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Destiny 2 reveals the coming weapons and subclasses of Nerfs And Buffs

Last week, the Firing Range podcast, which focused on the sandbox of Destiny 2, had the rare opportunity to talk to two members of the Bungie team who work directly in the sandbox. These would be Kevin Yanes and Chris Proctor, who work with abilities and weapons.

This is a fascinating, almost 3-hour show that I offer every superfan to listen to and I will put it below. But I wanted to bring out at least a few accents that are relevant to the current state of the game, and point out the coming nerves or fans in the sandbox. A few things we knew are still being reinforced, but some things are new.


Hand cannons receive a PvE buff (however, they do not completely return the change in precision of the red band from Shadowkeep).

Scout rifles get a PvE buff (but not a PvP buff, as they specifically stated that they never want to be a “scout rifle target” again because it’s too boring with such a low risk in that range).

Machine Guns get a PvE buff (Bungie talks about it forever, but it looks like it could happen at the same time as these two).

Vex Mythoclast gets a buff (it’s very clear to Bungie that this legendary weapon isn’t where it should be, so we’ll probably see it get the Xenophage treatment. They didn’t want it to be as broken as it was when it was first launched). so they seem to be overcompensated).

Behemoth Titan can be restored for PvE (I don’t think it was on the show, I just heard this from community managers and thought I’d add it).


Dead Man’s Tale gets a nerve (one that will probably affect M + K a little more than the controller, probably related to the accuracy of hip-fire. This will probably happen before the end of this season).

Top Tree Dawnblade is geared towards nerves (its profit margin is just heavenly in PvP, and while it’s fun and anime, it’s dramatically superior to other classes and “too hot”).


Some things were mentioned as a good feeling in their current state as a kind of tape on how other things should feel. They mentioned SMG, pulse rifles and side weapons as things that were in a good place. They mentioned the Gunslinger bottom tree as a kind of “bar” for how a class should feel and present itself.

I may have missed something or two, but I remember that from the session. Again, I would listen to the whole thing, as this is a fascinating, candid insight into weapons and the development of abilities that we rarely get. In practice, “Game Status” only for the sandbox. Really good stuff, see below:

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