put the ball right on the recipients, as well as anyone else.

“He doesn’t give the defense much of a chance to get the ball. He doesn’t turn it around much. So, the decision making and security of the ball is good, except that there is a lot of output. So when you combine these two elements with a quarterback, it makes it difficult to defend and they don’t have the very bad games that have ever hurt their team. So, this is really the type you want to play in this position. “

Cons: Expenses. Since the Patriots choose in the middle of the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, they will likely have to give up four first-round choices or the equivalent of that compensation package to get Watson. The question at this point is whether the Patriots could put together a racing team around Watson who can actually make themselves a contender and win the deal without taking advantage of the initial choice in the near future.

It really helps that Watson will have only $ 10.5 million in 2021. The Patriots have over $ 60 million, and trading for Watson could make the Patriots compete to build a super team full of players on one-year deals. betting on themselves to win a Super Bowl for a year with a lower salary limit in the hope of winning money in the next offseason. Watson, who accounts for just 17.5 percent of the available space for the Patriots and 5.3 percent of New England’s total ceiling, is another big benefit to acquiring it.

Watson’s hits are growing, moving forward to $ 35 million in 2022, $ 37 million in 2023, $ 32 million in 2024 and $ 32 million in 2025.

The Texans are probably hesitant to trade Watson with New England for two reasons: 1. They are in the same conference. 2. New general manager Nick Caserio will not want to look like he is doing his old team a favor. Caserio’s optics to leave his longtime position as Patriots director of player staff and immediately trade the Houston player’s franchise in New England would not be great.

With that in mind, the Patriots will probably have to pay a lot for Watson, and if they can put together a team to compete with uber in 2021, it might be worth it. In addition, it may not be in Belichik’s blood. The Patriots could jeopardize their chances of remaining contenders in the future if they agree to give up numerous first rounds and also receive more than $ 30 million from 2022 to 2025. At the same time, their quarterback situation will be settled. without paying an extravagant signing bonus.

If Texans in general would like to trade with Watson and if they would be willing to give it to the patriots if the acquisition of Watson would inspire other free agents to come to New England, then a very good deal might be worth it. But it’s probably not worth giving up on all the dominoes that need to fall.

The chances of the patriots: Thin. Very, very thin.

Other potential Patriots QB: Dak Prescott, Cam Newton

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